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EAmicroMoney Bet

EAmicroMoney Bet Expert Advisor works on 1 currency pair - EURUSD. Lots are set up manually in the Lots parameter. Optimization of the Lots parameter makes this Expert Advisor powerful. It is based on filtered-MACD & CCI to trigger the BUY or SELL signals. Open positions are closed by Take Profit, Stop Loss or according to opposite signals. 

Maximum value of the Lots parameter is 0.09 and minimum value is 0.01. If you have enough money you can use 0.09. 

For more details please see the screenshots.

Input Parameters:

  • Lots - lots;
  • TakeProfit - Take Profit (in pips);
  • TrailingStop Level - Trailing Stop Level (in pips);
  • MACD Open Level - MACD open level (in pips);
  • MACD Close Level - MACD close level (in pips);
  • MACD Trend Period - MACD trend period;
  • CCI value - CCI value.

The Expert must be attached to M1 timeframe.

Testing period: from 2012.07.01 to 2013.06.30.

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