Responses: .. in the comments column on the "GPT Advisor" product from members

Responses: .. in the comments column on the "GPT Advisor" product from members

22 June 2023, 05:55
Lucky Susandji

To answer questions in the comments column on the product "GPT Advisor" []; Today, has been downloaded 114 times; then as a response on behalf of colleagues who have downloaded & are interested in this positive product, we respectfully answer the following

A golden opportunity for you to download this "beta version" product while it's still FREE. There are many ADVISOR facilities that can be utilized. Execution for "TradeGPT MT4" facility only works when getting analytical data from "Chart_GPT " indicator product. If there is no data, it will automatically turn off, but there is still a chance to be activated repeatedly. [The newest version will add Pivot Resistance123 Support123].

In principle, on, all sellers are only allowed to upload one compiler file for each product, either an indicator or an expert. Therefore, the algorithmic code of the uploaded product becomes complex to accommodate multiple pieces of information. Collaboration between indicators and experts is necessary for the analysis and trading execution process.

This particular product is still related to its parent product in the Indicator directory for optimal results. Although this product already includes simple internal indicators, we will strive to pass the validation in the "experts" directory on to have a single expert compiler file, including the full set of internal signal indicators accompanying it from "Chart GPT". Maybe you could experiment downloading a demo and running it along on a chart, for a certain amount of time.

In the research phase, "Chart GPT" is currently developing itself to gather analysis from multiple currency pairs across all timeframes, aiming to synchronize and provide the best decision-making process. This integration not only offers visual analysis but also serves as a determinant for massive robot trading execution in the "GPT Advisor" product.  This beta version, the available functions are still to be linked to the telegram channel "". In the future there will be execution of trading robots. We hope that this will be useful.. Thank you..

This beta version, the available functions are still linked to the telegram channel "" for each of your screens, but don't forget to include in the Options/Expert Advisors menu [ctrl+O], tick "AllowWebRequest for listed URL", and add "https:/ /" [Explanation in video].

NOTE: but for those of you expecting more from this version; We deliberately broadcast it in real time from our server so that it can be used optimally for all the Crypto community and the Forex community. We've included the link in the photos section.

For live broadcast & report screenshot every 30 seconds FREE for your community. Can get the link at the end of the blog:

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