Alexis Stenvall investment

Alexis Stenvall investment

31 August 2019, 00:04
Gennady Sergienko

Dear trader, this article focuses on external Alexis Stenvall (ASI) settings. I tried to minimize the number of external variables so as not to confuse you. please read this article to the end carefully, in case of questions you can always contact me in any convenient way.

  • Here I will describe all significant parameters:

  • *****LOT VOLUME*****
  • fix lot
  • risk
    To start trading you need to set the volume of trades, this can be done manually fix lot or automatically using the risk function.
    the function will automatically increase the lot as your Deposit grows.

 FIX LOT    


I strongly recommend using only fix lot, risk designed to demonstrate the capabilities of AXIS.

  • *****TAKE-PROFIT*****
  • take-profit pips
  • take-profit %
  • take-profit $

methods of profit taking can be in points, as a percentage of the Deposit, in natural currency.
For example:
take-profit % = 5 - close all trades at 5% profit. 

take-profit $ = 100 - close all trades with 100 profit in your account currency

      • profit-taking fix after
      • profit-taking fix before
      This function is responsible for closing trades in a certain period of time, provided that the profit is more than 0.
      For example we know that high volatility comes in the European session and we do not want our transactions to participate in it. in this case, we need to specify the period of time in which transactions will be closed when the profit is more than 0.

      For example, we need trades to be closed between 22:00-13:00 the next day.

      enter the parameter:

      profit-taking fix before = 22
      profit-taking fix after = 13

      Remember that trades will be closed only if the profit is more than 0.

      • break even
        This parameter is responsible for the Breakeven function. As soon as the price passes the set number of points, the Stop Loss will be set at the level of zero profit. The breakeven level will be equal to the spread.

      • *****SWAP-DAY*****
      • day x3 swap
      • position swap
        This option is required to bypass the triple swap day. It must be entered manually. Enter the day and position. You can also distinguish this parameter. You can view the information in the tool specifications window.

      • *****STRATEGY-SET*****
      • trade to first profit
        this parameter limits trading to 1 trading signal per day. That is, if today there was already an entry into the market (no matter profitable or unprofitable), then there will be no transactions today. This function takes place in some strategies and can become very effective in some cases.

      • trade without stop-loss
        If you enable this feature, loss fixing will be disabled, all trades will be traded until a profit of more than 0 is reached. In this mode, you can open both sell and buy. When you enable this feature, ASI trades in ultimatum mode: either profit at any cost or loss of Deposit. This mode is very dangerous and it is recommended to enable it only for experienced traders.

      • trade without a stop
        For example, you have limited trading time that ASI would trade only in the Asian session, ASI opened a trade but could not close it before the session closes: 
        -)if this feature is enabled then ASI will continue trading until it closes this trade.
        -)if this feature is disabled ASI will wait for the next day to continue trading.
        That is, when you enable this feature, we give ASI a command-do not stop trading until all trades are closed, even if the trade is beyond the scope of our time filters.

      • multilot
        This function enables or disables arithmetic averaging. This has nothing to do with martingale strategies where geometric progression is used. If you want to disable averaging at all then just set a limit on the number of orders = 1.
        What is it for? - it helps ASI to distribute volumes in those places where it is necessary to level the profit curve. Manipulation of the volume strategy to help increase profit.

      Is it dangerous arithmetic averaging ?
      Arithmetic averaging is completely safe given control losses. For clarity, you can see the chart of risks in comparison with martingale (geometric progression).
      A - arithmetic averaging
      B - martingale (geometric progression)
      C - one lot

      *ASI does not use dangerous strategies ( martingale type or any other). All functions are mathematically checked.

      • reverse closure
        When this feature is enabled, ASI will close unprofitable trades in the most suitable market areas. If this function is disabled then all trades will be closed by profit arguments (take-profit $,profit-taking fix,take-profit pips.....)

      • *****STOP-LOSS*****
      • stop-loss
        Real stop loss. Sometimes it is better to allow ASI to close a losing trade at the most appropriate moment.
      • stop-drawdown in the currency
      • stop-drawdown %
        The same as take profit only stop loss.

        • *****CONTROL-SET*****
        • step trade
          This is the minimum distance between orders.

        • magic-number
          This is a unique number of your orders that robots (EA) would not confuse them.
        • comment to orders
          Just a comment to the orders for the trader.
        • trade shift
          This function is responsible for limiting orders for a certain number of bars. Orders will be opened no more than once in X bars.

        • *****FILTERL-SET*****
        • time limits more than - first
        • time limits less than - first
        • time limits more than - second
        • time limits less than - second
          It's a time filter. ASI will only trade in this range. This opening stop orders but not the closure. All values inclusive.
          For example:
          If you need to trade was strictly from 9 to 18 hours:
          time limits more than - first = 9
          time limits less than - first = 18
          time limits more than - second = 9
          time limits less than - second = 18
          If you need to trade from 0 to 6 hours and from 20 to 24 hours:
          time limits more than - first = 0
          time limits less than - first = 6
          time limits more than - second = 20
          time limits less than - second = 24
          All values are specially executed in the form of "Integer" variables for optimization.

        • *****VOLATILITY-SET*****
        • limit sfx
          This function is responsible for controlling volatility. Decreasing values make the filter softer, increase hard. a value of -1 disables the function.
          If you need more information about the operation of this function, please send me a message.
        • limit atr
          Just limiting volatility to the true range. Values that fall outside the range will not be traded.

        • *****ONLINE NEWS*****
        • stop trade after
        • stop trade before
          If you want to restrict trading during the news release, set the time limit for trading.

        For this function to work must add the URL: (Tools>Options>Expert Advisors>Allow Web Request for...>;
        • shift of gmt
          Your broker's time shift relative to GMT.

        • *****OTHER-SET*****
        • logs
          This function is responsible for creating log files in the mt4 sandbox. On path ...\tester\files\ (for testing) ...\MQL4\Files\ (fore real trading) you will find two files:
          1)responsible for recording drawdown;
          2)debug the trade and return the value of why the trade was not opened;

          What are these logs for ?
          Recording drawdown, If you open the file with Excel you can visually see the graph of real drawdown per day for the test period (or real trade).

        What do we see from this graph?
        We see that the drawdown to the maximum value was only once, and the working drawdown is much lower than this value. Now we can go back there and understand what the problem with our strategy is.

        Record return:
        The second file which stores information about why the trade was not conducted in a particular period.

        Information on decryption of these returns you can take from me by writing me a message.

        • auto-coefficient day step
          This function is responsible for the automatic order step. You only need to enter a value between 0.01 and 1. this is the coefficient of the value. Value -1 = disable.
        • day filter
          This feature allows you to use a 5 day set. ASI will only work on the day that will be listed here. This allows you to customize the trading for each day of the week.
        • digits
          The number of digits after the point in the price of the instrument. Must be specified for correct operation.

        • neural training
        • limit ema
        • limit ema period
        • filter hi
        • filter low
        • limit round
        • period hos max
        • period hos min
          All these functions are responsible for setting the opening and closing signals.  As well as more.
          I'm happy to answer and explain how it works, anyone who wants to do optimization and configuration, just write me a message.

        Friends, until version 1.0 that's all. I tried to remove all unnecessary external variables so as not to scare you with a lot of functions, but believe without it in any way. perhaps you do not understand something it's okay, I'm at any time ready to help and answer or advise something. This is only the first version of ASI in the future of this robot waiting for big improvements, this robot has a great future. Also please read my message in the first comment, I tried to explain my idea as clearly as possible, thank you for everything!

        Update 01.10.19

        Settings described belong to version 1.0.

        Now in the new versions + 2.01 settings has become much more, we welcome traders who want to learn all the settings for their own use and will gladly tell you all about them in more detail, for this after immediately after the purchase, write us a message.


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