Recovery Lots Setting (CAP ZONE EA) Part 7

13 June 2019, 13:51
Mohammad Ali

CAP Zone Recovery EA User Guide Part 7

Recovery Lots Setting (Input Parameters)

Lot Type (For Recovery): Lots Type for hedge order.

  1. Multiple: Lots size will be multiple from previous order.
  2. Custom: Lots size will be custom, define by user.
  3. AddLot: Lots size will be adding.

Multiple Lots (For Recovery): Multiple lot sizing (compared to last opened trade).

Add Lots (For Recovery): Value of Add Lots. Example: EA want to open a sell hedge order then lots calculation will be (Total Buys Lots - Total Sell Lots = Result Lots+Add Lots).

Custom Lots (For Recovery): Set Custom lots size for every hedge trade. Lots size will be separate by “;”.

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