September-October '2018: Detailed Real-Trade Report of All Projects Setslav_S1 + Distribution of funds.

September-October '2018: Detailed Real-Trade Report of All Projects Setslav_S1 + Distribution of funds.

30 September 2018, 20:49
Stanislau Siatsko

September-October '2018: Detailed Real-Trade Report of All Projects Setslav_S1 + Distribution of funds.

In all trading systems of Setslav_S1 use a fixed drawdowns, that is, all losing trades are closed and there are no floating drawdowns. Thus, we have the time (opportunity) to take all the necessary actions for faster recovery of the account from the drawdown. I can say with confidence that with a competent allocation of funds, the system will come out of any drawdown. Even if you have unprofitable accounts with drawdowns of 70% - 80%, we can easily bring them to their original state.

  INTRODUCTION:  here you can read the main principles of the applied scheme of management and distribution of capital, as well as with the terms and abbreviations used in the report below.

  Previous report: here you can see the results of the trade + Distribution of funds for the accounts for August-September '2018.

ATTENTION! Very important points:

  1. Trade without drawdowns in the Forex market does not happen.
  2. If you are not ready for drawdowns, do not even start trading on Forex.
  3. If you think you can trade without losses, or you are assured that some system can trade without losses - you can immediately say goodbye to your deposit.
  4. The following methods of distributing funds for trading are applicable only to Setslav_S1 systems. I can not guarantee you that this money management will work with your trading system. I can only vouch for my products (EAs).

Total results of real trading on all accounts at the end of September:

Previous report

September-October '2018: Detailed Real-Trade Report of All Projects Setslav_S1 + Distribution of funds by accounts from each Project:

A new column has been added to the report: DD | Deposit | Profit - this column will inform on a situation on the current drawdown on the account.

DD - Drawdown (loss) in money.
Deposit - The amount of funds added to the account.
Profit - Profit / Loss for the reporting month.

Another Project-5_Gold-Silver.set account has also been added, since an update for the Setslav_Scalper_S1_Gold-Silver adviser is already ready (in few days), where the new Project-5 style has been integrated + upgraded.

According to the results of trade for September '2018:

  • the maximum drawdown was obtained under the Robot Setslav_Scalper_S1_Gold-Silver project - Project-2_Gold-Silver.set and is -22.4% (-$84).
  • the maximum profit was obtained under the project of Setslav_Scalper_S1_EUR-USD-GBP - Project-4_EUR-USD-GBP.set and is + 32.5% (+$208).

The total results of the entire Trading Portfolio for September '2018 were +5.2% (+$546).

Also pay attention to the Project-2_CAD-JPY-CHF.set account, due to the correct allocation of funds, literally within a month this account has exit (by money) from the largest drawdown received in August -43.9% and by the beginning of the month I withdraw money from the account $ 534), which made it so easy to get out of a drawdown with a trading result of only + 29.8% - this vividly shows how correct and proper distribution of funds during drawdowns help to exit of loss.

We fill up all unprofitable accounts based on the results of trading in September, by an amount 2 times the loss for this period. This will enable us to recover losses much faster.
We withdraw all funds previously credited from the account CAD-JPY-CHF.set. Project-5_AUD-NZD-JPY.set and Project-4_Gold-Silver.set were not replenished, since the drawdown is insignificant, only -1.0% and -3.0%, respectively.

Thus, at the beginning of October, from my working portfolio, I am replenishing 4 accounts for $372 and withdrawing from 1 account: $534. Values ​​for entering/withdrawl funds can be seen in the column (Deposit/Withdrawal), for each account the amount of replenishment is equal to the loss for the past month multiplied by 2 (Lx2). Loss / Profit for each account is displayed in the column (Loss / Profit). All account movements are also displayed on the signal page of each account in the tab Account--->Balance.


Only HONEST trade!

Only HONEST results!

I am always open to communication:

  • if you have difficulties with the calculation of your account(s),
  • doubt the correctness of calculations,
  • just have any questions,

just contact me.

Sincerely, Stanislau.

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