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23 August 2017, 12:32
Zara Bidencope

HP printers offer top quality printouts and is one of the most trusted brand with its excellent technical support. The customers can get quick and efficient support by calling HP printer helpline Australia.

How paper jams occur?

Paper feed issues are the most common among the users while working with printers. Let us know what leads to it and some preventive steps to follow.

This generally happens after a paper has caused a jam in the printer. The first sheet of the paper may leave a small torn piece of the paper in the printer. While printing another document, that piece of paper may hit the small piece of the paper that is already inside your printer. That stops you from printing your papers until you remove that small piece of paper.

To solve this issue, open front cover to look under rollers. Make sure that the printer is switched off. You can then search for the paper. You may need to use something flat in order to remove it. Once it is removed, you can turn on your printer and continue printing your documents. However, if you feel that the problem still exists, you can directly call HP printer support number Australia to let your issue be resolved quickly.

What to do if the paper won’t feed?

Once the document is sent to the printer, the paper may not feed into the HP at all. This is also another common issue related to the printer. If you also face this problem, make sure that is paper is entirely down into the printer’s paper tray. Ensure to check out even the paper guides. Moreover, do not force the paper while loading in the paper tray. If you find any difficulty even after ensuring the above steps, you can take professional guidance from experts just by calling HP printer customer helpline number Australia.

If any problems so just Contact Hp printer Support Australia +61-02-90380498. To more information also read this Blog : How to fix a printer paper jam?

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