BtB Strength ( Server )

BtB Strength ( Server )

27 June 2016, 15:32
Juan Fernandez

BtB Strength ( Server )

Strength ( Server ) is a multicurrency dashboard with a full set of 44 Median Averages used for know currencies strength.

This tool can be used for manual trading, auto trading or both at same time.

PIN support allows inter-communicate BtB tools or link to others auto systems easily.

SDK is available for you can add signals support to your project.


This tool manage 28 pairs covering 8 major currencies crosses.  

Major currencies are: AUD, CAD, CHF, GBP, EUR, NZD, JPY, USD. Every major currency have 7 crosses. This tool auto detect missing symbols and will not show us.


Panel is the heart of this tool. You can see symbol signals, control PUSH notifications or enable/disable signals symbols. All panel settings are persistent between sessions.

You have 3 colors for signals ( can be change it ) :

  • BUY ( blue )
  • SELL ( red )
  • NEUTRAL ( no color )

Panel with all information needed for control symbols 

You can control individually every symbol ( notifications and signals ) 

Signals are very clear to see. Colors help to check it fast 


Pin ( Signals Protocol )

PIN is a universal protocol for read data provided for BtB tools. This allows communicate BtB tools between them or expand other auto systems.


Buyers can have free a small SDK for have access to signals data provided for this tool. This SDK is an source code file with all need it for can add it in your project easily.


For DEMO version check BtB profile instructions -> Demo
If you are interested in this product you can buy it or rent it here -> Strength ( Server )
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