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Moving Average R MT5

This is a multi-currency variation of the Moving Average N Advisor based on the Random Forest machine learning model.

This adviser, like other my EA's, was developed using the tools of Hlaiman EA Generator - http://hlaiman.com/?lang=en.


  • TradePairs - Traded pairs (comma separated);
  • Lots - lot size (if 0.0, then% of the deposit is used);
  • Percent - lot size as% of the current deposit size;
  • TakeProfit - Take Profit Size;
  • StopLoss - Stop Loss Size;
  • Trailing - flag to enable trailing;
  • TrailingStep - Trailing step size;
  • BuyTolerance - Tolerance to generate a BUY signal;
  • SellTolerance - Tolerance to generate a SELL signal;
  • MovingPeriod - Period of the moving average indicator;
  • MovingShift - Moving average indicator offset;
  • Grider - Grid activation (on / off);
  • MaxPositions - Maximum active positions and grid steps;
  • TradeTime - Time for trading,  from HH:MM - to HH:MM;
  • Prefix - Prefix added to the name of currency pairs;
  • Suffix - Suffix added to the name of currency pairs;
  • Magic - magic number for identifying advisor orders;
  • Comments - comments for advisor orders;

This is product continues the cycle of EA's using different machine learning models and adapted to a specific broker.

The EA was trained in currency pairs EURUSD, USDCHF, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCAD on RoboForex MT5 server. The training was conducted a week ago, in the screenshot - the results of the forward testing, in the future we will try to conduct training weekly.

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Version 3.2 2019.07.28
updated the data till 26.07
Version 3.1 2019.06.24
retrained till last week