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Premium Design MT5

Multicurrency expert Advisor Premium Design, created on the basis of a set of machine learning models in the form of neural networks and the Committee of decision trees - random forests (Random Decision Forest) Trading signals are generated at the opening of the hour bar and are the result of the search and analysis of price patterns.The EA has been trained to the market since 2000.

Recommended Deposit 100 USD. for 7 pairs.

The EA works best on the following pairs: EURUSD,GBPUSD,USDCHF,USDCAD,USDJPY,AUDUSD,NZDUSD.

------  This product is sold only on the MQL5-market.Sales at another site is illegal --------

Also important:

  1. All optimizations are based on the leverage of 1:500 and the fact that a true ECN broker offers competitive spreads and minimal slippage. If you want to trade with a higher leverage, it is recommended to reduce the value of ( Percent).
  2. Сurrency pairs can work together or separately.
  3. The EA has been trained to the market since 2000.
  4. Advisor pre-trained on the data from the server (IC Markets - MetaTrader 5)
  5. Recommended broker (IC Markets - MetaTrader 5)
  6. Advisor for the month opens, 4-5 transactions,and no more.


      1. Leverage: 1:500.
      2. ECN account with fast execution.
      3. VPS hosting is recommended.
      4. Timeframe: M15;
      5. Spread no more than 20 points (the less, the better).

      The EA has the following external parameters:

      • TradePairs - list of the currency pairs, if one will the single currency;
      • Magic - magic number;
      • Virt = false - enable virtual Take Profit and Stop Loss;
      • Trail = false - enable trailing stop;
      • Trail_Stop = 50 - step trailing stop;
      • Percent = 10 - Percentage of the Depo for one deal;
      • Lots = 0 - Constant Lot, if 0 that ,interest;
      • TakeProfit = 500 - Take Profit in points;
      • StopLoss = 1500000 - Stop-Loss in points;
      • BuyOpenDelta = 0.1 - threshold value for signal generation BUY;
      • SellOpenDelta = 0.1 - threshold value for signal generation SELL;
      • MaxCountOrders = 100 - Maximum number of open orders;
      • TradeTime="00:00-24:00" The start time - end Time of trading;
      • Prefix - prefix in currency pair names;
      • Suffix - suffix in currency pair names;
      • Comments - order comment;


      Notice:  the EA can work with a fixed lot.as well as a percentage of the Deposit, you need to increase the value (lots),or reduce (0) at the same time corresponding to Your Deposit! 

                  Profits made in the past do not guarantee profits in the future

      magmql5 2019.08.03 08:36   

      Good morning, I bought "Premium Design" through MQL5.

      It works well with the Strategy Tester but has not opened any trade in two days in DEMO.

      This is normal?

      How long to wait for a trade?

      Thanks for your help.

      Chotrole chefe
      Chotrole chefe 2019.07.10 17:14   

      Hello, I bought EA yesterday, I put it in the EURUSD in M15 as it was explained in the description, it is in a demo account on the icmarktes, but until now at the end of that day EA did not open an order. I wonder if it's name even if it takes to open orders in the chart?

      Does the EA really delay opening positions in the chart? Until now it has not even opened a position, it's been more than 2 days ..

      Version 2.11 2019.06.09
      reduced distance,neural network 2 times!
      Version 2.10 2019.06.09
      reduced distance,neural network!
      Version 2.9 2019.04.07
      Now you can run all recommended currency pairs only on 1 chart (EUR USD),
      and the EA will work immediately with 7 currencies!or it can work with each currency separately!
      Version 2.8 2019.04.05
      it was added a window where you can register the recommended currency pairs!