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The algorithm of the adviser is designed taking into account the scalping trade. The core of the algorithm is the analysis of short-term price movement and the three indicators RSI, ATR, StdDev.
Advisor opens market orders lot depending on the risk of the transaction.
Each order has a fixed stop loss and take profit.
There is a trailing stop to accompany profitable positions.
The function of money management helps to correctly distribute the risks.
There is an option to limit the maximum number of open orders.
There is an option to limit the work of the adviser in time.


Testing was conducted on the server MetaQuotes.
Account with support for Hedge mode.
Currency pair "EURUSD".
The testing period is from 2018.01.01 to 2018.11.09.
Test mode "Every tick based on real ticks" on the M5 timeframe.


AutoLot                 = true;     // Use Risk
Risk                         = 1.2;      // Fix lot or Risk
InpStopLoss             = 90;       // Stop Loss(in pips)
InpTakeProfit           = 5;        // Take Profit(in pips)
InpTrailingStop         = 0;        // Trailing Stop(in pips)
InpTrailingStep         = 0;        // Trailing Step(in pips)
InpMaxPositions       = 1;        // Maximum positions
RSIperiod           = 5;       // RSI period
RsiBuyLevel       = 35;      // Rsi BuyLevel
RsiSellLevel       = 85;      // Rsi SellLevel
InpATR_ma_period           =26;       // ATR period
InpATR_Level_Buy        = 0.0104;   // ATR Buy Level
InpATR_Level_Sell        = 0.0088;   // ATR Sell Level
InpStdDev_ma_period       =50;        // StdDev period
InpStdDev_Level_Buy     = 0.0051;   // StdDev Buy Level
InpStdDev_Level_Sell     = 0.0051;   // StdDev Sell Level
UseTimeStop=true;       // Use time control
StartHour= 2;                // Start hour
EndHour=3;                  // End hour
m_magic=118141330;    // Magic number
m_slippage=10;            // Slippage(in pips)


Below are screenshots of testing on the history and settings of the advisor.

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