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Fractals Dashboard MT5

Multicurrency and multitimeframe modification of the Fractals indicator. Displays the last two fractals — their sequence (and which one is broken), or the distance between them. You can specify any desired currencies and timeframes in the parameters. Also, the panel can send notifications on a fractal's breakout. By clicking on a cell with a period, this symbol and period will be opened.


  • Calculation of fractals based on — fractal search mode;
    • standart indicator — by the standard indicator;
    • user bars — by the number of custom bars;
  • Bars before (user calc) — the number of bars before the fractal;
  • Bars after (user calc) — the number of bars after the fractal;
  • Indicator mode — display modes
    • Arrows — the last two arrows of fractals;
    • Distance — distance between the last two fractals;
  • Show fractals on the chart — show current fractals on the chart;
  • Clear the chart at startup — clear the chart at startup.
  • Set of Pairs — set of symbols
    • Market Watch — pairs from the "Market Watch". Do not use too many symbols, this may cause the indicator to slow down;
    • Specified manually — pairs specified manually, in the parameters "Pairs";
  • Pairs (separated by a space or semicolon) — list of symbols separated by spaces or semicolons. The currency names should be written exactly like the broker's, keeping the case and prefix/suffix.
  • Time Frames (separated by a space or semicolon) — list of timeframes separated by spaces or semicolons.
  • Sort pairs — sorting the list of pairs.
  • Position on chart — corner to display the panel on the chart.
  • X offset (pix) — shift the panel along the X axis;
  • Y offset (pix) — shift the panel along the Y axis;
  • Refresh dashboard every (seconds) — update period for all pairs and timeframes.
  • Open the pair in a new window — open a symbol in a new chart window by clicking.
  • Chart template — the name of the template for the chart, if the chart opens in a new window.
  • Color Up — up arrow color at breakout.
  • Color Down — down arrow color at breakout.
  • Color Stop — arrow color without breakthrough.
  • Transparency (0-255) — transparency of the panel.
  • Font name — font name.
  • Font size — font size.
  • Code Page — change the code page. If the characters on the panel are displayed incorrectly, try other encodings (e.g. ACP or UTF7);
  • Alert when a new fractal appears — send an alert when a new fractal appears;
  • Alert when 'Fractal breakout' — send an alert when the price has passed the last fractal;
  • Check breakout only on bar closing — check fractal breakdown only on closed bars;
  • Alert when distance between fractals is greater than — send an alert if the distance between fractals is greater than  Distance or equal to Distance.
  • Distance (points) — distance between fractals.
  • Timeframes for alerts (separated by a space or semicolon) — list of periods for which the alert will be sent (separated by a space or semicolon).
  • Pop up alert — pop-up alert.
  • Push notifications — push notification.
  • E-mail notifications — e-mail notification.
  • Sound alert — sound alert.

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    Version 1.80 2020.08.18
    1) Added calculation of fractals by custom number of bars.
    Version 1.70 2020.06.08
    1) Added option "Check breakout only on bar closing".
    Version 1.50 2020.03.11
    1) Added alert when a new fractal appears.
    Version 1.40 2019.10.27
    1) Added periods for alerts - "Timeframes for alerts".
    2) Added parameter for clearing the chart at startup - "Clear the chart at startup".
    3) Added center alignment of the panel - "Centered".
    4) Added offsets for the panel - "X offset (pix)" and "Y offset (pix)".
    5) Reverse the order of pairs of "Market Watch" without sorting.
    Version 1.30 2019.10.12
    1) Added a new display mode — Distance between fractals.
    Version 1.20 2018.11.02
    1) Added parameter "Show fractals on the chart".