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Big Trend MACD

The Big Trend MACD indicator is an advanced model of the standard MACD indicator. It is very easy and simple to use. The main purpose of the indicator is to find great trends. With this indicator you can easily detect in small trends.

This indicator can be used as two different trend finding tools for big trends and small trends. Try to use the big trends suggested, or with other suitable chart-appropriate indications.

Features and Trends

  • This indicator has period, signal, period color, signal color properties.
  • Big trend finding:
  • It is quite simple to find great trends.
  • Big down trend: the last bar of the indicator should close below zero.
  • The signal line is below zero and not above the indicator bar.
  • Big up trend:the last bar of the indicator should close above zero.
  • The signal line should be above zero and below the indicator bar.
  • Small trend finding:
  • Small down trend: the indicator bar should close below the signal line.
  • Small up-trend: the indicator bar should close above the signal line.
  • Move with the first indicator bar that closes below or above the signal line.


  • Period - period setting
  • Signal - signal line setting
  • Period_color - period color setting
  • Signal_color - signal line color setting
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