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Exclusive Trendline

Every experienced trader knows that the trend lines should be paid attention in Forex trading. But plotting trend lines takes time, and there can be many of them on the chart as well... Yikes!!! Do you want to know how to easily and simply automate this process? Then read on.

There is a solution - a smart and reliable indicator of trend lines - the Exclusive Trendline. All you need to do is attach the indicator to the chart, and it will draw all possible trend lines for you. You just have to admire the result (as shown below) and apply it to your trading strategy.

Now you might ask yourself, "Why do I need a trend lines indicator, if I know how to plot them myself." The answer is:

  • the indicator saves your time.
  • it does not get tired, it does not get "blurry vision".

Parameters of the Exclusive Trendline indicator:

  • TL_Period - the number of past bars to search for trend lines.
2017.02.05 01:22 

Good trendlines.

Version 2.3 - 2017.02.28
Added the Color parameter to allow changing the indicator color, as requested by customers.
Version 2.2 - 2016.12.15
Optimized calculations