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Project Future

Project Future is a professional arrow indicator with notification functions (alert, email, mobile).

This trend indicator is based on my original product Exclusive Bollinger, but with accurate entry points.

Advantages of the indicator

  • Suitable for scalping and intraday trading.
  • Simple and easy indicator configuration.
  • Works on all timeframes.
  • Does not redraw.
  • It can be used in any financial markets: FOREX, CFD, binary options, stocks.
  • It can be used as a stand-alone tool or in conjunction with other indicators.
  • Sending signals to email and mobile devices.

Recommended symbols


Recommendations on usage

  • Buy signal: the indicator arrow is directed upwards.
  • Sell signal: the indicator arrow is directed downwards.
  • Position closure: when the opposite signal appears.


  • Period - the main parameter, responsible for the indicator calculation period.
  • Alert - enable/disable Alert. true - enabled, false - disabled.
  • Email - enable/disable sending e-mails. true - enabled, false - disabled.
  • Push - enable/disable sending messages to the mobile terminal. true - enabled, false - disabled.

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