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Ultimate Trend Master

This Expert Advisor works with 10 hidden indicators. The strategy searches for support and resistance levels and measures volatility of the market.

All of this is done by a complex algorithm and calculation for the best entry point.

The EA is FIFO-compliant if hedging is disabled. It works with almost all brokers and does not need the most powerful VPS. It can also work on your desktop but it is not the best thing to do.


This EA was developed at first for use on M1 and those pairs:


The EA works with normal fixed spreads and ECN account.

  • EnableEA - TRUE/FALSE; start/stop the EA
  • Risk Level - 1 (Default). The higher is the level, the higher the risk (the minimum is 1, while the maximum is 100)
  • Max_Drawdown - TRUE/FALSE; enable/disable the maximum drawdown setting
  • MaxPercentageDrawdown - set the maximum drawdown by percentage of your equity
  • AllowHedging - TRUE/FALSE; allow hedging positions
This EA features fully automatic take profit and stop loss.
fazliddin424 2018.05.17 07:11 

Using the EA for the last one month. I have 8 accounts, all using the same EA, but generating different results, which is fun to watch. Works exceptionally well, however it looks too good to be true... Lets see how it will react in the next few months.

Update: this EA gets extremely risky when market is going to only one direction. It keeps opening new positions, increasing size, which causes huge DD at later stage. This is now happening with USD's sharp increase in the last few weeks. I wish the seller could reduce the risk somehow limiting oversizing and opening new trades. It works the best only when market is consolidating.

Nicholas Kaulbach
Nicholas Kaulbach 2017.04.06 17:09 

Good EA so far, although I've only been running it a few days. It's making money and the drawdown is low. Currently making around 1% a day and the drawdown hasn't gone over 8% yet.

gary.rike 2017.02.26 18:14 

The best EA so far out of the 5 that I have tried. Good results on my U.S. Oanda account trading 12 pairs with a risk setting of 50. Makes money consistently. I would start out with a risk setting of 1 and build from there.

sunup 2016.06.30 19:09 

First of all, thank you very much, the author, he is positive, to give a lot of help, and the product also performed well in the profits, giving five stars

allen M.
allen M. 2016.06.07 17:25 

june update: I can only say Very good expert. Stable and really very profitable since few months!!

Asked question the the seller and he was very fast support. A++ !!

Always good stuff from this seller. Rent this expert just at the lunch time. Running it now since more than 1 day and 4% profit.

This is spectacular where positions level take place. Testing at risk 1, but I think take little more risk maybe set it at 4-5.

That look very good work. I will let know know informed of my result !

XhanYchayn Wu
XhanYchayn Wu 2016.03.13 14:55 


Version 3.25 2016.06.15
Now user can change the Take Profit (in pips).
Available in the EA setting.
-Default TP is 30 pips, but TP 15pips offer great results too.
Version 3.0 2016.06.07
- Fixed ALL minors bugs with the Risk settings occurred on version 2.75.
- Range of risk setting is now 1 to 500. Now user with low or very high balance will be able to set the desired first position size.
Check in MT4 Expert comment tab in order to see the first calculated lot size positions by the EA.

Feel free to ask any question.
Version 2.75 2016.05.27
-For this version risk level have been updated for lower risk according to some users request.
Now higher balance like 500k or more can start trading much safer.

As example, an account with 1.5 millions 200:1 on risk 1 will get 0.3lot first trade.
On risk 5, it will be 1.5lot....

All lot size calculated by the expert are show in the Expert tab in MT4
Version 2.50 2016.03.18
- Optimized the risk settings and indicators parameters.