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EA Red Dragon

The Expert Advisor uses the strategy based on the breakdown of the most important support and resistance levels. Adaptive trade trailing algorithm is used. The EA uses a very small SL so the account is always protected from equity drawdown with a very low risk-per-trade.

The EA integrates a system of partial position closure during slippages (can be configured).

It was backtested and optimized using real ticks with 99,9% quality. It has successfully completed stress testing.

The EA contains the algorithm of statistics collection with output on the information panel.

Demo account monitoring

Working currency pair/timeframe: EURUSD M30.

Key Advantages

  • Does not use Martingale.
  • Does not use Ilan.
  • No arbitrage.
  • No Grid.
  • Does not use other risky strategies.
  • Always use of stop loss to protect capital.
  • Based on genuine 'in-house' algorithm.
  • Works with different brokers.
  • It can work with a small deposit.
  • Only pending orders.
  • Can work with fixed lot and MM.
  • Does not open orders with a high spread. (can be configured).

Requirements and Recommendations

  • 5-digit quotes.
  • Maximum allowed spread0 to 20 pips.
  • Minimum deposit is 100$.
  • Use VPS or hosting server with minimal network latency to the broker's server.
  • ECN broker with low commission and spread.


  • Order Type — Trade direction.
  • Magic — The magic number of the EA's orders.
  • Order comment — A comment to the EA's trades.
  • Slippage — Allowable slippage before an order triggers.
  • Use custom slippage — When set to true, the EA will close orders is slippage is above custom slippage.
  • custom slippage — Slippage value to close orders.
  • Max Spread — Maximum Spread allowed before pending order triggers.
  • disable trade if spread high — Disable trading for some time (from 5 minutes to 24 hours) if the average spread exceeds Max Spread.
  • Use_Risk_MM — When set to true, lot size is increased together with account balance increase (Risk Management).
  • Percentage_Risk — Lot size increase based on the balance value (Risk Management in %).
  • Lot — Fixed lot value (if Use_Risk_MM - false).
  • Take_Profit — take profit level in points.
  • Stop_Loss — stop loss in points.
  • Adaptive Trailing stop — When set to true, the EA uses an adaptive trailing stop.
  • Trailing Stop — Trailing points when the position is in profit. (-1 = off, 0 = Stop_Loss ).
  • Smart stop loss — Smart SL points (-1 - disable)
  • Risk Protection Close Orders — When set to true, the EA uses forced position closing to protect against losses.
  • breakdown past weeks — When set to true, the EA uses breakdown of past weeks.

Trading within the week:

  • Monday — When set to true, trading on Monday is allowed.
  • Tuesday — When set to true, trading on Tuesday is allowed.
  • Wednesday — When set to true, trading on Wednesday is allowed.
  • Thursday — When set to true, trading on Thursday is allowed.
  • Friday — When set to true, trading on Friday is allowed.

Time trading within a day:

  • Use time — when set to true, trades in certain time intervals.
  • Time_Setting — server time or computer time.
  • GMT_mode — GMT offset of the broker server time. (0 - not used).
  • Every_Day_Start — operation start time (HH:MM).
  • Every_Day_End — operation end time (HH:MM).

Friday close time:

  • Use time — If true, trades at a certain time.
  • Time_Setting — server time or computer time.
  • GMT_mode — GMT offset of the broker server time. (0 - not used).
  • Disable_in_Friday — operation end time on Friday (HH:MM).
asaens15 2017.03.16 22:43 

Performance is mediocre. Trades can be good for awhile but then you can get some bad ones that bring down its overall performance. Long-term might be good average but too much stress when it has bad trades consecutively and brings net balance down. It isn't afraid to take a trade but if lots set too high it can get out quickly but not without bringing your balance down from commissions due to lot size. I've been testing on demo for months but I don't trust it enough to put on live account.

Update: 2017 Mar 16: Tested with newer version (3.12) and still poor performance. Removed chart from my test MT4 platform after consistent losses exceeded any gains.

Sairoong Kidtook
Sairoong Kidtook 2016.10.13 17:02 

Very true , owner try make Algo but is not really that, i lose 50% ecn account ICM with fast vps NY.

Алексей Sid
Алексей Sid 2016.07.25 18:56 

медленный слив депозита на рекомендованном автором брокере. на реальном счете данного типа советники не работают.

Andrey Malevich
Andrey Malevich 2016.05.25 16:21   

На реальном счете не работает. Не тратьте деньги. Очередной хлам.

vikranth 2016.05.17 14:39 

wasted money n time for more than 20 days not even dollar earned from this ea, DEMO IS ENTIRELY DIFFERENT.....I DON'T RECOMMEND THIS TYPE EA, TIME WASTING ROBOT.......

Tolac 2016.05.02 20:42 

I have been renting and using this EA on my live account since 8th of april. So far it has produced a gain of 2.69%. I will try this EA for 2-3 months and if it makes consistant profits (20% or more per month) then I will purchase.

You will need a VPS with low latency and a broker with low spread for the best profits. Seller is a good guy that will help you with the purchase and setting up. So far I'm liking it.

[UPDATE: 3 weeks in use]

EA has made about 5% gain so far. Max drawdown is 2%. Takes about 50 trades per month. Live performance will be added within a few weeks.

Xiaoyang Sun
Xiaoyang Sun 2016.04.15 15:53 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

John Mcgovern
John Mcgovern 2016.03.28 22:36 

EA is no good only losses for me had it on live account 3 weeks does not work on live account don't waste your money are time on this piece of junk

tomahawk 2016.03.13 13:20 

This EA was increased to 20% of my money in a week.

I will send five stars.

Version 3.12 2017.03.09
Added new modifications of the trailing stop.
Version 2.98 2017.02.16
1. Added hidden stop loss and take profit. Now the EA is not sensitive to STOP-LEVEL. The EA will automatically choose whether to use the hidden SL and TP or not.
2. Position closure system has been improved.
Version 2.91 2017.01.13
Fixed modification of stop loss: if STOP-LEVEL > 0.
Version 2.90 2016.12.26
Fixed minor bugs.
Version 2.89 2016.10.13
1. Completely revised the mechanics of searching for breakouts, implemented filter for eliminating false signals.
2. Added slippage panel.
3. Added function: selection of the trading days, it is possible to select the days for the EA to trade.
Version 2.19 2016.07.08
1. Added protection against high spread: if the average spread is greater than the (max spread) variable, the EA closes pending orders and does not place new orders.
2. Improved the main strategy.
Version 2.18 2016.06.23
1. Improved the breakout strategy.
2. Improved the adaptive closure in case of slippages.
Version 2.17 2016.06.01
Improved trailing stop feature.
Version 2.16 2016.05.18
Fixed the "trading by time" feature.
Version 2.15 2016.05.06
Revised the peak searching system for the best breakouts.
Version 2.14 2016.04.25
1.Improved the breakout strategy.
2.removed the adjustment of pending orders.
Version 2.13 2016.04.08
1. Improved the breakout strategy.
2. Improved the information panel.
3. Added the GMT parameter — Server Time Zone.
4. Fixed the bug with frequent modification of the stop loss.
5. Fixed minor errors.
Version 2.12 2016.03.08
- Fixed info panel
- Added freeze level info
Version 2.11 2016.02.24
"Money management risk" function is now fixed.