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The Expert Advisor modifies the Stop Loss level of the opened position (on the current instrument).

The Parabolic SAR, NRTR (Nick Rypock Trailing Reverse), Moving Average indicators or the linear channel regression are used.

Switchable modes:

  • Trailing stop only when profit;
  • Trailing stop only to price;
  • work on each tick or on completed (formed) bars.
2017.05.28 08:09 

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Version 1.40 - 2015.01.29
Added "Hidden stop" mode.
Added an option to open a brief trade report in a separate window by sequential pressing of:
Ctrl+1 — for the current symbol;
Ctrl+2 — for all symbols;
Ctrl+3 — for all except the current symbol

Ctrl+click on the price chart - change linear regression channel period.
Changed design.
Fixed errors.