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Magician Of Custom Objects

The ‘Magician of custom objects’ is a utility script tools for MetaTrader 4.

After attaching the script to a chart, the custom objects in this chart are cloned to any other opened charts of the same symbol.

Now, 11 custom object types are supported, including:

  1. Vertical line;
  2. Horizontal line;
  3. Trend line;
  4. Angle line;
  5. Gann line;
  6. Fibonacci line;
  7. Rectangle;
  8. Triangle;
  9. Arrow;
  10. Ellipse;
  11. Text.

If you need other object types or have any question, write in the Comments section.

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Version 2.0 - 2015.08.12
1) Added support for all types of custom objects. The old version included 11 types;
2) The new code was optimized. Now, it is very fast than the old version;
3) Added a dialog box for the auto update option. For example, a trend line time property can be auto updated to fit a different period or a color property to fit a trend;
4) First run is copy, the next one is modification (inculding deletion).