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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 46

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Damir Satridinov
Индикатор предназначен для разметки ,фибо уровней и фибо зон.Также есть возможность удаления и редактирования уровней на текущем графике. При установке нескольких индикаторов (FIBO-ZONES)на график,не забывайте менять имя в поле (NAME).В утилите также есть возможность менять цвет зон, толщину линий и стиль линий уровней фибо. При установке индикатора ,зоны выстраиваются автоматически.
Lisek ATR Levels
Darius Hans Lischka
3.67 (3)
Are you looking for  ATR Levels,   ATR Trend, ATR Support and Resistance  Indicators ? Now you have all in one !!!  Info on your chart is showing you: where current price and levels are, what is current trend and signals. Search for an entry with low risk for trading by Lisek ATR Indicator. There are many ways to trade with Lisek ATR Indicator: Trade Support and Resistance Levels. Trade pullbacks (Range trading). Trade breakouts. Trade reversals. Take profit or set stop-loss based on ATR Levels.
This indicator can be used to show and evaluate the trailing stop algorithm "Trailing Stop with Inside Bars" that was proposed by the famous German trader and author Michael Voigt ("Das grosse Buch der Markttechnik") to capture robust gains when trading strong price moves. The trailing stop price is shown as a red line. You can start the trailing stop anywhere on your chart (bars or candles) by setting the "initialBarDateTime" input parameter to the open time of an arbitrary candle You can speci
Arkadii Zagorulko
5 (3)
The median indicator is a type of technical analysis tool commonly used in forex trading. It is based on calculating the median price of a currency pair over a specific period of time. The median price is the middle value between the high and low prices. Compared to the widely used moving average (MA) indicator, the median indicator offers a unique perspective on the market. Here are some advantages of using the median indicator: Robustness to outliers: The median is less affected by extreme pr
Bollinger Bands Stops Indicator for MT4 The Bollinger Bands Stops Indicator is a versatile tool designed to help traders make informed decisions in the financial markets. Developed for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, this indicator provides valuable insights by visually representing the Bollinger Bands along with stops and signals. Key Features: Bollinger Bands Analysis: The indicator incorporates Bollinger Bands, a widely used technical analysis tool. These bands help traders identify potentia
Candle Meter
Ivan Grachev
3 (1)
The Expert Advisor builds a grid of orders, defining inputs by built-in setups. After accumulating the profit specified in the settings, it closes the remaining orders to breakeven. Open “breakout” orders create a grid according to the trend, and each separately “trailing” order allows you to maximize profit from the market. Please see all my products:  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/en_coding/seller Benefits: a unique algorithm for constructing a grid of orders, eliminating the minimum delta b
AO Signal Candle
Jonathan Destailleur
The  Awesome Oscillator  (AO)  Signal Candle Indicator  is an indicator used to measure market momentum.  Awesome Oscillator  (AO)  Signal Candle Indicator  will change bar's color when set overbought or oversold levels reach. Colored Candles, based on Awesome Oscillator (AO) Signal. -If the indicator is above zero, the market is bullish. -If the indicator is below zero, the market is bearish. -If the market is bullish, you can take a stand with green candle signals. -If the market is bearish,
Andrey Spiridonov
4 (2)
TopSecret TopSecret - automated adviser for professional work in the foreign exchange market. The decision-making algorithm is based on my own method. Statistical methods for a certain time interval is calculated the price level to which the current market price of the trading instrument is always likely to return. The adviser works on any time period, but I recommend working on H1, H4, D1 . The Expert Advisor is installed in the usual way and is immediately ready for operation. Advisor Benefi
Easy Parabolic Sar
Alexander Nikolaev
4.13 (8)
The Expert Advisor places orders based on the points of the Parabolic Sar indicator. If your trading strategy utilizes this indicator, the EA will save you from the necessity to move your pending orders after every candlestick (e.g. 5 minutes or 1 hour) and will do it automatically. You can set the EA to open only BuyStop or only SellStop or both. Buy default both Buy and Sell are enabled. The EA does not use any indicators other than Parapolic Sar. Therefore you are to decide the time to run th
Vitalii Ananev
4 (2)
The modified Average True Range (ATR) indicator. The indicator has been modified for the traders who use VSA (volume spread analysis) in trading. The indicator displays a range of a predetermined number of bars (high minus low), and the average ATR value for the selected period. The indicator visualizes the extreme values of the bar range exceeding the average value for the set period. Parameters: ATR Period - this value affects the number of bars used in the bar range calculation (1 is recommen
Forex Gump Scalping EA - scalper robot for GBPUSD. Works on all timeframes (recommended timeframe M5). The robot accompanies each trade with the help of TakeProfit and StopLoss. In the robot settings, the trader specifies the initial lot size. In the future, this lot size will increase in proportion to the account balance. The robot opens from 5 to 25 trades every day, depending on the activity of the market. In its work, the robot takes into account both technical and fundamental indicators fo
69 USD
Francesco del Vecchio
3.75 (4)
Torakiki takes advantage from the only sure thing about Forex: price will move.  It works 24/7 opening at any time two baskets, one in buy and one in sell. While the one that happened to be in the right direction keeps collecting profits, the other basket opens a grid with a clever recovery mechanism which closes positions one after the other as they reach their individual take profit in those usual bounces back you have even in the strongest trend formation, keeping track of the total profit
BF Scalper EA
Lachezar Krastev
DOUBLE BONUS SALE! --> BUY BF Scalper EA with -40% DISCOUNT and GET 2 GIFTS -> Pips Master PRO + Trend Reader Indicator! NOTE: BF Scalper EA PROMO price: $117 (The next price $187) - The offer is for a limited period of time!  >>> Click to read more about the GIFTs -> Pips Master PRO and Trend Reader Indicator! <<< BF Scalper EA Signal Account:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1017929 BF Scalper EA is a fully automated trading system which takes much of the work out of trading, leaving you free
117 USD
Koala Fibo Base Time
Ashkan Hazegh Nikrou
3 (1)
Welcome to Koala Fibo Base Time Welcome to Koala Fibo Time Zone Welcome to Koala Fibo Time Extention Welcome to Missed Tool For Meta Trade! Simple Introduction : Fibonacci Time Zones are vertical lines based on the Fibonacci Sequence. These lines extend along the X axis (date axis) as a mechanism to forecast reversals based on elapsed time. A major low or high is often chosen as the starting point. Distances start relatively small and grow as the Fibonacci Sequence extends. Chartists can exten
Introducing Round Range 5, a versatile and dynamic indicator designed to optimize your trading strategies on MT4. Let's explore how this indicator can revolutionize your trading experience by adapting round number levels to suit the unique characteristics of each instrument. In the fast-paced world of financial markets, round numbers play a crucial role. These price levels, ending with multiple zeros or other significant digits, often act as psychological barriers that influence market sentim
Thomas Bradley Butler
IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ BEFORE TRYING,BUYING. This is an indicator requiring higher faculties of the mind and is not a plug an play.  There are no short cuts in trading. One hour time frames are used or if combined with market profile, 30 minutes is used.  This indicator is for trading the highs and lows of the day.  Take one or two trade per day.  A low area node traded to a high area node and exit is an example.  Volume nodes are indicative of much accumulation or a sharp move.  Accumulation
Adapting to the volatility, potential  Risk to Reward trading positions are shown based on Average True Range. Risk-Reward-Boxes are shown when the 'Buy or Sell' Button is clicked! A utility of the ATR calculation,  rejoice with a matter that isn’t part of a hard decision for when to close a trade. This matter would assist your risk management decision.  Specifications The Average True Range is  commonly used indicator that measures volatility in the market in pips or price. True Range is t
Dmitriy Prigodich
2.33 (3)
Dragonfly is an expert Advisor for real professionals. It is the quintessence of rational and technical analysis. The expert Advisor can be used both for dispersing small deposits and for conservative work. Main: "TakeProfit" - Number of points to close a trade with a profit "StopLoss" - Number of points To close a trade with a loss "Slippage" - Slippage "Magic" - adviser ID "Lot"- the amount of the transaction Dynamic lot settings: "Dynamic" - enables/disables dynamic calculati
EMA Separation
Libertas LLC
2.5 (2)
EMA Separation plots 2 exponential moving averages, and a fill between them. The fill is colored differently according to an uptrend (short period EMA above long period EMA), or a downtrend (short period EMA below long period EMA). This is a small tool to help visualize the difference between long and short period averages. We hope you enjoy! EMA Separation can also be paired with our free EMA Separation Coefficient Parameters Short period (Default=10): # bars used to calculate short period EM
MR Dynamic POC 4
Sergey Khramchenkov
The most crucial price level in any "Volume Profile" is the "Point of Control" . Is the price level with the highest traded volume. And mainly, is the level where the big guys start there their positions, so it's an accumulation/distribution level for smart money. The idea of the indicator arose after the "MR Volume Profile Rectangles" indicator was made. When creating the "MR Volume Profile Rectangles" indicator, we spent a lot of time comparing the volumes with those from the volume profil
150 USD
How would you like to instantly know what the current trend is? How about the quality of that trend? Finding the trend on a chart can be subjective. The Fractal Trend Finder indicator examines the chart for you and reveals what the current trend is based on objective criteria. Using the Fractal Trend Finder you can easily tell if you are trading with the trend or against it. It also identifies those times when the market is not trending. Theoretically, you could trade with the trend when the tre
[ Introduction ] . [ Installation ] Introduction Python is a high level programing language with a nice package management giving user different libraries in the range from TA to ML/AI. Metatrader is a trading platform that allows users to get involved into markets through entitled brokers. Combining python with MT4 would give user an unprecedented convienance over the connection of brokers and the freedom of library utilization. The potential of your EA now becomes unlimited as you can create
Fawwaz Abdulmantaser Salim Albaker
Dear Friends .. As I promised you , this is a demo version of my Expert Advisor that works only on Daw Jones (US30) It works on simple strategy , Scalper and trend EA . It use the manual lot size that you put in parameters and use the trailing stop to minimize the lost value  as much as it dose ,, So u need to put the lot size ( usually it 0.1 minimum in most companies ) and put your Trailing stop value  (if you want to cancel the trailing just put 0 in the parameter )  (for DJ try to multiply
Symbol Overlay
John Louis Fernando Diamante
This indicator plots another symbol on the current chart. A different timeframe can be used for the symbol, with an option to display in multiple timeframe mode (1 overlay candle per several chart candles). Basic indicators are provided. To adjust scaling of prices from different symbols, the overlay prices are scaled to the visible chart price space. Features symbol and timeframe input MTF display complete data window values; date, time, open, high, low, close, volume 3 indicators provided;
Exponential Moving Average Crossover with ADX
Victor Manuel Valderrama Zamora
4 (1)
Diversify the risk in your trading account by combining our Expert Advisors. Build your own custom trading system here:   Simple Forex Trading Strategies The expert advisor opens trades when EMAs cross and the Average Directional Index is above 25. The Stop Loss, Take Profit, and Trailing Stop are calculated based on the ATR indicator. The recommended currency pair is GBPAUD. The recommended timeframe to operate and to do backtests is D1. This Expert Advisor can be profitable in any TimeFrame
Root Diamond EA
Yevheniy Kopanitskyy
Full automatic trading platform incorporating the best settings of BinaryMiner and Root-Diamond Built-in configurations. 1. Automatic calculation of abyom from the deposit. 2.Opening only one position from the settlement level in Long or Short 3.Security for going to No Loss in cases of Contra trend 4 binary indicators filter the market and identify a nearby wave in the market movement. All incorporating configurations guarantee long-term income // --------- Configurable parameter
Level Green EA
Niklas Templin
High Impact Level EA DE40, US30,  FTMO Recomment Broker. EA can Trade with every Broker that have Volume 0.01 by Indizes. Dont let the Robot Work alone. Important  must  be Change in Settings for DE40 or US30 inp1_VolumeSize: 0.1 inp1_VolumePercent: 0.00001 inp1_GridStartOffset: 1000.0 inp1_GridStartRoundNumbers:  1000.0 inp1_GridSize:  1000.0 inp2_VolumeSize: 0.1 inp2_VolumePercent: 0.00001 inp2_GridStartOffset:  1000.0 inp2_GridStartRoundNumbers:  1000.0 inp2_GridSize:  1000.0 inp1_GridSizeTP
Easy Close
Nantakan Leungonnam
The script allows users to easily close positions if their profit/loss reaches or Close all orders just click function that you want. Easy Close. - close PROFIT - close LOSS - close BUY - close SELL - close ALL ORDERS If you find problem about function or you cant not work pls contact me. I will help you anytime. Please Ratings and Reviews. Thanks Traders. ENJOY.
RSI Scanner, Multiple Symbols and Timeframes, Graphical User Interface An indicator that scans multiple symbols added from the market watch and timeframes and displays result in a graphical panel. Features: Multi symbol Multi timeframe Alerts and Notifications Live Monitoring Sorting modes One click to change symbol and timeframe Inputs for RSI and scanner settings
History Data Downloader
Hispraise Chinedum Abraham
Downloads missing data for all currency pairs available in market watch. Very useful for backtesting EAs and strategies and downloading all history at once instead of individually. This products downloads data for the Ultimate Sniper Dashboard and can work with any other products. The indicator will run until all the historical data for the selected currency pairs have been downloaded. The indicator has multiple options: 1. Download data for single pair 2. Download for current pair only 3. Downl
Smart Money Concept trading panel. It makes everything you need to get fast and smart market analyse. The utility uses Trade Shell engine to manage your trades and risks. Backtest it on visual strategy tester and improve your trading. SMC features: Original structure and trend definition Timeframes selection: H4-M15, H1-M5, M15-M1 Order Blocks, Sweep Auto Blocks, Absorption Entry Blocks, follow and against trend, with and without imbalance Colors customization Alerts and notifications Trade
35 USD
MT4 Indicator Get ahead of the curve with the Wamek Trend Consult indicator . Designed to identify early and continuation trends, this powerful tool empowers traders to enter the market at precisely the right moment, utilizing powerful filters to reduce the number of fake out signals and improve the accuracy of your trades. By precisely analyzing market trends and filtering out false signals, using its advanced algorithms and unparalleled accuracy, the Trend Consult indicator provides traders wi
175 USD
Dollar Index
Sergio D. Rocha
4 (4)
This indicator calculates directly the value of the dollar index by using the ICE formula to plot the chart, this can help you as reference. You do not need your broker to provide the ICE DX to use this indicator, is a way to have it calculated. Little discrepancies could be found in the exact value of the candles or time due closing time of the trading floor and the use of decimals, but generally will give you good reference.  You need your broker offers the feed for the following pairs in orde
M5 gold scalping indicator is an arrow indicator that shows reversal points on the chart. It does not repaint! Designed for scalping on gold (XAUUSD), but can also work on other currency pairs. On average, about 87% of signals indicate the precise direction of price movement, and approximately 9% of signals show the correct direction of price but at the end of its impulse. As an additional filter to get even more accurate signals, it is recommended to use any trending indicator (moving average,
69 USD
"Price Action Scalping EA" is a professional forex robot designed for strategic scalping trading on the XAUUSD currency pair on the M5 timeframe. Each trade of the robot is accompanied by a stop loss and a trailing stop, which increases the level of security when trading. The name "Price Action Scalping EA" corresponds to the high quality standards of the robot: accuracy, speed and trading efficiency. Price action is a technical analytics tactic based on the analysis of the previous price actio
69 USD
Our team has finally achieved the expected result.     We have created artificial intelligence for binary options trading. Don't believe? Many users have already rated it positively. The results will surprise you too. This indicator broadcasts signals for a binary option through a telegram channel. All signals are reliable and of high quality. Read more !!! ATTENTION !!! You didn't dream !!! HOW TO EARN RIGHT NOW? The most successful signal channel for binary options Students,
Automatic robot scalper for XAUUSD gold. The best working timeframe is M5. The robot analyzes the market using price reversal patterns and 4 technical indicators: iStochastic, iMACD, iSAR, iRSI. When indicators give a stable signal to open a deal, the robot measures the dynamics of price changes. If there is a stable signal from the indicators and high price dynamics, the robot opens a pending order in the right direction. If the price breaks through the order, the robot starts to accompany it
69 USD
FTMO Pass Challenge v1
Luis Mariano Vazquez Marcos
FTMO EXPERT The expert advisor created BASED ON THE RULES OF FUNDED tests, using artificial intelligence and multiple strategies in a single robot, combines advanced technology with innovative approaches in the field of artificial intelligence applied to finance. This advisor has been designed to take advantage of artificial intelligence and automation in the field of investments and financial operations. Through the use of sophisticated algorithms and data analysis techniques, the advisor is ab
50 USD
MA Super Trend
Jorge Alejandro Agudelo Alvarez
MA Super Trend An indicator based on the average maximum and minimum of a candle period, and next to the average true range (ATR) result in a powerful visual work tool to optimize the trend zones and potential areas of market entry. With great adaptability in any type of financial asset and with a potential for visual simplification in the graph, which will make the graph a simple work table. Accompanied by sound notifications, direct messages and enabled emails for an efficient trading experien
50 USD
Transformed Trend
Shellard Securities (Pty) Ltd
The indicator has been designed to function on any time-frame and any pair, although it is best suited for 5-minute charts.   This price transformation will help the trader better evaluate whether the current market is trending, and in which direction. A dynamic filter has been added to help the trader avoid possibly entering against the trend. Two filter threshold lines may enable the trader to avoid choppy or flat market conditions.   The Yellow indicator line is the filter and the Blue indica
50 USD
Trend Direction Filter
Shellard Securities (Pty) Ltd
The indicator has been designed to function on any time-frame and any pair, although it is best suited for 5-minute charts.   This trend filter will help the trader better evaluate whether the current market is trending, and in which direction. A dynamic filter threshold has been added to help the trader avoid choppy market conditions, and add greater confidence when entering, with an added functionality of plotting signal arrows on the chart to aid in detecting possibly entries.   The Yellow in
50 USD
Hong Ling Mu
1 (1)
<LOGIC> The EMA RENKO EA should run in Renko chart to show the best performance. The EA will entry based on 2 EMA line cross. (it is changeable in parameter.) As a result of FT , the best box size for XAUUSD (GOLD) is BOX 60 to 100.  Renko box size should be larger than spread value. Normally 3 times of spread. Please decide your box size with yourself. The EA will place addtional order as Grid if the trend move  to xxx pips from the last order. You can turn on/off in the parameter. T
50 USD
Просдка и прибыль зависят от  Greed_Size = от 1 до 1000 1%  = самый безопасный, будет раньше выходить из позииции  при 100% = расчет лота будет максимальный  при 200% = максимальный удвоеный, выход из позиции также будет передерживать Символ XAUUSD (Gold (Spot)) Период 1 Минута (M1) 2022.01.10 01:05 - 2022.01.21 23:54 (2022.01.08 - 2022.01.24) Баров в истории 9896 Смоделировано тиков 629527 Качество моделирования 25.00% Ошибки рассогласования графиков 0 Начальный депозит 10000.00 Спред 1
1 000 USD
Time easy
Aleksandr Nadein
советник торгует на пробой уровней.Приносит не плохую прибыль.В настройках очень прост.   _Parameters_EA="----- Parameters      EA";     Slippage    = 3;            //  Slippage     Lot         = 0.01;         //  Lot     RangeO      = 150;          //  distance from price     oSL         = 150;          //  SL     oTP         =150;           //  TP     max_spread   =100;          //  MAX SPEAD     Magic=-1;                   //  Magic (-1 All)     text_color=Lime;            //  text_color ex
50 USD
All about Smart Money Concepts Strategy: Market struture: internal or swing BOS, CHoCH; Orderblock; Liquity equal; Fair Value Gap with Consequent encroachment, Balanced price range; Level with Previous month, week, day level or in day level (PMH, PWH, PDH, HOD); BuySell Stops Liquidity (BSL, SSL); Liquidity Void Long Wicks; Premium and Discount; Candle pattern ... "Smart Money Concepts" ( SMC ) is a fairly new yet widely used term amongst price action traders looking to more accurately navigate
50 USD
Daily drawdown MT4
Kambiz Shahriarynasab
5 (1)
It is a very simple indicator to display daily loss percentage, open position loss percentage, monthly loss percentage and monthly profit percentage. MT5 version We assure you that we welcome any suggestions to improve this indicator and make the necessary changes to improve this indicator. You can contact us via Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, email or here. We are ready to answer you.
50 USD
The only EA you ever need Forex Soul GTM (can be used as a set and forget expert) The GTM (Grid Trend Multiplier),  is very strong in sidemarket but allso can be set to Trend. Very mutch settings for all Market conditions in a easy to understand way. All Trades have an stop and a target to have a calculated Win/loss 3 Main Strategies  1. Mode A. Automatic trend detection. for any Instruments. 2. Mode B.  Automatic trend detection with stronger filter ( build in indicator) 3. Mode C.  Cl
100 USD
Raymond Codjia
EASY AND SIMPLE STRATEGY - NON REPAINTING - HIGH TIMEFRAME FILTER - EASY TO BACKTEST   *For Desktop MT4 Only *Great For Scalping *Great For Swing Trading *Mobile Alerts, Desktop Alerts *Works On Any Timeframe *Works On Forex, Indices, Crypto *Perfect For New Traders And Expert Traders We very often use Average Directional Movement Index (ADX) to identify a trend in forex. We use a simple rule: - If the indicator is above level 25, the market is in strong trend and we then study the values ​​
50 USD
This is a dual function EA.  It offers both trailing stop and break even(BE) or breakeven-plus(BE+) functions.  This EA sets BE/BE+ and Trailing stops for both manually and auto-opened trades. To use only the BE/BE+ function of the EA, type in the number 3, under BlockID in inputs, when initializing the EA. To use only trailing stop, type in 2. Trailing stop  is a more flexible variation of a normal exit order. T railing stop  is the practice of moving the stop-loss level closer to the current p
35 USD
Camarilla levels are a type of technical analysis tool used to identify potential support and resistance levels in the financial markets. The idea behind Camarilla levels is that they can be used to identify key levels of support and resistance that are likely to influence price action in the current trading day. Traders can use these levels to help determine entry and exit points for trades, as well as to set stop-loss orders and profit targets. Inputs: ShowButtons : True will show controlling
50 USD
Reversal Pattern Pro
Boonyapagorn Rodvattanajinda
Reversal Patterns Pro Reversal Patterns Pro is a Price Action (PA) analytical tool that scans the reversal patterns.  - Finds and marks the most dependable Japanese candlestick patterns in real-time. - Supports all time frames (Best for Scalping) - Doesn't repaint making it an exceptional indicator for Expert Advisors. Input parameters : - Support & Resistance Mode ( true or false ) for enabling advanced filtering - Donchian Period - RSI Period - RSI Oversold Level - RSI Overbought Level - 
50 USD
Gold Hedge
Jakub Romanczuk
Mathematical Hedging - Trade like a Bank !    The strategy rule is to create a pending order instead of the Stop Loss with a bigger lot size then the first trade on the level where the Stop Loss might occur.     Below a strictly theoretical example (without taking into consideration the real settings of the EA)   The position is placed according to the trend on D1 chart of an instrument.  If we consider that we have LONG position on GOLD from the price 1488.00 with Take Profit 1500 and
50 USD
Supply and Demand Draw
Jorge Delgado Segura
Just $30 for six months!!!. This will draw Supply & Demand zones just by clicking on a candle. It can also draw the mean threshold of the zone. https://youtu.be/XeO_x7cpx8g As a drawing tool, it is not active all the time after adding it to the chart. Activate by pressing 's' twice on the keyboard within a second. If activated but then decided not to draw, deactivate by pressing 's' once.  Box color depends if candle is above or below current price. Settings/Inputs: Number of candles the
50 USD
Liquidity Pools
Filip Maurice Daelman
5 (1)
Dear Traders, check out my new multi level market liquidity indicator :  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/73098 Many of you have been trading very good with this indicator, thanks for the support and positive feedbacks ! For more information about market liquidity, a manual on how to use this indicator please send me a message. A lot of information can be found on the net. (search liquidity trading/ inner circle trader) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUpDZCbNBRI https://www.youtube.c
50 USD
WCK Trading Scalper Pro
WCK Trading Sp. z o.o.
2 (1)
WCK Trading Scalper Pro The system operates 24 hours a day. The EUR/USD is the above-indicated currency for trading. Broker with low spread and commission, preferably without delay with a good VPS. The proposed broker is ICMarkets https://www.icmarkets.com/en Time range for trade: M15 The default settings are already embedded in the EA with the possibility of modification. The system has the task of maximum capital protection, small drawndown. There is NO MARTINGALE, NO GRID TRADING Contact m
250 USD
STC Indicator
Biswarup Banerjee
STC Indicator  - Boost Your Trading Strategy with Smart Trend Confirmation Description: Enhance your trading strategies and maximize profitability with the STC Indicator for TradingView. Developed by industry experts, the STC Indicator (Schaff Trend Cycle) is a powerful technical analysis tool that combines the best of both trend-following and oscillator indicators to provide reliable buy/sell signals. With its unique algorithm, the STC Indicator effectively identifies trend cycles and confirms
50 USD
Trend Scanner
Vladimir Kalendzhyan
4.43 (7)
By purchasing this indicator, you have the right to receive a free copy of one of   my other indicator's or advisor’s!  (All future updates are included. No limits) . To get it , please contact me by  mql5 message ! The Trend Scanner trend line indicator displays the trend direction and its changes. The indicator works on all currency pairs and  timeframes. The indicator simultaneously displays multiple readings on the price chart: the support and resistance lines of the currency pair, the exist
50 USD
Hedging and Trailing
Che Jeib Che Said
2.5 (2)
HEDGING AND TRAILING https://www.mql5.com/en/users/earobotkk/seller#products This Expert will hedge your trade position automatically. There are 2 buttons on chart for you to enter a trade. Blue button for buy entry and Red button for sell entry. It also can trail stop all hedged positions. It can also open its own trades with auto entry feature. How It Works :   (1) By Clicking Button. When you found a setup, click the button (blue for buy and red for sell). Expert will immediately open a stop
50 USD
GOLDEN RETRACEMENT POWER indicator draws fibonacci levels automatically. Defines the golden entry buy/sell area, support and resistant lines , signals arrows and strength 'Power Bars Level' based on price action . Some indicators also work behind the chart: Stochastic,RSI,MFI,DeMarker and WPR . Fibonacci retracements are a popular form of technical analysis used by traders in order to predict future potential prices in the financial markets. If used correctly, Fibonacci retracements and ratios c
50 USD
Draw by Hand Tool
John Louis Fernando Diamante
5 (1)
This tool provides a freehand drawing method, to treat the chart space as a blackboard and draw by-hand. Drawings can be made to stick to the CHART (moves with chart scroll), or to stick to the WINDOW (does not move with chart scroll). Features: all drawings are individually styled, color, width show/hide each drawing type delete last drawing drawings, on chart and on window, remain through TF changes and terminal re-starts, until the indicator is removed Panel: stylable colors scalable in
50 USD
This is a very useful Oscillator based on ADX Crosses plus Double Keltner Channels Crosses too (evolution from my own indicators/oscillator ACE ADXCrosses and ACE ADXCrossOnChart). Features Colored histogram shows D+/D- crosses on trend (green up/salmon down or without trend (white) based on ADX main (over ADXon level -ie. 24-). Signals (arrows) shows high probability orders (long/short) based on D+/D- crosses. Color line (green/salmon) shows ADX main less ADXon level (ie: ADX main - 24) for tr
50 USD
LMBFWatchlist is an interactive tool for Metatrader 4 that lets you create and manage watch lists directly on your Metatrader charts. ‌Functionality includes: ‌Add an unlimited number of watch lists with names of your choice Add different groups of watchlists for different time frames Add comments for symbols that always appear on the chart when that symbol is selected. Easily identify which symbols have comments against them. See watch lists instantly synchronise across all open charts that hav
50 USD
Introduction News is basic requirement for trading now a days. Due to its biased impact on the market a trader should be proactive to deal such scenarios before they arises. In this news alert indicator you have multi currency option to scan news for different pairs and notify you on Telegram, email, mobile push notification and chart alert. You can turn on/off any of the alert you need. It has two different option one is alerting you X min (user input) before the news and second is alerting yo
50 USD
This Indicator uses Center of Gravity (COG) Indicator to find you the best trades. It is a reversal based Swing Indicator which contains an  Arrows Indicator. That you can buy here from Metatrader Market. And a scanner Indicator. Free Download here: https://abiroid.com/product/abiroid-sway-cog Scanner needs arrows indicator to run. Copy scanner ex4 in same folder as your Arrows Indicator: MQL4/Indicators/Market/ All extra indicators and templates also available in above link. Base Strategy:
50 USD
Wicks UpDown Target Choppy movement up and down on the opening range every day.  Trading breakouts on London session and New York session is recommended. Wicks UpDown Target is specialized in all forex pairs. Guideline Entry Strategy Idea: Step 1 - Breakout Forming (Warning! Trade on London Session and New York Session) Step 2 - Breakout Starting (Take Action on your trading plan) Step 3 - Partial Close your order & set breakeven (no-risk) Step 4 - Target complete Step 5 - Don't trade in
50 USD
FX Indicators Alert
Mounir Cheikh
1 (1)
The FX Indicators Alert is a Scanner Tool that allow you to set up alerts for any Indicator, and display or send notifications to your email box and/or mobile device. It will monitor your rules in the selected TimeFrames and Symbols. The tool can manage the standard indicators and the Custom one (7 buffers for the custom indicators). You can create your alerts by combining different indicators. Please note that this tool is not supported in the strategy tester due to multi Symbols, TimeFrames,
50 USD
Taking as baseline my own Divergence Indicators, here is coming up a new Expert Advisor taking advantage of its power to open positions detecting micro/macro trend changes. It is     recommended  to use 1:500 or above to mitigate typical margin default risks. Works in any timeframe and it has been just tested in FX so for another assets pay attention on Max spread and Lot limits. Remind it uses a typical Martingale Grid so to mitigate risks drive your own Backtesting or buy it and ask me for som
50 USD
Evgeniy Zhdan
3.67 (6)
Incentive is a scalper robot. The strategy is based on breakout/rebound from consolidation prices. The Expert Advisor does not trade often. It is recommended to use 5-digit quotes, a 5-minute timeframe and low-spread trading instruments. Metals are not suitable for trading, because the strategy cannot determine their price consolidation. Originally, the EA was developed for the following trading instruments:  EURUSD 5m and GBPUSD 5m. It is recommended to select the above pairs. The EA sets stop
1 390 USD
Simple panel EA plus
Fedor Arkhipov
4.76 (17)
This is a panel EA for one-click trading. Demo version   |   User manual    |  Contact me for any questions  / ideas for improvement / in case of a bug found If you purchase panel and leave five stars feedback then you get MT5 version of panel for one account for free. Please contact to me for it! List of main functions Risk management Calculate the lot size by X dollars(currency of deposit) and stop loss. Calculate the lot size by percent of equity and stop loss. Calculate lot size by
50 USD
Personal Chart MT4
Tais Miranda Hoffmann
5 (11)
If you can not create a background image for yourself (photo size and format must be changed), let me know. I make your photo for free. Otherwise, you can read the help file . A tool for chart management You can change the background image You can change the background color Change the color of the candles Volume colors, line charts and everything else You can also enable and disable some items Read the help file for more information Settings: Save Changes After Remove Tool Back Ground

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