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ST Chart Synchronization MT4

This utility ensures a real-time synchronization of multiple charts. Any event of a graphical object creation/modification/deletion, chart scrolling and zooming is copied from the current source chart to one or more receiving charts.


Synchronize with - select the receivers:

  • Same symbol - all charts with the same symbol;
  • Same symbol - all charts with the same period;
  • Both - all charts with the same symbol and period;
  • Next - next chart in the list;
  • Previous - previous chart in the list.

Make exact copy at start - makes full synchronization once at startup: removes all previously existing graphical objects on receivers, and then copies all graphical objects and visual settings of the source into receivers.

Note: Each chart has a small gray triangle along the bottom border, the so-called "center" of the chart. The utility performs scrolling the way that synchronized charts always have the same time in their "centers".

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Version 1.1 - 2015.08.11
Fixed ArrayOutOfRange