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  • Set hidden TakeProfit, StopLoss and pending orders at lines placed on the chart
  • Work on time on the news
  • Backtesting manual strategies in the tester
  • Placing virtual orders
  • Playing a sound signal when the price reaches a level
  • Automatic closing of all positions on the account or symbol by the total take profit in the deposit currency


Can be dragged to any part of the chart using the mouse

Useful for pipsing and scalping. It recommended for use with the "VisualInfoMove" indicator for comfortable trading

Great functionality, invisible stops and pending orders, the broker can not see them and can not artificially trigger them using pins or spread expansion

It is possible to open position and place order by time - convenient in case at some point the user is not near the computer, or if it necessary to quickly place a couple of orders at the last moment before the news - done with one click

It is possible to delete an order or close a position by time

It is possible to place a grid of up to 20 orders with different lot sizes at the specified step

Modification of the TrailingStop, Breakeven values happens on the chart - there is no need to open the program settings window

Closing positions by the total positive profit of the account or symbol, the value must be greater than "0"

The panel has been developed for the real trading conditions with handling of all errors

See the details in the video


Enter values for 4 digits

_1__________________ = = = TakeProfit";

  • Default TakeProfit - in points
  • Press default button TakeProfit (Tp) - press the TakeProfit (Tp) button when sending an order

_2__________________ = = = StopLoss";

  • Default StopLoss - in points
  • Press default button StopLoss (Sl) - press the StopLoss (Sl) button when sending an order

_3__________________ = = = Breakeven";

  • Default Breakeven - the breakeven activation level
  • Default Breakeven Step - distance from breakeven
  • Press default button Breakeven (Br) - press the Breakeven (Br) button when sending an order

_4__________________ = = = TralingStop";

  • Default Traling Stop - TrailingStop activation level
  • Default Traling Step - step for TrailingStop modification
  • Press default button TralingStop (Tr) - press the TrailingStop (Tr) button when sending an order

_5__________________ = = = Stop/Limit_Order";

  • Default distance StopOrder - distance from the current price for stop orders
  • Default distance LimitOrder - distance from the current price for limit orders

_6__________________= "= = = Alert";

  • Distance Alert lines - distance from the current price to set a line

_10________________ = "= = = = = = Indications calculations lines TakeProfit, StopLoss, TralingStop = =";

  • Font Size - fint size to show profit/loss on lines

_11_________________= "= = = Basic Settings";

  • Magic: Hand ("0"), All ("-1") or (other) - the EA will manage: Manual trades "0", All "-1" or enter he required magic number
  • Comments - comments to orders and positions
  • Slippage ("0" - Not used) - slippage (deviation from the current price). If "0" - open in any case
  • Enable Sound - enable/disable sound alerts


Before using the program on a real account, test its capabilities on a demo account. 

Diego Reynoso
Diego Reynoso 2019.09.10 18:38 

I bought it but it´s not good. It´s a mess. You cant see anything if you have multiple orders. You can drag the rectangle with the info but when you switch between Timeframes, again it´s all over the current candle, one over the other. It´s impossible to see the rectangles with the information neither the current candle. Easy trade? haha dont bother. Very bad product! Dont recommend it.

wallfower 2019.09.07 01:44 


Alexandre Beanard
Alexandre Beanard 2019.07.18 13:39 

A little bit messy , the button is too small and not configurable in size , when asking for support the reply is : "it works " , so no it does not works properly and i will not change my screen resolution for an EA .Tried on several computers and still the same problem .

Also when you have a lot of orders ( kind of grid ) the buttons became too close and once again too messy ... the idea is good , and i will rate higher if it works properly and with configurable size of the button

It may works for someone who have only 1 or 2 orders to open , and accepting that 50% of the features doesnt works properly .

Update after 1 week : it just too messy , so i lost 35 usd thats it .

asaens15 2019.05.23 18:09 

I like EasyTrade but I would like it more if it cleaned up after itself on the screen better (leaves old transactions on chart screens) and if I could configure it the way I need for it to work instead of majority of other users.

Hisayoshi Muramatsu
Hisayoshi Muramatsu 2018.10.24 12:37 

nice tool !

happiness2018 2017.10.31 11:11 

it's good product, really make it easier to open position.

just if possible, could we have default to show on/off the open position button ? it will be messy if too many open position..

Raja 2017.10.24 22:13 

Easy to use and very handy tool. Give exact profit /loss while placing the order. I am using from past few days and extremely happy. The updated version doesn't have any issue with lot size. Author is very cooperative and was explaining the functionality in details , when contacted.

A five start product with lot of cooperation from author side.

Update after using one year (17/Nov/2018) !!!

I have used this product from last one year and very happy user .. Very useful product!!

tallestron 2016.10.16 22:21 

Handy app with a lot of features. I mainly use it for opening potions and setting stops/limits with instant predetermined SL, TP and Break even. Saves a lot of time and keeps your SL and TP secret from your broker in case they're shady.

Would be five star with a couple fixes I mentioned in the comments.

Demoted to 3 star because author does not respond and apparently will net fix the issues like changing the lot size which is a huge issue.

Version 20.23 2019.08.06
Переделан безубыток с учётом комиссии
Version 20.22 2019.08.06
Переделан безубыток с учётом комиссии
Version 20.19 2019.01.11
Исправлено съезжание панели при свёрнутом графике
Version 20.17 2018.11.23
Изменено размещение меню
Добавлено максимальное количество виртуальных ордеров до 40 шт.
Version 20.15 2017.11.01
Fixed lot input.
Version 20.12 2017.10.06
Fixed lot calculation when working by time.
Version 20.7 2017.08.10
Changed the lot selection when placing virtual orders. The lot can now be changed without deleting the order.
Improved control when dragging pending orders.
Version 19.7 2016.07.22
Fixed the lot size calculation. Fixed deletion of objects.