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Important: for the correct font in the Menu, please download and install the "Agency FB" font!

PROscalper is a perfect tool for traders who use the scalping strategy!

It gives you the visual view of the main Stoploss, Takeprofits and current/last pips on the chart and also in the integrated menu.

So with this overview you have the high quality indicator for scalping!

You can use PROscalper on any timeframes and on any pairs, but lower timeframes are recommended.

To improve results, you can combine PROscalper with a Trendindicator (TrendfollowerSR) to get a dual confirmation for the entries.

Why combine with TrendFollowerSR?

  • Two different types of a trendline
  • Integrated Oscillators
  • Integrated SL and TP for the trend
  • Overview about other timeframes using the menu
  • Overview about the pips on the trend
  • Very easy to use and to understand

Why use PROscalper?

  • Overall view using the menu
  • Visual view of the Stoploss and Takeprofits on the chart
  • Very easy to use
  • Suitable to professional traders and also for beginners
  • Increase Profit using just a trendindicator
  • No repaint & no backpaint

PROscalper inputs

  • Filter A - First filter to adjust the signals
  • Filter B - Second filter to adjust the signals
  • Digits Broker - your digits of the price in the chart


  • Draw Vertcal Lines - Draw vertical Entry lines
  • Line Style - Style of the vertical Entry lines
  • Buy-Line - Color of the vertical Buy line
  • Sell-Line - Color of the vertical Sell line
  • Draw Arrows - Draw the signal arrows on/off
  • Buy-Arrow - Color of the Buy arrow
  • Sell-Arrow - Color of the Sell arrow
  • MT4 Alert - Alarm notification on your Metatrader 4 platform
  • EMail Alert - Alarm notification on your EMail account
  • Mobile Alert - Alarm notification on your mobile device

SL & TP:

  • Risk type - Higher risk -> the TP and SL are further away from the entry
  • Stop Loss Color - Color for the Stop Loss line
  • Take Profit 1 Color - Color of the first Take Profit line
  • Take Profit 2 Color - Color of the second Take Profit line
  • Take Profit 3 Color - Color of the third Take Profit line
  • Draw Background - Draw the Stop Loss and Take Profit Zones on/off
  • Stop Loss Background Color - Color for the background of the Stop Loss Zone
  • Take Profit Background Color - Color for the background of the Take Profit Zone


  • Show Menu - Show the Menu on/off
  • Coord. X - X coordinate for the menu (horizontal)
  • Coord. Y - Y coordinate for the menu (vertical)
  • Menu Background color - the color of menu
  • Menu Label color - the color of the font
  • Menu in Background - if yes, then you see other objects through the menu
  • Statuscolor BUY - the color of the menu status line for BUY (at the bottom)
  • Statuscolor SELL - the color of the menu status line for SELL (at the bottom)
kalinkus 2019.01.05 12:21 

very good results

max.pleasu 2018.12.30 10:34 

ich bin zwar neu hier deshalb kann ich nicht all zu viel darüber sagen,

aber bis jetzt macht der Indikator was er soll und das zuverlässig.

Bis jetzt sehr zufrieden

trader7771122 2018.12.29 10:37 

Very good product!

Super support!

Dmitriy Karev
Dmitriy Karev 2017.12.05 09:23 

Ребята я это индикатор купил 2005 году )) И только сейчас я вспомнил про его существование ... Буду работать ))

Jaric Terios
Jaric Terios 2017.03.05 17:14 

Best developer i've ever seen. His indicators are really awesome! Great work Paul, keep it up!


Still very good!

thungjing 2017.03.05 17:13 

Indeed a very good indicator.

Author is very kindly and helps in adjusting.

You can even look back in the history to see how many pips have already been made with the settings.

And you can also test your own settings on different time frames and take the best one.

It is also very easy, just follow the SL and TP lines and get profit.

I use it every day for scalping and is definitely profitable.

Good work.

daily_trader 2017.03.05 17:12 

Много скальреров здесь тестировал, думаю етот самый лучшый в маркете. Огромное спасибо автору!

CGT 2016.06.09 10:34 

One of the worst indicators that I bought

mexxlabel 2016.03.05 09:43 

a giant indi in combination with TrendfollowersSR

RedBull 2015.08.18 21:06 

Very good

Xiaolei Liu
Xiaolei Liu 2015.08.03 04:44 

I bought this indicator, but I feel bad, can I have a refund?

fractal freak X
fractal freak X 2015.07.13 12:00 

Excellent indicator!!! Paul is one of the very best! Well done!!

Version 1.60 2019.01.09
- Changed the Menu-Background
- Added Mobile Alert for SL and TP
Version 1.50 2015.12.10
Improved the code, made small changes in the Algorithm.
Version 1.40 2015.08.17
- Improved the pips calculation and the history
Version 1.30 2015.08.13
- Improved pips calculation
Version 1.20 2015.08.12
- Minor fixes
- Added a button to look back in the history. To see how many pips made with the settings.
Version 1.10 2015.07.09
Fast update on request:
- added Alert function for the Stop Loss and Take Profit