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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 92

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Expert Technical Description and Requirments: Type of File: Expert Advisor, 100% Automated Trading System (file ex4); Used Platform: Metatrader 4 ; Chart Timeframe:  M15; Pairs for trading:  GBPUSD; Minimal Initial Deposit: From 100$(micro account); Tick History provided by :  Metaquotes Demo; Recommended Laverage : 1:100, 1:200,1:500,1:1000; EA has Stoploss, Takeprofit and Martingail options , but  by default - these functions are DISABLED; EA exits from trades by REVERSE signal and Ma
250 USD
Coral RSI Dashboard
D Armond Lee Speers
Coral RSI Dashboard  allows you to monitor RSI values for a list of symbols, and receive alerts when price reaches an RSI level.  It supports 4 RSI columns, and you can set the period, timeframe and HIGH/LOW levels for each independently.  Optionally display the ADR Range for each symbol, as well as distance towards the most recent Peak Formation High or Low. The RSI Dashboard  shares common features with other CoralDash products: Exposure rules show you what your current exposure on open trade
50 USD
Fatme Othman Goehringer
2 copies left at $100                                                                                     Next price - - > $150                                                              **Leave a 5-star review and get a second EA for free**   Introduction: Are you tired of losing you money with curve fitted experts or so called holy grails which promise thousands of dollars every day? Did you spent hours o
100 USD
Coral Rate of Change Dashboard  displays "rate of change" calculations across multiple symbols and timeframes simultaneously.  See at a glance which pairs are moving, and how quickly.  Receive alerts when any symbol + timeframe is experiencing very strong movement.  You can display data for currency pairs, or for individual currencies (takes the average for each currency across all available pairs). See the CoralDash product description for the core functionality of the dashboard (symbol exposu
30 USD
The beginning of the end     - it is a Secure Automated Software for trade Forex market and indices. The system operates market breaks, with correction and trend-following algorithms, the algorithms optimize the risk-benefit ratio, to minimize the risks of margin call. The two algorithms work independently but coordinated to get out in profit The system uses multiple lot depending on the algorithm, the initial lot is double the one marked as the minimum lot and is used as a reference in the
30 USD
A visualization system for favorite candlesticks price action patterns. Once attached, indicator will automatically mark next patterns on the chart: Pinocchio bar - a small-body bar with a long 'nose', very well-known reverse pattern; Inside bar - a bar whose range lies inside the range of the previous bar. It represents market incertitude; Outside bar - a bar whose range exceeds the range of the previous bar. It represents market incertitude; Rails pattern - two consequent opposite bars with al
30 USD
Zivke Swing EA
Milan Zivanovic
Zivke Swing EA   is a tool that can automate trading of Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and CryptoCurrencies on the MT4 platform. Zivke Swing EA   has a proven profitable strategy with   Risk Reward 1 : 2-5 . - Risk Management  :  The risk of loss is more controlled. A lot of EA’s for sale don’t pay attention to the risks in trading, and that’s very unreasonable and unrealistic! - Made with the concept of AI, (artificial intelligence).   Without using Averaging, Martingale, Hedging Strat
199 USD
TMoney OrderblockDay
Moises Orlando Urbina Sojo
The indicator is triggered at the start of each trading day and detects both bullish and bearish ORDERBLOCK potentials. These levels are of high operational probability, being able to use a minimum ratio of 3 to 1 to maximize profits. It is recommended to use TimeFrame M5 to M30 for a proper display and consider pending orders at the OB levels of the chart and place the SL up to a maximum of 20 pips from the entry price. Submit the indicator to Backtesting to become familiar with its performa
50 USD
TMoney OrderBLockWeek
Moises Orlando Urbina Sojo
The indicator is activated at the beginning of each week and detects both bullish and bearish ORDERBLOCK potentials. These levels are of high operational probability, being able to use a minimum ratio of 3 to 1 to maximize profits. It is recommended to use pending orders at the OB levels of the chart and place the SL up to a maximum of 20 pips from the entry price. Submit the indicator to Backtesting to become familiar with its performance and complement it with other trend or oscillation typ
50 USD
Pips Factory Expert Advisor
Juan Manuel Mendez Rodriguez
550 USD
Long Term Growth
Mr Tanakorn Suwannawat
LIVE SIGNAL https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1383113 BACKTEST in Details https://c.mql5.com/31/698/Backtest.zip Features - Backtest on Best Quality of Data ( 99.9% with Variable Spread )   - Open 2 Orders at the same time with the same strategy. 1st order runs as TP and SL from EA, 2nd order has Trailing Stop Functions. - This EA Open Orders is based on the H1 timeframe. Trade on 4 Pairs USDJPY, EURUSD, NZDUSD, AUDUSD. - Easy to Setup ( Using Default Input Variable ). - You can start to run
199 USD
RBM ea 3
Samandar Huseynov
70% discount is valid for 30 days RBM 3 is a robot for the Forex market. The author of the strategy and algorithm belongs to the professional trader and programmer AQSHİN POLADLİ with more than 14 years of experience in the Forex market. The robot analyzes the market using a unique proprietary indicator, the robot has many algorithms for all situations in the Forex market. The robot's algorithm is secret, so I can't write a lot of information. You don't need to change anything in the robot's se
200 USD
Eurusd Short EA 01
Vahid Aliakbari Soumeeh
please see the screenshot and download the demo eurusd  M1  sell - maxımum DD 1٪  - Winning Percent : 91٪ - Trade Size 1 lot per 10k deposit or 0.1 per 1k deposit this robot does not use martingale and it produces profit through steady winning with static trade size SL 12 pip TP 8 pip please see the screenshot and download the demo the report is for three month backtest.
500 USD
Control Positions - это советник для полуавтоматической торговли. Советник не открывает самостоятельно позиции, это должен сделать пользователь, но все позиции советник будет сопровождать, вплоть до полного их закрытия. Поддерживает работу с двумя магическими ордерами, для сопровождения позиций открытых другими советниками. Имеет удобную торговую панель и панели со статистикой торговли. Одной из фишек советника является, то, что он может отправлять в Телеграм-канал (открытый или приватный), сооб
30 USD
Since I am banned until 2032 because of Politics, it is impossible for me to answer you or give you support. Little Bastard EA, works according to a reversal strategy and tries to determine an average price through multiple openings in order to close all positions in profit. The EA is easy to optimize and adjust so that it can be adjusted to all instruments. The EA can trade all time frames and all instruments. All positions have a TP and SL so that the risk can be reduced to a minimu
30 USD
Chicken Run
Tuan Nguyen Van
CHICKEN RUN  is the advanced grid system which already works on real accounts for years.  It uses real market mechanics to its advantage to make profit. This EA is NOT sensitive to spread, slippage or any other broker related variables. Minimum balance $500-$1000 Leverage 1:500-1:2000 The EA is optimized for all pairs . Set EA for each pair Recommended : XAUUSD ( GOLD), EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY, GBPJPY Check out the live results here: 1.CHICKEN RUN https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1379018 2. CHI
1 500 USD
Chicken EA
Tuan Nguyen Van
Chicken EA: Multi-currency EA. It has high accuracy, 90% of all orders are profitable. This EA is NOT sensitive to spread, slippage or any other broker related variables. Minimum balance: $500-$1000 Leverage :1:500-1:2000 Controls 9 pairs simultaneousl  EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, EURJPY, GBPJPY, USDCAD, USDJPY, USDCHF Solid backtest and live performance 1. CHICKEN EA https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1379016 2. CHICKEN RUN EA https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1379018 Setting: One Chart Set
1 200 USD
Eduard Bayer
FlipperEA is a fully automatic Expert Advisor that allows you to trade on any instrument Key features of FlipperEA: Grid Automatic opening with lock Exiting the castle without the participation of a trader Setting StopLoss for both 1 order and the entire grid of orders TralingStop for a locking order When using indicator signals: The function of closing all orders at the opposite signal
60 USD
RSI Trend Line is a simple indicator that draws trend lines. Parameters: Level Step - the step between the highs and lows. Period_RSI - standard parameter of the RSI indicator. Upper Line Color - sets the color of the trend lines for UP. LowerLine Color - sets the color of the trend lines for Down.    Alerts - the parameter is responsible for On/Off notifications when trend lines intersect with RSI. By default, it is On.
30 USD
Tress EA
Andrii Miknevich
For MT5 https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/77448 Signal: https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/1379027?source=Unknown The system uses the main patterns of the Forex market in trading - the return of the price after a sharp movement in any direction. Timeframe: M15 Base currency pairs: AUDNZD, NZDCAD, AUDCAD. EA TESTING: Take advantage of the multi-currency mode of the MT5 tester to test the EA on all recommended pairs at the same time. "only open prices" can be used for quick testing, s
299 USD
TropangFX v1
Jordanilo Sarili
PROMO: SPEND MORE TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY. ENJOY LIFE… DO NOTHING. We would like to share our coding skills to fellow traders and most especially to people from all walks of life to have the opportunity to trade or invest using auto-trading way to provide other source of income while letting the robot and your money works for you.  Recommendations: Timeframe:   H1 (Any Timeframe) Supported currency pairs:   EURUSD , EURCHF,   USDCAD, AUDCAD, EURAUD and many more... MT5 Version :   Here! Liv
499 USD
This is a multi-currency converter script that can convert the currency of the account history to another currency and output it. Since it supports multiple currencies, it is possible to exchange USD, EUR mutual conversion, JPY, GBP, AUD, or other minor currencies. Currency Exchanger can be converted to other currencies immediately by executing it once, so anyone can easily exchange currency. Let Currency Exchanger do the tedious work! The exchange result from the account history can be output a
88 USD
Trade Bollinger Bands combining Trend, RSI, MACD 1. Trend trading combining the Bollinger and MACD bands is done in the following sequence: - Use MACD to identify trends - Determine the potential entry point by re-checking the MA 20 of the price to see if it is in line with the trend. 2. Trade Trends with Bollinger Bands - The mid-line of bollinger bands is simply a moving average of 20 SMA20 periods, known as the Bollinger Bands' average line. - The bottom line is, when the market is in a
30 USD
The adviser picks up all positions on any currency pair and in any direction of the transaction, on any time frame: the opening of the transaction is done manually, the adviser is installed separately on any chart window. Closes 5 goals automatically configured by you, call points and volume. You can also set a stop loss, and at what target it will shift to the value you have chosen. There is still a "breakeven" in the setup, which allows you to shift the stop loss by the volume of points you ha
50 USD
VERTICAL LINES draws up to 5 vertical time lines with live alerts at your specified times each day throughout the History, and gives the average price movement / expected volatility for ANY  custom-defined period starting at each Vertical Line for the ideal TP. 1. Visually check the historical chart easily at specific times of day (= 5 coloured time lines per day with custom names) 2. Get the average price movement / volatility of ANY   time period starting at each vertical line, so you know in
49 USD
乾坤战神 稳定EA趋势EA 简介 这是自主开发的纯趋势EA,具有如下特点. (1).开平仓都是依靠K线形态判断,不使用任何指标. (2).纯趋势EA,一次一单不加仓,没有任何马丁成分. (3).单单都有止盈止损,且平仓一般都不触及止损止盈,靠K线形态判断出场. (4).同时交易多个货币对,可以极大的分散风险. (5).包含全天策略(全天交易) 和早盘策略(仅凌晨至上午开仓) (6).交易单数多,平均每天20单左右,而且不抗单,浮亏小. (7).持仓时间一般1个小时至几个小时,对延迟没有要求 (8).可以提供近5年回测报告,可以自主设置每个货币对的交易量,有资金管理功能 (9).仅仅加载一个货币窗口,即可同时交易多个货币对,使用上非常方便
680 USD
This tool is for helping manual traders to automatically add TP, SL, and Trailing to opened orders. You can use One-Click-Trading button to add your orders and leave this tool to help you set Take Profit, Stop Loss, and Auto Trailing. Just open and leave orders to it. Method of Installation Drop the EA to a chart of any currency pair at any time frame. All open orders in the same MT4 terminal will be managed. Caution This tool is for manual trading account. If you have other EA running in th
35 USD
Yury Emeliyanov
Only two indicators provide the Expert Advisor with a VERY high profit. Look at the test results over the past 3 years. Default testing parameters Initial balance = 100 $ Net profit = 1,740,913 $ Profitable trades = 81% Drawdown = 4% The main advantage of the Expert Advisor is the percentage of profitable trades, which is 81% in testing over the past 5 years. The EA is primarily designed for the EUR/JPY M30 pair. The EA uses several indicators, the main one of which is the "Donchian Channel"
79 USD
Analyst STD
Tatiana Savkevych
A smart, next-generation Analyst STD robot. Taking into account all imaginable pitfalls when testing and working in real mode. The bot can be optimized by opening prices, and work on all ticks without problems. The bot has two versions, it can successfully work both on mt4 and mt5, both on netting and hedging accounts. For those who bought one of the versions of the bot, the second one will be half price. The EA handles errors correctly and works reliably on the market. The EA uses the followin
127 USD
In order to understand the work of a bot Steadily forward , first of all, you need to understand what parameters it has. Therefore, I believe that a detailed description of the parameters will be the best description of the bot. Since it will give the user an understanding of what he is dealing with and will allow him to decide, this bot is suitable for his trading style and will allow his broker to work with the help of this bot. Be sure to set Fake Robot On = false Basic parameters, a number
599 USD
Man Exclusive
Tatiana Savkevych
The   Man Exclusivet  Expert Advisor can be run on any timeframe, on any currency pair, and on any broker's server. Unique trading system! The expert system works with ticks using sharp tick movements. For the internal algorithm, the elementary unit of analysis is a tick. It is recommended to work on liquid Forex pairs with a low spread and use VPS. You can start using it with $ 100 and 0.01 lot. It is also worth noting that with an acceptable spread level, the bot goes through any historical p
399 USD
The Qv² Halifax - Indicator developed through a complex series of calculations, which aims to easily identify buylng and selling signals. Buy signal are indicated by up arrows. Sell signal are indicated by down arrows. An important detail: In order to make the indicator work, the timeframes M1, M5. M15. M30, H1 D1 must be all updated. It can be used on all pairs (I use it on Gold). it is a very good deal in the trending market To learn more about my work click here
30 USD
UF-AI智能交易系统2018年5月已取得软著申请,2019年正式面向市场,7套EA策略+人工风控,让交易更安全,更简单。 太极战法:原理是行情一定是有涨有跌的,不可能直上或直下,总会有回撤,那么只要合理的做好仓位管理和资金管理,能抵御行情最大的单边波幅,那么结果一定是盈利的,就像太极图一样,阴阳交替,盛极而衰,否极泰来,故太极战法。 太极策略EA是   自2018年初开始历经两年多时间经过不断完善升级的几款优质的交易系统,目前是升级到第4代版本,策略初衷就是长期稳定盈利的同时,把风控放在第一位 。 任何时候,资金安全是第一要素,选对平台本金和收益才有保障,太极策略EA目前支持的最少1000美金就可跟单, 太极策略EA目前已经具备稳定持续的盈利能力,   实盘过往月化收益率平均15%以上 ,欢迎智慧的汇友考察合作。
680 USD
Ivan Simonika
This development is a scalping system. It is enough to optimize   EngoPass  once, for example, in a month. After that, he shows excellent results on the forward period (several times larger), which can be seen in the screenshots. It is ideal to use a broker with a floating spread of 6 pips. Such brokers are on the market. In those moments when the spread will be lower than the one set during optimization (for example, you will set 10-14 pips), then when a signal appears at this moment, you ca
799 USD
战神归来趋势策略,是金融投机领域百年来最经久不衰的交易策略之一。程序式的加仓减仓,事先可精确测算的回撤和利润,无关进场和出场,大部分行情下横扫千军,好不惬意! 策略自带止损止盈,既可以盈利又可以刷单,不惧非农,不怕单边,面对大的行情也可以稳定盈利,盈利能力很是惊人,拥有这款EA无疑就是一款真正的取款机了,今天分享出来给大家,有兴趣的小伙伴可以自己下载测试,也希望跟大家探讨更多的交易技巧! 加载说明: 建议操作资金是1500-2000跑0.01手,月收益在30%-50%左右,月刷单手数20-30手左右。 建议使用ECN账户,标准账户可以跑只是盈利效果跟ECN有差距,单子出来的效果没有ECN的快。 加载周期:1小时 手数开关:默认为0.01手,请不要修改! 加载货币的时要把每个货币的魔术码改成不一样的
680 USD
Ilan Universal   is an automatic advisor (trading robot) used for trading in all financial markets. It is in demand among beginners and experienced traders due to such advantages as the exact execution of the trading rules of the chosen strategy, the reduction in the number of subjective errors, and the release of the user's time.  The recommended deposit is $10,000. The great value of this algorithm is the possibility of optimizing by opening prices and correctness after such optimization of w
249 USD
This is an implementation of the well known Heikin Ashi indicator ( also available for MetaTrader 5 ), but with added features: it allows for its values to be weighted by the volume (tick volume, real volume, or pseudo volume based on true range) shows levels of maximum excursion (which can be used for stops) The major benefit of using this volume weighted implementation is to reduce the number of false reversals during low-volume periods. It also helps to slow down the trailing of the highs a
30 USD
MT5 Version Fibonacci Bollinger Bands MT4 Fibonacci Bollinger Bands is a highly customizable indicator that shows areas of support and resistance. This indicator combines the logic for the Bollinger Bands with the Fibonacci level. Fibonacci Bollinger Bands is the   first   indicator in the market that allows the user to 100% customize up to 12 Fibonacci levels, the Moving Average type and the price data source to use for the calculations. This flexibility makes the Fibonacci Bollinger Bands easi
130 USD
Morwa Directional Bias
Michael Mafate Mogajane
This indicator helps to trade in the right direction of the market, by knowing the bias on the market.  If you are a swing trader this is the best indicator for you. Once the arrow pops up you aLready found your bias and you can sometime wait for reversals then continue with the trend/bias. Indicator is based on moving averages and showing daily bias of the market. You can check the video attached.  
500 USD
Индикатор закрашивает бары по цвету, выбор цвета ведется из расчета торгового объема валютного инструмента. вертикальную линию есть возможность перемещать для изучения на исторических данных горизонтальные линии отвечают за максимальный и минимальный бар  зеленый большой объем красный маленький объем настройки: выбор ширины окраски бара выбор количество баров для расчета Есть возможность доработать индивидуально: вывод звуковых сигналов вывод сообщения в телеграмм комбинировать с другим индика
30 USD
Color Levels  - удобный инструмент для тех, кто использует технический анализ с использованием таких инструментов, как Трендовая линия и Прямоугольник. Имеется возможность настройки двух пустых прямоугольников, трех закрашенных и двух трендовых линий. Настройки индикатора крайне просты и делятся на пронумерованные блоки: С цифрами 1 и 2 вначале - настройки пустых прямоугольников (рамок); С цифрами 3, 4 и 5 - настройки закрашенных прямоугольников; С цифрами 6 и 7 - настройки трендовых линий. Объе
30 USD
MA Ribbon MT4
Diego Arribas Lopez
MT5 Version MA Ribbon MT4 MA Ribbon is an enhanced indicator with 8 moving averages of increasing periods. MA Ribbon is useful to recognize trend direction,  reversals   and continuation points in the market as well as potential entry, partial take profit and exit points. Entry points for long and shorts position can be found when the price entries or leaves the Ribbon, at retest or a defined number of MA crossovers. Limited time offer! 40% Discount. Offer ends   May 31st (Initial price 130 USD
78 USD
The Market Profile is a unique charting tool that enables traders to observe the two-way auction process that drives all market movement—the ebb and flow of price over time — in a way that reveals patterns in herd behavior.  Put another way, the Profile is simply a constantly developing graphic that records and organizes auction data   The most important feature is the Value Area, representing the range of prices that contain 70% of a day’s trading activity. This 70% represents one standard devi
150 USD
News Panel   is a tool that automatically updates every economic news in real time with detailed information. An alert will be sent to your mobile/email before an upcoming news release. Moreover. In Forex trading, news is one of the important factors that move the market. Sticking with news information will help you to have better trading decisions, or even trading right at the news if you are a news trader. With this tool, a whole press center is loaded into your MT4 now. Note: You must add dat
79 USD
Master 5 Scalper
Destian Tri Handoko
Hi traders, especially scalpers this time I introduce a special indicator for scalpers on a 5 minute time frame This indicator is expected to be helpful for beginners who are confused about looking for a scalper indicator that is easy to understand ok go ahead This indicator only runs on a 5 minute time frame This indicator is also able to provide notifications to traders via mobile by entering MQID on your trading platform This indicator uses the modified stochastic oscillator method in
30 USD
Wick Fill Reversal Screener
Javier Morales Fernandez
Wick Fill Reversal Concept The market tend to have rejection at support and resistance levels. At these levels, the market tend to create candles with huge wicks rejections that at one point are filled if the market resume in a the direction of the rejection. Also, This indicator gives the parameter of minimum and maximum candle to consider a reversal wicks which end up giving opportunity that happened in the past, and sometime is not at support resistance level. Screener offer an overall view
75 USD
Intelligent Tiger MT4
Mr Yotsathron Sittipanya
Intelligent Tiger MT4  is   a fully automated expert advisor.  By using Bollinger band, Moving Average, stochastic patterns in trading. EA can increase profits according to the balance lot. Can adjust the risk. This EA can be very profitable. But the risk is also high, the balance lot should be adjusted according to the size of your account. Feature - no martingale. - Traded by Bollinger band, Moving Average, stochastic patterns. - Very profitable during the sideways. - Make big profits in set
30 USD
Níveis de suporte ou resistência formados quando a ação do preço de um mercado reverte e muda de direção, deixando para trás um pico ou vale (ponto de oscilação) no mercado. Os níveis de suporte e resistência podem criar faixas de negociação. O indicador identifica High e Low com base no Período. Características principais Um conceito chave da análise técnica é que quando um nível de resistência ou suporte é quebrado, seu papel é invertido. Se o preço cair abaixo de um nível de suporte, esse
37.70 USD
Time trader v1
Kevin Gundo Sibiya
check the video for settings  The  EA place pending orders every 1 hour and the pending orders last for 60 minutes  you can change the distance on the offset input  , price is based on pips  make sure you optimize the pair you want to place the ea in for better profit  Read F.A.Q and recommendations Info: Working all symbol  Working in all Timeframes Min deposit:  $100 Min leverage 1:20  Features: No martingale No Grid No averaging No  dangerous methods of money management are used Hard st
60 USD
This indicator helps you to build position and profit when market turns in your favor. You will build your full position by trading many small position. Once blue arrow appear on the chart, you could add long position. Once red arrow appear on the chart, you could add short position. I personally spread my full size position in to 5-10 small position. I use small target of 2-5 pips on eurusd pair.
30 USD
торговая система с риском 1% чем больше денег на счете тем больше лот но риск 1% Начальный депозит 50.00 Спред 10 Чистая прибыль 6.71 Общая прибыль 51.97 Общий убыток -45.26 Прибыльность 1.15 Матожидание выигрыша 0.02 Абсолютная просадка 26.79 Максимальная просадка 29.21 (55.47%) Относительная просадка 55.47% (29.21) Всего сделок 427 Короткие позиции (% выигравших) 219 (72.60%) Длинные позиции (% выигравших) 208 (72.12%) Прибыльные сделки (% от всех) 309 (72.37%) Убыточные сделки (%
100 USD
Просдка и прибыль зависят от  Greed_Size = от 1 до 1000 1%  = самый безопасный, будет раньше выходить из позииции  при 100% = расчет лота будет максимальный  при 200% = максимальный удвоеный, выход из позиции также будет передерживать Символ XAUUSD (Gold (Spot)) Период 1 Минута (M1) 2022.01.10 01:05 - 2022.01.21 23:54 (2022.01.08 - 2022.01.24) Баров в истории 9896 Смоделировано тиков 629527 Качество моделирования 25.00% Ошибки рассогласования графиков 0 Начальный депозит 10000.00 Спред 1
1 000 USD
Factor EA
Vitalii Zakharuk
Factor EA   is a fully automated scalping strategy expert advisor that runs on the M1 timeframe. Advisor settings are based on a safe trading strategy, the essence of which is to close the transaction, upon reaching a positive dynamism of profitability of several points, which allows the user to reduce the cost of opening losing trades. The EA is multifunctional and does not require a certain type of account for normal functioning. The EA’s mechanism of work is arranged so that before opening a
499 USD
Optopus GBPJPY
Nuttapol Chantrasmi
"Optopus GBPJPY is a great choice for hands-off investors who plan to do a long-term investment in GBPJPY" #Non-Martingale #Always SL #Robust #Adaptive #Fully Automated #AI #GBPJPY We are a team of experienced traders, software developers and data scientists. Optopus GBPJPY is a non-martingale expert adviser generated from our AI-driven pipeline which learns diversified trading strategies from 10-years historical data of the GBPJPY market. Optopus GBPJPY project aims to provide a robust
499 USD
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
This expert advisor optimized especially for XAU USD or GOLD. You can also use it other currencies and insturments. Optimized parameters for M5 time frame in XAU USD, ecn broker, low spread and low commission. Other successful results can be found M15 , H1 and H4 timframes with different settings.  I will add other timeframe settings later.  * Before the strategy test, ensure that the data in your platform's history is reliable.
299 USD
PV Harmonics
Pierce Vallieres
PV Harmonics - Paints harmonic triangles and patterns on live charts to show current live harmonic patterns. - Paints arrows on charts over the harmonic patterns to signal prime entry and exit points. - Extremely fast and versatile indicator. - Highly accurate. - Non repainting. (Does not repaint entry/exit signals) - Comes with numerous customization settings.
30 USD
Bridg mt4
Vitalii Zakharuk
The Bridge indicator displays potential entry points on the chart as signals (points of absolute trend reversal). The Bridge forex indicator algorithm was created on the basis of the original indicators for searching for extremes, the indicator is well suited for determining a reversal or a large sharp jerk to one side, thanks to it you will know when this happens, it will notify you with the appearance of a blue dot to buy red to sell. The indicator, according to a certain algorithm, qualifi
49 USD
Vitalii Zakharuk
A fundamental technical indicator that allows you to assess the current market situation in order to enter the market of the selected currency pair in a trend and with minimal risk.  Many beginners who first enter the market often have better luck than a professional who has spent years learning. The reason for this phenomenon is the unconscious entry of beginners into the trend, when even without any indicators it becomes clear where the market is moving. The Apartment indicator basically
159 USD
Vitalii Zakharuk
The Andhadhun trend step indicator will give you stability if you follow his signals. And you will be able to distinguish between work and the emotional component. It basically uses the process of identifying the rate of change in price growth and allows you to find entry and exit points from the market. Just look at the screenshots and you will determine the principles of working with the indicator yourself. The indicator analyzes the state of the market, the phase of its movement and largel
149 USD
We are proud to present our newest expert advisor developed by our trading specialists and programmers  who found the most probable price levels the istitutional firms , banks , hedge funds and other large companies place  their orders . The expert advisor is preset to launch a grid order system at those special levels , using  a built-in smart algorithm to detect those leveles . The expert can also be used when important news are about to come out , because it can pe programmed to launch the 
250 USD
Price Action Trend Delight
Edward Anuoluwa Aragbada
This is a price action traders delight, Too much of Indicators are bad on the chart so also to much of analysis can cause analysis paralysis. No need for Top down analysis, The EA does that for you based on Monthly, Weekly, Daily, And 4hrs trend readings on same window. Supports all time frame trading.  Make your trading seem less and takes it to the next level. Its new and first of its kind with 5yrs development process. Just work with the colors ( Green for Bullish Market and Red for Bearish)
90 USD
Elephant mt4
Maryna Shulzhenko
With the help of the Elephant Forex indicator algorithm, you can quickly understand what kind of trend is currently developing in the market. The indicator indicates on the chart the main trend at the current moment in the market. A change in direction, in terms of market fundamentals, means a shift in trading interest towards sellers or buyers. If you do not take into account speculative throws, which as a result do not affect the overall trend, then the moment of a real “reversal” is always
59 USD
Deathly mt4
Maryna Shulzhenko
The main purpose of the Deathly indicator is to evaluate the market. Red dots indicate that the priority should be to open SELL positions. The blue color indicates that it is time for BUY trades. Using the indicator is very convenient and easy. The indicator is universal. It is applied at any time intervals. You can use the indicator to trade different assets. The tool is perfect for Forex trading. It is actively used for trading in commodity, commodity and stock markets. The indicator implem
69 USD
Maryna Shulzhenko
One of the main definitions for monitoring the currency market is a trend, which is why the Citizen indicator was created in order to display the trend in a visual form. You should use the indicator as an additional indicator, that is, you need to use this indicator for example to perfectly display price movements! Its signals are based on a reliable algorithm. When used simultaneously on multiple timeframes, this indicator truly "makes the trend your friend". With it, you can follow trends on m
149 USD
周期:M15 适合货币:GBPUSD, EURUSD,USDCAD,USDJPY,GBPJPY,EURJPY 开单方式:双向开单,对冲模式 根据设置同时做多做空,以多空订单组成的网格中心线为界,价格处在中心线以上时,市场看做是上升的趋势,中心线以下最底订单为对冲目标(多数时候为亏损的卖单,也有时候是盈利的买单)用已经盈利的买单或已经盈利的卖单进行对冲,获取目标利润,价格处在中心线以下时,市场被看做是下降趋势,中心线以上最顶端的订单为对冲目标(多数时候为亏损的买单,有时候也是盈利的卖单)已经盈利的买单或是已经盈利的卖单来与其对冲,获取目标利润。 止损出局是所有交易者的噩梦,对冲永远驱除了对止损的恐惧,设置好止损,最坏的结局也是较小的止损,这样很容易的被找回,有一个副作用是解锁一个被启动的对冲是需要时间的,不过相对实际损失来说这仍然是最好的。
1 000 USD
Индикатор объёмов отличный помощник в трейдинге. Индикатор не перерисовывается и не меняет значения при переключении таймфреймов. Индикатор объёмов MTF, показывает текущую тенденцию на графиках. Рекомендую торговать в сторону сигналов старших таймфреймов  The volume indicator is a great assistant in trading. The indicator does not redraw and does not change values when switching timeframes. MTF volume indicator, shows the current trend on the charts. I recommend trading in the direction of highe
30 USD
Индикатор  уровней поддержки и сопротивления отлично показывает на графике все силовые уровни от всех таймфреймов. Рекомендую торговать уровни старших таймфреймов. Индикатор на текущем таймфрейме обновляться как только на графике  появится новый сетап  The indicator of support and resistance levels perfectly shows all power levels from all timeframes on the chart. I recommend trading higher timeframe levels. The indicator on the current timeframe is updated as soon as a new setup appears on the
30 USD
Rwanda MT4
Tatiana Savkevych
The main application of the Rwanda indicator is to generate buy and sell signals. Displays the Rwanda indicator signals on the price function chart using a mathematical approach. The indicator determines the long-term and short-term trend. The best result is given by the combination of the indicator with fundamental news, it can act as a news filter, that is, it can show how the market reacts to this or that news. With this indicator, you can predict future values. The indicator is designed t
69 USD
Super MA ind
Murodil Eminjonov
Индикатор  Супер МА  является трендовым индикатором и отлично справляется определением текущей тенденции. Ею можно пользоваться как для скальпинга так и для торговли внутри дня. Сигналы индикатора не перерисовываются и не меняют свои значения после закрытия бара  The Super MA indicator is a trend indicator and does an excellent job of determining the current trend. It can be used both for scalping and for intraday trading. The indicator signals do not redraw and do not change their values after
30 USD
Tatiana Savkevych
Anand is a forex trend arrow indicator for identifying potential entry points. I like it, first of all, because it has a simple mechanism of work, adaptation to all time periods and trading tactics. It indicates a short-term and long-term trend. operations. The simplest way to use the indicator is to open a trade in the direction of an existing trend. The indicator allows you to study the real and historical market trends in more detail! Determining the market trend is an important task for t
100 USD

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