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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 92

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
The MoneyMint Trade Assist is a game-changer for traders. This all-in-one control panel puts the power of professional trading at your fingertips, empowering you to take your trading to the next level. With its intuitive design and feature-rich functionality, the MoneyMint Trade Assist simplifies the complexities of order entry and exit and gives you the edge you need to succeed. Whether you're an experienced trader or just starting out, this powerful tool will help you maximize your profits and
1 232 USD
Скрипт проводит анализ трендов, выполняет поиск фигур продолжения и фигур разворота тренда по всем доступным инструментам окна Watch.  Скрипт последовательно выводит несколько окон с сообщением о текущем состоянии: 1. Если в торговом терминале сохранено не достаточно цен по каждому инструменту или вам необходимо обновить цены по всем инструментам на актуальные после перерыва в работе, то проведите обновление. 2. Будет проведен анализ текущей тенденции активного графика.   3. На текущем графике п
40 USD
Автопостроение трендовых линий. Отрисовка множества линий, потенциальных границ роста\падения цен (серый цвет линий) Выявление и отрисовка канала цен (зеленый цвет линий) Выявление потенциальных треугольников ТА (красный и синий цвет линий) Рекомендуется использовать белый фон графика, период графика - М30. Настройки Interval=200 - максимальное количество баров, используемых в анализе для построения линий. The_greatest_distance=5 000 - регулирует максимальное удаление от текущего бара уровня це
30 USD
Ahmad Aan Isnain Shofwan
Stochastic Oscillator The indicator moves between 0 and 100 and reflects where an asset’s price is relative to a given time frame. If the indicator is near 0, the price is very near the low of the time frame you’re looking at. If the indicator is near 100, the price is very near the high price of the time you’re looking at. This indicator is quite customizable, since it has three main variables you need to select, as well as some additional options depending on which charting platform you use.
125 USD
JorgeFx EA
Jorge Laureano Niz
Recomendando operar pares mayores. Temporalidad M15. Aunque también es operable M1, M5. Pero el riesgo será mayor, mayor Drawdown. Recomendando usar 0.01 para cuentas pequeñas. Apalancamiento 1.100 o 1.200 .  Use solo los pares recomendados. No necesita archivos .set, todas las configuraciones se almacenan internamente en el EA Recomendando usar un buen Broker ecn con bajo spread y además tener un buen VPS. Se recomienda operar en cuentas con bajo apalancamiento. Combina estrategias de bandas
2 500 USD
Whale MT4 EA
ʿBdalhady Slah Fthy Hjazy
Whale EA   is an expert advisor that uses a smart hedging strategy, It opens two buy and sell orders then and depending on the market direction it starts to open orders with a higher lot size against the market direction and opens a group of orders in the direction of the market to protect the account from the violent trend then it will close all trades with a specific profit and start the strategy from the beginning again and again, You can use it at EURUSD M5 . Settings: Expert Name: Whale E
50 USD
Open Market Europe C3A is an EA based on the breakouts of the range generated in the Asian session and designed to obtain annual returns in a safe and stable manner based on an adequate risk configuration that guarantees relatively low drawdown averages and where the maximum reached in a year will always be less than or equal to the profitability achieved in that year, thus making possible adjustments that guarantee a profitability/drawdown relationship according to the desired expectations. 7
680 USD
- This EA uses High Frequency Trading - This EA can be used for passing prop firm challenges - This EA can be used for Live Account Management - This EA makes an average of 2% - 4% profit per month - This EA never excedes a 5% DD - Parameters are adjusted monthly by the EA developer - Full refund will be provided if the bot fails a challenge - This EA has a 99% success rate at passing all challenges so far - Passes prop firm challenges in 2 weeks or less - We get clients 600K or more in prop fi
2 000 USD
Vespera Procurator
Manuel Rodriguez Fernandez
Simple order management utility Buttons BUY -> Executes immediate buy order of the lot size indicated in parameters, placing TakeProfit and StopLoss also preprogrammed SELL -> Executes immediate sell order of the lot size indicated in parameters, placing TakeProfit and StopLoss also preprogrammed BE -> Activates the Break Even function, placing the StopLoss above the starting point, at the distance of preprogrammed pips X -> Automatically closes all orders. TS -> Activates the TrailingStop, c
30 USD
Ivan Simonika
The Fixator indicator displays arrows of different colors depending on the current state of the market and thus signals the user about a change in trend. The indicator reflects trends in price dynamics in the markets. There are three main trends in price dynamics: upward movement, downward movement and sideways price movement. The indicator helps to determine the prevailing direction of price movement - a trend, smoothing price data over a certain period of time. In simple terms, the indicator
119 USD
Forex scalping indicator, based on arrow price reversal points, is one of the advanced tools for trading in the financial markets. It provides traders with the ability to quickly respond to changes in the market and accurately predict the future direction of price movement. The indicator is based on the use of modern algorithms and technologies that allow you to quickly calculate the price reversal points on the chart. Each point is indicated by an arrow indicating the direction of price moveme
78 USD
Line on Osc AM
Andriy Matviyevs'kyy
The indicator analyzes standart Osc and ATR data to define the current trend. The indicator is intuitively clear: Line direction change - trend direction change. Change of the line color warns of a coming direction change. Thus: The line is blue - purchases are allowed; The line is yellow - sales are allowed. The indicator is not redrawn on fully formed bars. Customized parameters: Osc - type Osc; Indicator_Period (>1) - Osc calculation period; Sensitivity (>0) - ATR sensitivity; Indicator_Smoot
30 USD
The Zone
Zufri Al Pianur S E
The Zone EA is a Hedging EA using stop order. You can choose entry signal by manual/RSI/ADX/MA/BB. EA can run any pair and any timeframe. Custom lot size are available to input for max 20 orders. If you dont use custom lot, just make custom lot size to be 0. Big balance or Cent account is recomended and broker with hedging allowed. Its best to get high rebate between you take your profit from position opened.
50 USD
Bands Custom V1
Dzhengiz Eredzheb Selim
A Bollinger Band is a technical analysis tool defined by a set of trendlines. They are plotted as two standard deviations, both positively and negatively, away from a simple moving average (SMA) of a security's price and can be adjusted to user preferences. Bollinger Bands was developed by technical trader John Bollinger and designed to give investors a higher probability of identifying when an asset is oversold or overbought.
150 USD
ATR Custom V1
Dzhengiz Eredzheb Selim
There usually comes a time in the journey of a forex trader when they are not only concerned with market trends, but also the volume behind those trends. Because knowing how much volume there is behind every trend helps to filter out minor trends from major trends. This knowledge has driven many professional forex traders to turn to the average true range (ATR) value indicator. This volatility determining indicator has then become an indispensable tool for such tasks on the MT4 and other trading
100 USD
Accelerator Custom V1
Dzhengiz Eredzheb Selim
The Accelerator MT4 forex indicator was designed by Bill Williams’ and warns you of early trend changes for any currency pair. The indicator is also known as the Accelerator/Deceleration forex indicator. It basically looks for changes in momentum, either accelerating or decelerating. As you can see from the EUR/USD H1 chart shown below, the indicator draws green and red bars above and below the 0.00 level. Green and red bars above the 0.00 level suggest bullish momentum in price (price goes up).
300 USD
CMA Custom V1
Dzhengiz Eredzheb Selim
The Custom Moving Average indicator smooths out market fluctuations by applying a characteristic average price value. This tool allows you to compare the difference between the current price and its average value to determine trend conditions. Like any trend indicator, the moving average helps to anticipate the upcoming direction and possible destination of the price. However, this classic technical tool is different from the usual exponential and simple moving averages in the market. The SMA ha
50 USD
Crocodile MT4 EA
ʿBdalhady Slah Fthy Hjazy
Crocodile EA   is an expert advisor that uses the Trend Following Strategy , It opens a buy or sell order and try to get a certain profit in account currency using Grid Trading , It opens a group of orders in the same trend direction at different levels. If it doesn't  succeed to get the profit due to the reversal of the trend, the expert starts to create a new grid of orders at different levels in the opposite trend, and so on. It's recommended to use it at EURUSD M5 . Settings: Expert Name:
50 USD
All traders wait until the market calms down and only after that will they enter the market. They look at the monitor all the time. Now you no longer need to follow this, your best assistant will do it for you. You go about your usual business and calmly wait for the signal. And as soon as the spread reaches the value you set, you will receive an instant notification on your phone.
30 USD
EA Matsuwa
Hong Ling Mu
Thank you for seeing this information about the Forex Robot Matsuwa. It appears that the robot's main trading logic is based on analyzing the price gap between the current price and the price of the candlesticks that have passed over a specified barback period. Based on this analysis, the robot determines the future price trend and makes either a BUY or SELL order when the price gap reaches a certain intensity value. The EA template seems to have several functions, including Grid entry, trailin
50 USD
Red Panda EA MT4
William Brandon Autry
Introducing RED PANDA Get ready to take your trading to new heights with RED PANDA – the ultimate night scalper EA. With only 1 copy left out of 5, you'll want to act fast to secure your spot and take advantage of the introductory price of $349.00 before it goes up to $1599. Unlike other night scalping EAs, RED PANDA is slightly more aggressive yet without sacrificing safety and longevity. Its precision coding tools enable it to execute high-quality market orders and limit orders with ease, all
995 USD
Intelligent ZigZag indicator. It has only two settings. The higher the values, the more significant extreme values it shows. Application area. To determine the trend. Line drawing direction. To recognize multiple patterns. If you put two indicators on one chart with fast and slow values. By changing the color of one of them, you can very well decompose the price movement into waves. The indicator can be a great helper for marking the chart and identifying the key levels from which t
30 USD
Alligator Custom V1
Dzhengiz Eredzheb Selim
Like many other trend   trading indicators , the alligator indicator works by plotting various moving averages (MAs) on a chart. Three   moving averages   are used, and each represents a part of the ‘alligator’: a blue line represents the jaw, a red line represents the teeth, and a green line represents the lips. These are default colours and can often be customised on a trading platform. The way the indicator works can be explained using the following analogy. When the alligator's jaw, teeth,
200 USD
MACD Custom V1
Dzhengiz Eredzheb Selim
Description The Moving Average Convergence/Divergence indicator is a momentum oscillator primarily used to trade trends. Although it is an oscillator, it is not typically used to identify over bought or oversold conditions. It appears on the chart as two lines which oscillate without boundaries. The crossover of the two lines give trading signals similar to a two moving average system. How this indicator works MACD crossing above zero is considered bullish, while crossing below zero is bearish.
250 USD
Ahmad Aan Isnain Shofwan
The price of $399  and rent $99/month is a special price for the Grand Opening only. a Long description of the basic strategy of this EA: In any chart, we have several candles, and they are in the same area. We know when the price change between for example 5 dollars to 17 dollars. The strategy works, these candles are in the same area and they are fluctuating very smoothly, for example, the last candle and this kick-off price is around 40 dollars and in the next one is about 30 and then it goe
399 USD
Introducing Trend Fusion 444F, a powerful MQL4 indicator designed to determine market direction using multiple trading indicators. This comprehensive tool offers a unique fusion of technical analysis techniques that help traders make informed decisions in various market conditions. Key Features: Comprehensive Analysis: Trend Fusion 444F combines several widely-used trading indicators to provide a multi-dimensional view of the market. The indicators include Moving Averages, MACD, RSI, DeMarker,
30 USD
Breakout Consult mt4 Introducing the BreakOut Consult , the revolutionary tool that will take your trading to the next level! Our state-of-the-art algorithm combines multiple trend and oscillators to generate accurate buy and sell signals, making it a powerful tool for any trader. With BreakOut Consult, you can easily identify breakouts in the market with the help of our dynamic channel, which uses resistant and support levels to detect breakouts. Our algorithm detects two types of breakouts,
189 USD
Black Rock EA
Evgenii Filippov
MULTI-CURRENCY Expert Advisor, the main condition for work, a broker with a minimum spread and a fast VPS server.It shows itself well on EURCHF, GBPUSD and many other pairs. The requirement for the correct operation of the adviser: VPN with minimal delay to the broker. Recommended deposit from $ 50 (per symbol) Recommended broker with an ECN account. The Expert Advisor should be installed and tested only on the M15 timeframe!!!! Before using the Expert Advisor, be sure to test it in the strate
299 USD
Cheat Code MT4
Artur Muldagulov
Cheat Code MT4 is a smart trading system, which opens transactions only in quiet hours, and strives to capture as much profit as possible at that time. The Expert Advisor is pretty safe each order is protected by SL and TP. No artificial intelligence, optimization, fitting, etc., but strict conditions for entering and exiting a trade. The Expert Advisor was developed to work on the long term, so it was tested using real ticks with the quality of 99.9%, and has proven its performance both
349 USD
Hossein Davarynejad
//// BABAVENGA //// this Expert Working on Forex Pairs   ,   Time Farm is =  M15            ( NZDCAD,AUDCAD,NZDUSD,AUDNZD ,) Need Set File for ( EURGBP,EURCHF,NZDCHF,EURCAD )   This Expert  Base on  ATR nd  Rsi and  Bollinger Bands   Also Have Venga Indicator For Open Order On Best Level   He Draw 2 line Of Support And Resistance and Find Best Are For Open Trade  Default is  Working Great on M15 Time Farm and All those Pairs (  ,NZDCAD,AUDCAD,NZDUSD,AUDNZD ,) Need Set File for ( EURGBP,EURCHF,
2 000 USD
Forex 3d
Andrey Kozak
Forex 3D is a ready trading system for scalping on any currency pair. Recommended timeframe M5. The average number of transactions that we can open every day is from 5 to 15. This trading system is suitable for trading on all currency pairs, including gold and silver. Forex 3D is a very simple trading system suitable for forex beginners. It does not require additional market analysis using other trading instruments. We can focus exclusively on the technical analysis of this indicator and open o
37 USD
Versus USD MT4
Vonjinirina Alfred Randrianiaina
Versus USD calculates the price variation of each major currency against the USD and displays a clear and comparative view of their performance for each period or bar indexed by the cursor in the current Timeframe of the chart with progress bars . Additionally, it marks an arrow on the bar/period where the currency in question experienced the highest or lowest rate of change against the USD compared to other currencies, thus providing a more precise measure of the currency's performance. The US
30 USD
Ultimate Trade Panel is an expert advisor for the MQL4 trading platform that offers a range of useful features for traders. It has many unique features which is very useful for trades in their day to activities. It saves a lot of time for the trades which is wasted while changing charts and loading different operations of the symbol like timeframe change and indicator change. We bring you this unique piece of software which helps you to do all operation from single chart. Its main features
40 USD
Indicator description: Indicator - ZigZag Signal is created on the basis of a well-known and popular indicator - ZigZag. The indicator can be used for manual or automatic trading by Expert Advisors. 1. The ZigZag Signal indicator has alerts of different notifications for manual trading.  2. If used in Expert Advisors, the indicator has signal buffers for buying and selling.  You can also prescribe and call the indicator as an external resource and other settings and applications: (email me in a
50 USD
This indicator is suitable for trading on the pair eurusd,audcad; gbpnzd; xauusd; cadjpy; audchf; audjpy; gbpchf and a few more. The indicator itself uses universal augmented precision algorithms, but so far they are optimized for some currency pairs. Some types of settings can be configured on the working panel. It has two panels on the chart, for visualization and settings. He displays his solution on the graph in the form of arrows. There are only two types of arrows. In the tester, it works
80 USD
Introducing Market Cyclone EA - Your Path to Financial Success!!! Welcome to Market Cyclone EA, where your journey towards profitable trading begins. We appreciate you taking the time to visit this product page, as it signifies that you've discovered something that could potentially be the key to your success in the financial markets. Get Started and Experience the Difference! Market Cyclone EA has been meticulously developed with one goal in mind: helping you make sound investments. Extensive
1 600 USD
Thierry, Jean Minkowski
Are you looking for a powerful trading robot that allows you to trade pivot points on all timeframes and with all types of orders? Then our trading robot is the perfect fit for you. Our trading robot trades pivot points of the Standard, Fibonacci, Woodie, Demark, Camarilla types, on all timeframes. This allows you to trade with great flexibility, adapting your trading strategy to the different market conditions. Our trading robot also enables you to place all types of orders: at market price, st
649 USD
Monster Price Action
Sibongakonke Mongezi Mafunda
Price activity can be graphically analyzed using candlestick patterns such the Harami cross, engulfing pattern, and three white soldiers. Many more candlestick formations can be created based on price activity to predict what will happen next. Other chart formats, such as point-and-figure charts, box charts, box plots, and others, can use the same forms. Features:_______________ Monitors trade volume in market to determine perfect exit. Knows all the reversal candles Setup:__________________
999 USD
Welcome to all of you now with the expert fast moving lines with the price Upon touching the upper line, a buy transaction is entered with a stop loss of 5 points, or as the user likes When going up in the direction of the profit, he works to chase the profit and closes the deal with a profit when the trend reverses Same idea in selling The expert does not have double the size of the lot. The expert only works on the target or chasing profit with a stop loss. Explains how the expert works. Max
300 USD
GPT Candlestick T he Indicator show algorithm of Candlestick Automatically. GPT Candlestick is a MetaTrader 4 Indicator that uses a proprietary algorithm based on Price of Moving Average and Average True Range to show the Color of Candlestick on your trading. Means candlestick is going Up or Down (View Simply). I nstead, it analyzes data of market and identify entry points and opportunities. I t's also a trading tool that be used to practice and enhance your manual trading skills. GPT Candlestic
30 USD
Thierry, Jean Minkowski
This trading robot allows you to place orders at limit price, market price, or stop, according to your preferences. It automatically adjusts the stop-loss and take-profit to manage your positions and also supports trailing stop, breakeven, and breakeven increase in pips. The buy and sell signals are generated by the RSI indicator, which offers opportunities to take a position when the indicator falls below the default oversold level of 20 for buy signals, or rises above the default overbought l
649 USD
EA inni 8
inni - 8 Introduction price is 33 USD to rent per month. SET files available for registered users at   https://support.inni.pro The EA is very active and starts trading at first tick after applied to a chart. More details and all support is given from our website   https://support.inni.pro Please run any system (SET file) on a demo account for at at least 10 days before applying it to a real account. inni - 8 - is solely available for Mt4 at this moment inni is our EA's product line Our bus
33 USD
Forex Indicator "RSI and 2   Moving Averages"   for MT4 This indicator is excellent for   Momentum trading systems . " RSI and 2 MAs"     Indicator allows you to     see Fast and Slow Moving Averages of RSI Indicator gives opportunities to see the trend change very early " RSI and 2 MAs" can be used to catch the momentum into the trend direction It is very easy to set up this indicator via parameters (see the picture) Indicator can be used on any time-frame // More great Expert Advisors and Indi
33.33 USD
Forex White Knight Expert Advisor Is Use Multiple Strategy , Trend Based Place Order Overbought Oversold Engulfing Candle The Three Strategy Are Compaine Together, Conformation On Buy & Sell Signal, Place To Buy & Sell Order Run EA On Low Spread Account Or ECN Account Pairs - EURUSD - GBPUSD - USDJPY - AUDUSD - USDCAD - USDCHF TimeFrame - 5Mins - 15Mins - 1 Hour Minimum Investment - 1000$ If You Invest 1000$ Run 2 Pairs Only MoneyManagement - True/False Set True Trade Place Auto Lot Risk Set You
4 999 USD
Monster MACD
Sibongakonke Mongezi Mafunda
Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) The relationship between two exponential moving averages (EMAs) of the price of a securities is displayed by the trend-following momentum indicator known as moving average convergence/divergence (MACD, or MAC-D). The 26-period EMA is subtracted from the 12-period EMA to calculate the MACD line. Features: Each entry has TP and SL to protect account. Setup: MAGIC: for EA entry identification fast_ema_period: entry detection slow_ema_period: entry
99 USD
Thierry, Jean Minkowski
This trading robot uses the Stochastic Oscillator (5,3,3) to generate buy and sell signals. When Stochastic's %K crosses above 20, it generates a buy signal, and when %K crosses below 80, it generates a sell signal. For exiting a long position, the signal is triggered when Stochastic's %K crosses below 20. For exiting a short position, the signal is triggered when %K crosses above 80. In an upcoming update, exit signals will only be executed if the position is profitable. This means that if the
649 USD
Fabrizio Pierantoni
OilForRent Expert Advisor. Version: 1.00 date: 14/04/2023 Author: Pierantoni Fabrizio Expert Advisor based on the interaction of signals from the market. Compare past and current signal levels across moving averages and RSI signal. The system is based on the trailing stop. Once the signal is in gain, the trailing stop is activated in search of the best gain. Automatic Stop Loss is used to escape from High Drawdown. The expert advisor is optimized for use with WTI on  H1 timebase. The followi
30 USD
What you get upon purchase: -Lifetime support for the use of the system - Easy to use, clean user friendly interface with no single settings required - Arrow Signals showing where to buy and sell -Visual Arrows, Sound Alert, Email and sms alert functionalities - Customizable colors and sizes -Lifetime Updates - Both Trend and breakout signals -Appropriate signals for both Entry levels, Take profit levels and stop loss   Preferred timeframe is 15 MINUTES ACCURATE SIGNALS WITH SIMPLE AND USER
65 USD
DRIVE Price Action
Mykhailo Dzyuban
The Drive Price Action Expert Advisor is developed on its own indicators.  The EA works on more than one pair, which makes it possible to avoid losses.  The EA also uses intuitive order closing and TrallStop.  But TrallStop does not fire like you think every second.  It works in certain situations in the market.  Intuitive closing of orders can close an order at a loss if the trade has been open for a long time.  There is also a built-in dynamic change of the Lot, depending on the deposit and ta
50 USD
This is a MACD indicator which displays an up-arrow/down-arrow on the main chart window when MACD line cross zero and signal line.  1) The arrows on the main chart are very useful to traders because it will draw trader's attention to change of trend or momentum instantly. 2) It is definitely easier and faster than looking at the sub-window at the bottom of the screen. It is an important tool for MACD strategy. 3) User can opt for displaying the MACD cross Signal arrows which are in line with the
30 USD
Synaptic AI is a fully automated professional Expert Advisor that utilizes the power of artificial intelligence and is supported by over a decade of historical data. This allows for the identification and modeling of recurring patterns on the GBPUSD pair. The result is a strategy based on a proprietary algorithm and complex calculations that detect the signals sent by these patterns, allowing for anticipation of market movements with a statistical advantage. Key Features Few basic parame
199 USD
Thierry, Jean Minkowski
This trading robot allows you to execute limit, market, or stop orders according to your preferences. You can set the position management as you wish by automatically defining the stop-loss and take-profit. Additionally, our robot also manages the movement of the stop-loss with a trailing stop, as well as a movement of the stop-loss at the breakeven level and an increase in the breakeven in pips. Buy signals are generated when the MACD indicator crosses its exponential moving average (EMA) upwa
649 USD
Forex Indicator HTF Stochastic for MT4 Stochastic oscillator   is one of the best indicators on the market - perfect tool for many traders. H TF means -   H igher Time Frame HTF Stochastic indicator is excellent for   Multi-Time Frame trading systems   with Price Action entries. HTF Stochastic  Indicator allows you to   attach    Stochastic  from Higher time frame to your current chart   . Indicator shows the   Stochastic  values from higher time frame --> this is   professional trading approach
33.33 USD
If you are using naked eyes to find candlestick patterns on your chart it's a good thing but it requires your time and attention and still you miss some patterns here and there. Don't worry! This indicator will help you to find "Harami Candlestick Pattern" on your chart very easily. *Note:   Default inputs are set for EURUSD H1 (1 hour) timeframe. This is an alert system which gives you alerts whenever harami candlestick pattern happens. Types of alerts it can give you are: 1. Audible Alerts   -
30 USD
Vladimir Pokora
You can place an unlimited number of invisible pending orders using this tool. Orders will be filled under the following conditions: Spread is not greater than the set Max. spread Slippage is not greater than the set Max. slippage The set trading time was not exceeded The expiration time was not reached TRADING button is not switched to PAUSE   If these conditions are not met, the order will be cancelled. You can also set up a Test Zone with an Off line for each order. The order will be canc
65 USD
Our trade calculator program is an essential tool for any trader looking to make informed decisions and optimize their trades on the popular MetaTrader 4 platform. The program provides traders with real-time market data and advanced analytics, allowing them to easily calculate their position size, risk-to-reward ratio, and potential profits or losses. It also offers customizable settings, allowing traders to tailor the tool to their specific trading style and preferences. With our trade calcula
50 USD
Thierry, Jean Minkowski
Our pro trading robot allows you to execute limit, market or stop orders according to your preferences. You can configure position management as you wish by automatically setting stop-loss and take-profit levels. Additionally, our robot also manages the movement of the stop-loss with a trailing stop, as well as movement of the stop-loss to the break-even level and an increase in break-even in pips. Buy signals are generated when the Awesome Oscillator indicator turns upward, providing an opport
649 USD
The Fractal Advanced indicator is an advanced version of the Fractals indicator by Bill Williams. It is equipped with sound alerts, a large number of customizations and the ability to hide the indicator by pressing hotkeys. Hotkeys Fractal - By holding down the Shift key and the up and down arrows on the keyboard , you can increase and decrease the number of fractals on the current chart. The key combination Shift + A completely removes fractals from the chart. Alligator - Using the key combin
69 USD
Thierry, Jean Minkowski
"This trading robot allows you to easily manage any manual position you've taken in the market. Simply enter your order ticket number to do so. You can use this robot to manage up to 10 positions simultaneously, and if desired, add the robot to another chart to manage even more positions. Position management is fully customizable. You can set your initial stop loss, profit target, trailing stop, move stop loss to breakeven, and even add pips to breakeven. The trailing stop can be set in pips or
649 USD
FTMO Trading Bot
Samuel Kiniu Njoroge
FTMO TRading Bot  has 4 stages of trade management search as  entry, breakeven , exit which is Take profit and Stop loss) and 3 stages of trade decision making ( system SMA monitoring patterns for buy and sell, adapted mathematical model of Fourier and Laplace transforms), combining all of this into one automatic full trading system, which does not require constant external monitoring or complicated setup. The Expert Advisor applies break even or stop loss and take profit, tracking every tick of
890 USD
The account manager has a set of functions necessary for trading, which take into account the results of the entire account in total, and not for each individual open position: Trailing stop loss. Take profit. Break-even on the amount of profit. Breakeven by time. Typically, each of these options can be applied to each individual trade. As a result, the total profit on the account may continue to increase, and individual positions will be closed. This does not allow you to get the maximum profit
99 USD
Shows multiple currency pairs correlation coefficient in a tabular form  for Forex Trader. Indicator can be used on any symbol including indices, stocks, metal. Indicator Signal: Green = Strong positive correlation Red = Strong negative correlation Indicator Symbol Dropdown list: The indicator shows symbols from the Market Watch list. So if you need to add new symbols then add them first on market watch. After then remove the indicator from the chart and then re-insert it on the chart again to
299 USD
The Hidden Gap EA
Stephen Reynolds
This EA is based on the Indice gaps between todays open price and yesturdays closing price. On Metatrader these are not shown as we only see a 24hr chart. If we want to know the gap between the open at 16:30 and yesturdays close at 23:30 on the SP500 this EA will reveal the gap. On Indices these types of Gap close approximately 60% of the time within the same day and is demonstrated on the panel which records previous gap closures and provides to the user a statistical proof of gaps closing for
30 USD
Forex Indicator "Major Trend Histogram" for MT4 Major Trend Histogram indicator designed to catch really huge trends Indicator  can be in 2 colors: DeepPink for bearish trend and SpringGreen for bullish one (colors can be changed) It detects trends on the beginning stages - way more efficient than any standard MA cross M ajor Trend  Histogram   can be combined with any other trading methods: Price Action, VSA, other indicators // More great Expert Advisors and Indicators are available here:  htt
33.33 USD
EA Zeppelin
Seda Terekyan
EA Zeppelin     is a fully automated Expert Advisor based on a strategy of breaking through price levels. The EA does not use indicators, each entry point is calculated using an advanced input filter based on the analysis of the movement of the price chart. All trading positions are controlled by a tight stop order, which minimizes the trading drawdown and ensures the safety of the deposit. Profit taking is carried out using a dynamic stepwise algorithm that allows you to capture the maximum pro
199 USD
This EA is fully automated , it is built based on  the method of catching the pop-up Alert event and Open Market Orders (BUY/SELL) . Download trial version here:  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/751340 Parameters of the EA: -------- <EA Settings> -------- Magic Number:   The identifying (magic) number of the currently selected order. Allow Open trade:   Enable/ Disable Open Trades . -------- <Open trade Settings> -------- Format of Order type (BUY): The format of the text to specify the BUY
39 USD
Based on the Dow Theory, the system automatically draws a turning point, which is the starting point for buying or selling. It also automatically tells you whether the market is in a buying or selling condition and recognizes the environment. It is also a good tool to prevent false trades and to make profitable trades. * The "WhaleFinder" includes four indicators ("DrawTurningPoint", "DrawHurdle", "DrawChartPattern", "DrawFibonacci").  so, Please be careful not to purchase more than one copy
45 USD
The system automatically draws resistance and support lines, The system automatically draws resistance and support lines, so you can see at a glance the price range where you are most likely to encounter resistance. Therefore, you can trade in price zones where you are less likely to encounter resistance. * The "WhaleFinder" includes four indicators ("DrawTurningPoint", "DrawHurdle", "DrawChartPattern", "DrawFibonacci").  so, Please be careful not to purchase more than one copy (duplicates).
30 USD
The chart pattern is automatically drawn. It also automatically tells you the price at which you are most likely to buy or sell according to the pattern. Therefore, there is no need to memorize patterns or draw lines by yourself. * The "WhaleFinder" includes four indicators ("DrawTurningPoint", "DrawHurdle", "DrawChartPattern", "DrawFibonacci").  so, Please be careful not to purchase more than one copy (duplicates). We are live-streaming the actual operation of the system. Please check for
60 USD
Fibonacci automatically draws Fibonacci retracement, Because Fibonacci automatically draws Fibonacci retracement, you can know at a glance the price to buy at a push or sell back. Therefore, you can trade in favorable conditions in a trending market. * The "WhaleFinder" includes four indicators ("DrawTurningPoint", "DrawHurdle", "DrawChartPattern", "DrawFibonacci").  so, Please be careful not to purchase more than one copy (duplicates). We are live-streaming the actual operation of the syst
30 USD

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