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Breakeven Level

Breakeven Level indicator shows the breakeven level of your buy and sell orders. Useful if you have several open positions.

Apart from demonstrating breakeven level, the indicator displays additional information concerning your trading instrument in the upper right corner (balance, equity, number of buy orders, sum of buy orders, number of sell positions and sum of sell orders).

Breakeven level for sell orders has red color, buy - blue color.

Indicator Parameters

Color of the text on the chart:

  • Balance - color of balance
  • Equity - color of equity
  • Profit - color of profit
  • Loss - color of loss
  • Other - color of the other parameters (spread, stop level)
  • Breakeven Buy - color of the breakeven level for buy orders
  • Breakeven Sell - color of the breakeven level for sell orders
Gary Davis
2017.04.04 19:27   

Great (unique) indicator. I had 3 customer indicators that this one indicator replaced. Streamlined my indicator list and reduced my overhead. Thanks for the hard work.

Version 1.5 - 2017.02.15
+ Added information on the spread and stop levels
+ The color of the information can be changed