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Lot Risk Calculator

Lot Risk Calculator is a panel for order size calculation according to stop loss and allowed risk per trade. The calculation is performed for the symbol the indicator is launched at.

You can set risk and stop loss manually in the panel. The stop loss is set considering 4 or 5 digits, for example, 20 - 4-digit, 200 - 5-digit.

After editing each parameter, press Enter to confirm.

To calculate a lot, click Calculate. The result appears below the button.

Note! Set the panel for all necessary symbols in order to calculate the trade lot correctly, since the point price differs at various symbols.

Panel External Settings

You can change the panel anchor point location:

  1. Upper left corner
  2. Upper right corner
  3. Lower left corner
  4. Lower right corner

You can also change the panel background and font colors.

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