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Liquidator for trading positions

This is a prototype of the famous Control and management of transactions panel. There are two main differences:

  1. Allows to work with all the variety of financial instruments opened by a user and not only with instruments it was attached to;
  2. To activate levels of order closure hidden from a broker, it uses not lines but modifiable virtual levels.

To enjoy the full functionality of the panel you are advised to have: Desk analytical table. Their combined operation allows to keep the situation under full control and implement timely measures concerning liquidation of those trading positions which to your mind shall be close with profit or loss, as well as to delete pending orders. The panel is also equipped with following functions:

  1. placing real and virtual take profit and stop loss levels for already opened market positions;
  2. placing take profit and stop loss levels for pending orders;
  3. closing orders;
  4. deleting pending orders in the trading direction;
  5. closing orders by trailing stop;
  6. closing orders when reaching virtual levels of take profit or stop loss.

There are buttons having different colors for managing all specified functions. Lines inform you about types of open orders and specify (from left to right):

  • "order type";
  • "total size of the position in lots";
  • "Funds for (opening) supporting positions";
  • "The same but as % of the deposit".

Lines for open positions:

  • "Close orders with loss";
  • "Close orders with profit";
  • "Close all orders".

Each type of pending orders has the Delete button. Buttons for placing take profit and stop loss are marked "TP" and "SL" respectively. When the Control Level button is actuated, you can activate them by specified levels. And when the Control Level button is released, you will set them to 0. If you want to close orders by trailing stop, click the Control Level button, place the stop loss level for profitable positions, and now you have two options: having the Control Level button clicked, click the Trailing Stop button, or do the same with the released Control Level button. In the former case - when both Control Level and Trailing Stop buttons are clicked your position will be tracked by virtual trailing stop, and in the latter case - when the Control Level is clicked and the Trailing Stop is released your position will be tracked by real trailing stop. The panel has an intuitive interface and contains a set of colors which can be changed according to your tastes. You can also adjust the panel for processing orders having a certain magic number or all orders for the given financial instrument. When clicking buttons of placing take profit and stop loss levels or closing and deleting positions you will be asked a question about completion or cancellation of this operation. If you suppose that it wastes your time, set "confirmation" to "false". The EA should be located on any financial instrument which has no open positions, and where you are not going to open new positions. Uncheck all boxes in common property settings except for "Line" and "Chart shift", and select "None" in "Grid" and "Line", and MediumBlue in "Background". Constructive suggestions and feedback are appreciated.


  • include background? — enable background;
  • background color of the screen — choose the background color;
  • Magic Number — the unique magic number, 0 - all orders on the symbol;
  • CloseTrades — true - close all orders on the symbol, false - close orders with the set Magic Number;
  • Confirmation of action for the removal orders? — enable or disable confirmation of removal of orders.

Other parameters apply to the color of elements on the panel.

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Version 1.6 - 2017.07.28
v1.6 - connected with changes in 'VM_Desk analytical table' v1.8
Appropriate changes were made in the number of symbols in the financial symbol row to allow the display of all symbols.
Version 1.5 - 2016.12.26
v1.5 - handling for the GOLD financial instrument
Version 1.4 - 2016.04.07
Fixed SL function calls for SELL orders.
Version 1.3 - 2015.09.10
Improved data output design.
Version 1.2 - 2015.08.05
Changed the format of displaying symbol prices and added the ability to change the screen background depending on a user's preferences.