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News Robot MT4

The price can cover dozens of points during only the first minute of economic news release. News Robot MT4 is designed for trading on news using pending orders. The robot includes several news trading strategies. It will simplify your work and protect from order false triggering before data are released.

The robot can work both on breakthrough and rollbacks. Before news release, changes in the price of pending orders depend on the current price of the symbol. When one order triggers, the other one is deleted at once. If there is no price movement, orders are deleted in a set period of time. Trailing stop can be used to fix the profit. You can use the terminal time or the local time of your computer.

Example of Setting Time Parameters:

  • The piece of news is release at 15:30
  • StartTime 15:25 - time when pending orders are placed and held at the specified distance from the price
  • EndTime 15:29:59 - orders cannot be changed anymore. One order triggers, another one is deleted.
  • SecondsToCancel =60. If none of orders triggers in 60 seconds after EndTime (15:29:59 + 60 = 15:30:59), both pending orders are deleted.

Robot Settings:

STRATEGY MANAGEMENT - select your trading strategy

  • StopsOrders - price breakthrough strategy. Two orders are placed: Sell Stop - below the current price and Buy Stop - above the current price. When one order triggers, the other one is deleted.
  • LimitsOrders - price rollback strategy. Two orders are placed: Sell Limit - above the current price and Buy Limit - below the current price. When one order triggers, the other one is deleted.
  • OnlyBuyStopOrder - only the Buy Stop order is placed above the current price.
  • OnlySellStopOrder - only the Sell Stop order is placed below the current price.
  • OnlyBuyLimitOrder - only the Buy Limit order is placed below the current price.
  • OnlySellLimitOrder - only the Sell Limit order is placed above the current price.

DISTANCE SETTINGS - distance from the current price to the price of the pending order in points

  • BuyOrderDistance - distance to the Buy order
  • SellOrderDistance - distance to the Sell order
  • ModifyStep - step of the order price modification before news release

TIME SETTINGS - time of news release

  • StartTime - time to begin operation. Pending orders are placed and held at the specified distance from the current price.
  • EndTime - time of news release. When one order triggers, the other one is deleted.
  • SecondsToCancel - time in seconds after which pending orders are deleted.
  • UseTime - UseTerminalTime - use time of the terminal, UseMyComputerTime - use local time of your computer.


  • BuyOrderTakeProfit - take profit for the Buy order
  • BuyOrderStopLoss - stop loss for the Buy order
  • SellOrderTakeProfit - take profit for the Sell order
  • SellOrderStopLoss - stop loss for the Sell order


  • FixedLot - use fixed lot
  • AccountBalancePercent - percentage of the account balance
  • AccountEquityPercent - percentage of the account equity
  • AccountFreeMarginPercent - percentage of the free margin
  • Lot - lot size when the fixed lot is used
  • Percent - percentage to calculate the lot


  • Trailing - switch on/off the trailing stop
  • Trailing_Start - start trailing
  • Trailing_Distance - distance to the price
  • Trailing_Step - trailing step
  • Trailing_Hidden - hidden mode


  • BreakEven - switch on/off the breakeven function
  • BreakEven_Start - the number of pips for profit
  • BreakEven_Distance - distance in pips


  • SendAlert - notification in the terminal window
  • SendEMail - sending notification to your e-mail
  • SendPushNotification - sending push-notification


  • MagicNumber - Magic number of orders
  • Slippage - slippage volume
2017.07.15 14:19 

Profitable, The best robot for news trading I have found.

Highly recommended.

Ali Shawka
2017.06.30 14:31   

You have purchased a consultant

Do you need to add a news site?

What are the currency pairs that work well?

2017.06.17 09:41 

This tools is one of the best i ever seen. Also seller is really helpful and he always helped me with my questions.

Thank you Andrey.

2017.05.11 13:19 

Excellent EA! Very good results trading central banks news or big data release! Need fast broker and VPS of course!

Sergey Zhuravkov
2017.04.27 00:40 

почему то очень сильно проскальзывает

Luis Ainsworth Fahning
2017.01.31 23:06   

My licenses are available, but this message show in log file:

18:40:12.293 invalid 'C:\Users\Dell XPS 8300\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\1DAFD9A7C67DC84FE37EAA1FC1E5CF75\MQL4\Experts\Market\News Robot MT4.ex4' license

2016.11.02 02:35 

Gotta try this new EA

Vasilios Vikatos
2016.09.07 13:23 

This advisor have many uses. Not only for news. Great work, and good price.

2016.08.05 16:16 

При установке правильных параметров советника и понимании установки времени важных новостей на паре- советник РАБОТАЕТ ! И неплохо! Спасибо Андрею.

2016.07.23 10:46 

Five-star from me because I used this ea It has made a profits

strongly recommend it for news,You can see the pictures with my comment 4=64

2016.05.23 17:24 

Absolutely 5 stars!! Works great, but you need to keep confidence with the news because any news is different and you need to find the right setting. The price is cheap, very compliments to the author!!

John Keefe
2016.03.19 00:22 

I have been using this EA for over 6 months. It is my most profitable EA without question. If you look at the 'What's New' section you will see 2 updates v1.4 and v1.5, both of these were my suggestions, the Vendor listened and made suitable amendments virtually immediately, that's what I call 5 star service.

The problem with news trading using the Straddle as this EA does, is that every news event requires a slightly different setting, so you need to test the EA for a couple of months on demo before committing to a live account. The default settings work reasonably well for the Non-Farm Payroll. For other events you will need to experiment. Not all Forex Factory High Impact events are worth trading either.

If you keep at it you will definitely make money. I hardly get a loosing trade using this now.

It’s also a little broker sensitive, but good fast execution brokers like Pepperstone and Think etc work well.

This EA is 100% worth the 5 stars that I have given it, and is well worth the extraordinary low price the vendor is currently charging for it.

Version 1.8 - 2016.08.29
- Added option Trailing = ON / OFF - switch on / off the trailing stop function
- Added option BreakEven = ON / OFF - switch on / off the breakeven function
- For convenience, the robot settings are shown in the chart
- Changed the default settings
Version 1.7 - 2016.06.01
- Added breakeven
BreakEven_Start - the number of pips for profit
BreakEven_Distance - distance in pips
Version 1.6 - 2016.04.11
- The robot is now even faster. Immediate opening, modification and deletion of orders.
- Fixed errors that appear with a specific set of input parameters.
Version 1.5 - 2016.03.16
- Fixed bugs
- Improved performance
Version 1.4 - 2015.09.01
Added option CommentOrder - user comment to the order.