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Tick Volume Chart

Tick Volume Chart Indicator for MetaTrader 4

Using this indicator, you can create charts with a fixed tick volume. Data sampling is carried out not by time but by the tick volume. Each bar contains a given (fixed) tick volume. Tick volume can be adjusted by changing the value of the Volume parameter. You can apply indicators, Expert Advisors and scripts to the tick chart. You get a fully functional tick chart, on which you can work just as well as on a regular chart.

In operation, the indicator accumulates history, but you can perform a reset (removal of the accumulated history). It is useful in the formation of the chart with a different tick volume. To perform a reset, delete a global variable having the name of the appropriate trading tools. There is a special window in terminal that manages global variables. It can be opened by execution of the "Tools — Global Variables" menu command or by pressing F3.


  • Open the Navigator window.
  • Drag the indicator to a chart.
  • Open a chart by clicking Open Chart button.
Jean-Sebastien Laurent
2015.03.06 13:28 

it works perfectly :)

Version 2.0 - 2015.12.10
Improved algorithm.