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BreakOut Grid

This expert is a combination between a grid and a scalper and it uses a grid of ten pending orders , five for long and five for short , with a 500 point spacing between them with a 100 point scalp target. It has three working modes , first , the entry by level , the expert starts operation when the price aproaches an important trade level ( a former resistance or support) , second , the entry by time , launches the expert at a specific time (input by user) and the third type is continuous operation , in which the expert starts immediatly and restarts after all orders are closed . Only one of the three entry types can be used at a time as per one symbol and magic number . All three entry types can be used on one symbol if different magic numbers are assigned . The expert also has a stop function after one round of operation , defined by the "Continue" parameter, can be used when important news are known to be released combined with the entry by time type of entry .

Recovery Function - uses lot size amplification in order to achieve profit but also increases the chance for larger drawdown .

Partial Profit - closes all orders when the input value in points is reached , it is safer , but potential profits are also smaller .

Recommended pairs - GBP/USD .

Timeframe - H1 .

Fernando F. Souto
Fernando F. Souto 2020.05.31 06:38 

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Version 1.3 2020.05.11
Fixed exit types , by currency or points , allowing only one selection , eliminating errors occuring from selecting both or none .
Version 1.2 2020.04.07
Added posibility to manage EA by currency .
Version 1.1 2020.04.06
Added new function , Max Loss allowed - in currency (USD).