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Tops Scalper

The robot places BuyStop/SellStop orders at a short distance from key price levels , trying to take advantage of the triggering of stops or pending orders accumulated at those levels . It is highly recommended to use a low slippage , low spread broker , fast computer or vps and low latency trading  server for the robot to manage to work correctly .

Recommended pairs : EUR/USD , GPB/USD , USD/JPY .

Timeframe : H1 .

Alexandr Naumov
Alexandr Naumov 2019.08.15 12:59   

В тестере не плохо работает,поменял некоторые настройки (в тестере) и показатели стали чуть лучше. Посмотрим что на реальном счету будит...

Version 1.1 2019.08.19
Modified code to delete pending orders only if the level is different .