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SR Doji EurUsd

This expert uses suport and resistance in combination with ATR to place pending orders at those levels . For closing it uses Doji candle pattern or the closing at the end of the day . It is mainly built for the EUR/USD pair , M 15 Timeframe . Every position has Stop Loss and Take Profit , does not use grid , martingale or other dangerous trading methods . The expert also has Trail Stop and Breakeven functions for users who want to use them . 

Free version of the product  can be found >>>>>HERE<<<<< - free version is limited by lot size and Magic Number .

Recommended on :

EUR/USD only - M 15  Timeframe .

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Version 1.2 2020.05.20
Changed default set for TP and SL parameters .
Version 1.1 2020.02.12
Modified order comments