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Rise or fall volumes free

This is an adviser that analyzes the volumes inside the last closed bar and trades based on these volumes. It can more accurately predict the behavior of large players in the market, as it determines the volume to buy or sell not by the bar on the current time frame, but by the bars of the lower time frames inside the bar (candle) of the current time frame. In the settings, you can make different ways to determine the volume for growth, or for falling. Unlike the pro version, the free version has some limitations (fewer settings, no trailing stop, lot no more than 0.1). But drawing volumes of small timeframes inside the bar is also in this version. It is recommended to use timeframes from M15 to D1, less is not desirable, since volumes are being determined on small timeframes.

Input parameters

  • Lots - lot size (at 0 lot it will be calculated from the percentage of available funds in the account);
  • OrdersComments - comment on transactions;
  • TradeEveryTick - when enabled, trade will be conducted every tick (in this case, optimization and testing will be slow);
  • MaxSpread - the maximum spread for opening a deal (so that a deal opens when the spread is not higher than this value);
  • Magic - a unique identifier (it is necessary to make it different if several expert advisors are running in the same terminal);
  • StopLoss - order closing price upon reaching a loss level;
  • TakeProfit - order closing price upon reaching the profitability level;
  • Stop to breakeven after - set the stop loss to breakeven after passing the specified number of points;
  • EnableAutoClose - automatic closing of orders upon a return signal;
  • PeriodMA - period of the Moving Average indicator for filtering signals (0 - do not use MA);
  • MethodMA - Moving Average indicator averaging method;
  • MinVolumeDifference - the minimum difference between the volume to buy and the volume to sell;
  • MinSummVolumes - the minimum amount of all volumes for the calculated period;
  • MaxSummVolumes - the maximum allowable sum of all volumes for the calculated period;
  • IncreasePeriod - increase in the period (the period for calculating volumes from the current period is increased so many times);
  • DeterminationMethod - a way to determine the trend in calculating volume;
  • RiseOrFallParameter1 - the first parameter to determine the trend (only integers, recommended from 1 to 100), for some methods you can not configure;
  • RiseOrFallParameter2 - the second parameter for determining the trend (recommended from 0.5 to 50), for some methods you can not configure;
  • SignalFrom2Timeframes - enable additional calculation of volumes on the second timeframe;
  • RiseOrFallParameter3 - parameter for determining the trend (the same as RiseOrFallParameter1, only for the second timeframe);
  • RiseOrFallParameter4 - parameter for determining the trend (the same as RiseOrFallParameter2, only for the second timeframe);
  • AdxPeriod - period of the ADX indicator;
  • MinAdxLevel - minimum level of the ADX indicator;
  • OneTradeOnly - when enabled, only 1 trade can be opened at a time;
  • Trading start hour - hour to start trading;
  • Trading end hour - hour of the end of trading;
  • ShowInfo - show information;
  • MaxDrawHistory - the maximum number of lines (which will remain on the chart) by volumes for buying and selling (0 - off).
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