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Master Bollinger MT5

This adviser trades on the signal of the Bollinger Bands indicators: it buys at the lower levels when the price rebounds, and sells at the upper. Has the ability to close positions on the return signal, take profit or stop loss. Many traders use the Bollinger Bands indicator, and some use several Bollinger indicators on the same chart. In this adviser, you can use up to 3 of these indicators. When using the first and second indicators, the transaction will be carried out between the lines of these indicators. The 3rd Bollinger indicator is used to receive signals from another timeframe (if the timeframe is current, the 3rd indicator is not used). In addition, to filter strong trend movements, it has been possible to use several moving average lines so that transactions can be made only according to the trend. Enabling this option can significantly reduce the number of transactions, but also increase their profitability. The adviser has a volatility filter for the ADX indicator and the ability to select hours for trading. He does not use risky trading methods, he can trade on most currency pairs and timeframes.

Input parameters

  • Lots - lot size (fixed when Percent = 0);
  • Percent - percentage of funds for calculating the lot, the lot size will depend on the amount of funds in the account (0-100, 0 - do not use);
  • MaxSpread - the maximum spread for opening a transaction (for accounts with a floating spread, so that the transaction opens when the spread is not too large);
  • Slippage - slippage (maximum tolerable price deviation in points);
  • StopLoss - stop loss (for 5-digit accounts, 10 will be 100, you need to specify as for 4-digit accounts);
  • TakeProfit - take profit (for 5-digit accounts, 10 will be 100, you need to specify as for 4-digit accounts);
  • Magic - a unique identifier (it is necessary to make it different if several expert advisors are running in the same terminal);
  • OnlyOneDealOpen - only one transaction can be opened simultaneously by this advisor;
  • OpenOrdersDelayBars - the delay between the opening of the next transaction (the number of bars of the current time frame that must pass before opening a new transaction);
  • CloseDealsBeforeOpen - close previous open transactions before opening a new one (in the opposite direction);
  • BollingerPeriod - period of the Bollinger bands indicator;
  • BollingerDeviations - deviations of the Bollinger bands indicator;
  • Bollinger2Period - period of the second Bollinger bands indicator (0 - do not use the second indicator);
  • Bollinger2Deviations - deviations of the second Bollinger bands indicator (this parameter should be less than deviations of the first indicator and may even be negative);
  • Bollinger3Timeframe - timeframe of the third Bollinger bands indicator (when selecting the current timeframe, the 3rd indicator is not used);
  • Bollinger3Period - period of the third Bollinger bands indicator;
  • Bollinger3Deviations - deviations of the third Bollinger bands indicator;
  • StrongBollinger3Signal - is it necessary to have signals of the 3rd indicator to open a deal;
  • MAFilterPeriod - the initial period of the Moving average indicators (if this value = 0, then this filter is not used);
  • MAFilterCount - the number of indicators Moving average;
  • MAFilterIncrease - increase in the period of each indicator Moving average;
  • MAFilterMinNumSignals - the minimum number of signals from the Moving averages indicators;
  • FilterADXPeriod - period of the ADX indicator for filtering volatility;
  • MinAdxLevel - minimum level of the ADX indicator;
  • MaxAdxLevel - maximum level of the ADX indicator;
  • Trading start hour - hour to start trading (0-23);
  • Trading end hour - hour of the end of trading (1-24);
  • FastOptimizationParameter - parameter for fast optimization (0-10), in real trading it is better to use 0 or 1;
  • DealsCommentary - comment on open deals;
  • OrdersFilling - change the way orders are executed (some brokers may not support all methods);
  • ShowInfo - show information.

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Михаил Кугушев
Михаил Кугушев 2019.10.21 20:19   

Купил на месяц индикатор, только установить его никак не могу в терминал, он его просто не видит!

Что делать? Как его внедрить в терминал? Использую терминал MT5 от WQbroker'а.

Version 1.4 2020.08.26
Improvements to loading and restarting the advisor.
Version 1.3 2020.06.15
Optimized default settings.
Version 1.2 2020.05.04
Edits to set stop loss and take profit.