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Impulse EA MT5

Impulse EA MT5 Expert Advisor is based on the author's trading strategy. The EA algorithm does not use martingale, averaging and any other risky money management systems. It is based on candlestick analysis. The EA analyzes several time frames and determines the dominant price direction. Entering the market takes place in moments of a surge of volatility. Each trade of the EA is accompanied by stop Loss and Take Profit orders. The size of Stop Loss and Take Profit is determined by market volatility. The EA can trade the specified volume or dynamically select it for each trade based on the amount of available funds, the size of the Stop Loss and the selected risk preset for the trade.

Trading recommendations:

  • Use ECN accounts with minimum spreads and commissions;
  • Use the Expert Advisor on the VPS server.

Account type:

Netting and hedging.

The EA trades only on the Forex market and only on the listed currency pairs:


Advisor's advantages:

  • Not used risk management system capital, such as martingale, averaging, etc.
  • All trades have Stop Loss and Take Profit;
  • Minimum number of parameters and easy setup;
  • Ability to work on several trading instruments.

Input parameters:

  • Order Type Filling;
  • Magic Number - unique order number of the EA;
  • Static Lot - fixed lot size;
  • Lot Type : Static Lot / Dynamic Lot;
  • Dynamic Lot Risk Preset.

Recommended products
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Version 1.18 2020.08.29
Version 1.18
Build compilation: 2560
List of changes:

1. Compilation in the latest build 2560;
2. Updating the function library.

This update is optional.

Dear users, please leave your feedback and impressions of updates.
Let me know if you find any errors in the product. This will help to eliminate them quickly.
Version 1.17 2020.07.23
Version 1.17
Build compilation: 2530
List of changes:

1. Recompilation in the new build 2530.

Dear users, please leave your feedback and impressions of updates,
and also inform if you find errors in the EA. This will contribute to their quick elimination.
Version 1.16 2020.04.09
Build of the last compilation: 2361
List of changes:
- revision of the program code
- improvement of the signal search algorithm
Version 1.15 2020.03.13
The list of risk settings has been expanded.
Version 1.14 2020.03.07
Recompiled in the current version of MT5.
Version 1.13 2020.02.24
1. Added the "Order Type Filling" parameter.
2. Fixed bug loading quotes for the testing of the Expert Advisor.
3. Changed presets of risk settings.
4. Code optimization.
Version 1.12 2019.10.20
Fixes related to MT5 terminal upgrade to the new version.
Version 1.11 2019.08.06
- Исправлена ошибка, при которой иногда некорректно устанавливались ордера Stop Loss и Take Profit.
- Оптимизирована функция выбора торговых инструментов.
Version 1.1 2019.08.02
Добавил в описание советника список торгующихся валютных пар.