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OHLC Trailing Stop

The OHLC Trailing Stop utility trails stop loss based on control prices of the specified bar: Open, High, Low, Close.

In the utility settings, you can choose the bar number, which prices will be used for the trailing stop function. A control price for trailing can be specified separately for buy and sell trades.

The Magic parameter allows using the utility together with other Expert Advisors.

In normal mode, the utility does not trade on its own, but its operation can be tested in the strategy tester. In the demo mode used in the Strategy Tester, trades are generated randomly. This allows you to see how trailing stop works and to choose the best settings.

Input parameters

  • Magic - magic number: 0 - trailing of all trades, 1>= - trailing of trades with the specified Magic;
  • Stop Level - stop loss level;
  • Slippage - allowable slippage;
  • Tester SL - stop loss of trades in the tester;
  • Tester TP - take profit of trades in the tester;
  • Use Bars Control Price Trailing - enable trailing by control points;
  • Bars Timeframe - choose timeframe;
  • Bars Number - the number of the bar;
  • Bars Buy Trailing Control Price - control price for trailing buy trades;
  • Bars Sell Trailing Control Price - control price for trailing sell trades;
  • Bars Symbol - trading symbol: CurrentSymbol or AllSymbols.
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