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Fractals Trailing Stop

Fractals Trailing Stop is a tool that implements trailing of the stop loss order after the price based on the Fractals by Bill Williams.

The utility provides all the necessary parameters for customization, which allows to select the optimal configuration for any user.

The EA allows to choose the trailing line depending on the type of the trade. For example, buy trades can be trailed based on the downward fractals, and sell trades can be trailed based on the upwards fractals.

The Magic parameter allows to simultaneously work with other experts on the account.

In the normal operation mode, the EA does not trade on its own, but it can be tested in the Strategy Tester. When run in the tester, the demonstration mode is activated, and trades are generated randomly. This allows to evaluate the tool and to choose the best settings.

Input parameters

  • Magic - magic number: 0 - trailing of all trades, 1>= - trailing of trades with the specified Magic;
  • Stop Level - stop level;
  • Slippage - slippage;
  • Tester SL - stop loss of trades in the tester;
  • Tester TP - take profit of trades in the tester;
  • FRACTALS SETTINGS - settings of trailing based on fractals;
  • Use Fractals Trailing - use trailing based on fractals;
  • Fractals Timeframe - timeframe of the indicator;
  • Fractals Buy Line - trailing line for buy deals;
  • Fractals Sell Line - trailing line for sell deals;
  • Fractals Symbol - trading instrument: CurrentSymbol - current instrument, AllSymbols - all instruments.
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