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Scalpinez is a complete scalping system. The indicator itself analyzes the market and gives the trader clear signals for opening and closing orders. The same indicator gives recommendations on the size of TakeProfit. StopLoss - reverse signal. That is, if we have an open sell order and it has not yet had TakeProfit, a blue arrow appears to buy - we close the sell order.

Thus, working with the Scalpinez indicator is reduced to following its instructions.

The trading strategy is as follows:

  • When the blue arrow appears on the chart, we open a buy order. TakeProfit expose one that recommends the indicator.
  • When the red arrow appears on the chart, we open a sell order. TakeProfit expose one that recommends the indicator.
  • StopLoss - a signal in the opposite direction.

How does Scalpinez work?

When placing the indicator on a chart, it automatically determines the optimal parameters of work for a particular currency pair and timeframe. He does this with the help of 34 different market indicators. Automatically on the history calculates the projected profit or loss and displays them on the screen. If necessary, this information can be removed from the screen in the indicator settings. Now the trader does not need to look for trading strategies and systems. Scalpinez is a complete ready-made trading strategy and is integrated into the indicator.

Scalpinez indicator settings:

  • medium_short - period of the short line.
  • medium_long - period of the long line.
  • average_amplitude - signal line.
  • bars - the number of bars on which the indicator will be displayed and trained.
  • UpColor - the color of buy signals.
  • DownColor - the color of the sell signals.
  • inform - displays the information panel on the screen.

Advantages of the Scalpinez indicator:

  • One indicator is enough for trading.
  • It works on all currency pairs and all timeframes.
  • Automatically adjusts to the desired currency pair and timeframe.
  • It gives the trader clear signals to open and close deals.
  • For those traders who want to trade using the scalping system.

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