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Mutiple Take Profits in MT5

This EA is designed for MULTIPLE TAKE PROFITS options based on User's order management.

The expert advisor is designed to help user take multiple profits on single order. The multiple take profits can be allocated a fixed percentage based on user's preferences. The user is required to set an entry level in price and set target percentages and target prices. The stop loss and price to close options helps user in risk management.


  • Option of Taking Profits till 3 different levels
  • Lot percentage helps user in order management and maintain risk/reward ratio
  • Easy to set up LOT TARGETS based on Price Levels
  • Stop Loss and Price to Close helps user maintain risk management
  • The order expiry time helps user to automatically close the pending order if no position is taken in selected time


  • LOT SIZE: The order size in lots
  • MAGIC NUMBER: Magic Number
  • ORDER OPEN: Buy/Sell Option to select the direction of the order
  • PRICE OPEN: The entry price of the order
  • LOT PERCENTAGE 1: The percentage of lot you want to close at TAKE PROFIT 1
  • LOT TARGET 1: The Price for TAKE PROFIT 1
  • LOT PERCENTAGE 2: The percentage of lot you want to close at TAKE PROFIT 2
  • LOT TARGET 2: The Price for TAKE PROFIT 2
  • LOT PERCENTAGE 3: The percentage of lot you want to close at TAKE PROFIT 3
  • LOT TARGET 3: The Price for TAKE PROFIT 3
  • STOP LOSS: Stop Loss Price at which all orders will close
  • PRICE TO CLOSE: This option helps user to close orders at this price in case the trend changes. Please go through the screenshots to understand this. Default is set to zero
  • ORDER EXPIRY TIME: The time in minutes to close pending orders if not executed in this selected time

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Version 3.10 2018.11.15
New Update includes change in the Order Expiry.
Please note you have to change the order expiry in minutes for order to expire