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Acrobat Booster MT5

ACROBAT BOOSTER MT5 is one of the software products of the «INTEGRAL» project, which is an analogue of the previously created Acrobat Booster for MetaTrader 4, where we have implemented the original scalping algorithm for trading in the currency market.

During the creation of the ACROBAT BOOSTER MT5 EA, we set the goal to create the Expert Advisor capable of:

  • Demonstrating positive results on all available quotes history of the selected currency pairs.
  • Trading with minimal drawdown.
  • Always utilizing SL.
  • Not using grid system, martingale and other dangerous money management methods.
  • Trading with only one market order.
  • Trading a single pair, as well as a portfolio - multiple currency pairs.

This goal has been achieved in the ACROBAT BOOSTER MT5 EA, which can be evaluated by every one of you!

Recommended parameters for using the ACROBAT BOOSTER MT5 EA:

  • Timeframe for trading: M1
  • Currency pairs for trading: EURCHF, USDCHF, GBPUSD, EURGBP, AUDCAD, GBPCHF, USDSGD
  • Time for trading: end of the American - start of the Pacific session
  • Minimum deposit – $100 and above
  • Account type for trading - ECN only

The ACROBAT BOOSTER MT5 EA works only on the "hedging" versions of the MetaTrader 5 platform.

The ACROBAT BOOSTER MT5 EA can work and be tested by opening prices only. This ensures maximum accuracy during its testing, manual optimization and selection of new currency pairs for scalping.

Parameters for manual adjustment:

  • AutoMM – variable to enable/disable the automatic lot calculation
  • FixedLot – set the size of the fixed lot
  • The method of order execution - trade execution method
  • RiskPercent - calculation of the trade size as a percentage of the available funds
  • SL – Stop Loss value
  • TP – Take profit value
  • MaxSpread – maximum spread filter
  • Magic – identifier of the market order
  • Comments - comment to the market order
  • SummerGMT - your broker's GMT summer time
  • StartHour – the EA operation start hour
  • StartMinute - the EA operation start minute
  • StopHour - the EA operation end hour
  • StopMinute - the EA operation end minute
  • FridayStop – disable trading on Friday evening
  • CloseControl - enable/disable the functions for closing trades based on the algorithm without waiting for Stop Loss
  • StartCloseHour - hour to start closing trades
  • StartCloseMinute - minute to start closing trades
  • EndCloseHour - hour to stop closing trades
  • EndCloseMinute - minute to stop closing trades
  • VolatilitySell - minimum volatility for the sell trades
  • VolaFilter1 - market volatility filter
  • VolaFilter2 - market volatility filter
  • VolatilityBuy - minimum volatility for the buy trades
  • VolaFilter3 - market volatility filter
  • VolaFilter4 - market volatility filter
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