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Eureka OpgtsFx

Eureka OpgtsFx is a Custom Indicator created to alert the trader when there is a cut-across trend correlations from Daily (D1) to Monthly (MN) Time frames with the belief that the major trend dominates the market and also save the traders from being eaten for breakfast by the big dogs in the financial industry. This indicator is suitable for both the Swing and the Long term Traders due to their peculiar styles of trading and waiting for days, weeks or probably months before taking their profits from the market.

How it works

It takes a clue from Monthly time frames as a determinant of the trade to take in the subsequent time frames, then go on to Weekly time frame for corroborations of what the higher time frame has to say, if it correlates with it, then we move to the Daily time frame to search for the proper setup of this system as it should be. If the setup has not been ascertained, we will wait because the setup must follow in order to have a higher probability of exciting trading seasons thereafter.

When the setup eventually show up, we will then move to H4 hours, H1 and M15 TFs for the right entry into the market.

Time Frames: Daily, Weekly and Monthly Time frames.

Currency Pairs: It works with all Currency pairs without exception including 4 or 5 digits Brokers. No favorite currency pairs.

Although this indicator can be used well to produce unprecedented results if coupled with years of experience, Trader's discipline as attitudes and his/her discretion in the market also matter. This is not for day traders except such is willing to change course and learn well because there is a whole lots of difference between the day, swing and long term trading which needs to be well studied and master if such trader wants to have good stories to tell. Several features are added to make this indicator worthwhile of use.


  • Chart Text Color = DeepBlueSky
  • Buy Now Order Color = Lime
  • Sell Now Order Color = Red
  • Color = Wait, don't buy/sell yet!
  • "No Trade" Color = Thistle
  • Indicator name's color = Magenta
  • Other color = Yellow
  • Results' text color = White
  • Text size 1 = 11
  • Text size 2 = 16
  • Font-face 1 = Arial Bold
  • Font-face 2 = Times New Romans
  • By Default, All Time-Frames TRADING SIGNAL Are Turned ON
  • Select 'false' To Turn OFF TRADING SIGNAL On D1-TF = true
  • Select 'false' To Turn OFF TRADING SIGNAL On WK1-TF = true
  • Select 'false' To Turn OFF TRADING SIGNAL On MN1-TF = true
  • Set 'false' to TURN OFF the ALERTS On Any Time Frame = true
  • Set 'false' to TURN OFF the SOUNDS On Any Time Frame = true
  • Select True to Send/Receive Email Alerts For TRADING SIGNALS = false
  • Select True to TURN ON Multiple Orders' ALERTS = false
  • Select 'True" to turn off the Indicator = false
  • Activate Start-Trading Hour (Select True) = false
  • Set time to start trading (0-23: 24hr-Clock) = 0
  • Activate Stop-Trading Hour (Select True) = false
  • Set time to stop trading (0-23: 24hr-Clock) = 0

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