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Femade Indie

Femade Indie Vs 1.0 is a simple but multi-currency monitoring Indicator created to instantly notify the trader when an attached currency pair is ready to buy, sell or give signal when such currency pair is getting ready for a big move either up or down. It does this by visual aids on the screen charts, sound and pop-up alerts.

If it shows "Medium", this means that the so called currency signal is almost gone but can still be traded provided the trader will not need a lot of pips which can be between 20 - 30pips, if it displayed "High", then the trader can go for number of pips like 30 - 50 pips and if it "Excellent", the trader should feel safe claiming between 55 - 85pips for an easily-attainable profit targets. Most especially if the trade show on the chart that the trend is just coming back from an extremely exhausted certain direction to the opposite, the trader can go from 85pips to as far as 150pips. You can experiment with your demo account for the best experience.

Time-Frame: Works with any time frames but works better and frequent in trading on M5 and M15. You may try other time frames and optimize it if you are not the type that trades on smaller time frames.

Currency Pairs: It works virtually with all currency pairs.

Trade Alerts: It gives trade alerts whenever any of the attached currency pair has the three trading zones: Medium, High and Excellent, which are good for trading conditions. Once you heard alerts and seen small window pop-up, know that one or more currency pairs are ready for trading. Ignore if the chart did not update at the time, due to poor internet connection and follow the alerts.

Parameter Settings: These only contain the Text colors, sizes and font faces which you can change according to your preferences and fancies. Apart from these, there is no operational settings here that is necessary for the operations of the Indicator. You can leave them as default.

Below are the on-chart features for this indicator:

  • Current Signal - This tells you if the signal is a long or short trade
  • Advised Take-Profit - This is a suggested easily-attainable target point
  • Advised Stop-Loss - This is a suggested stop loss point pitched with a safe-gap that shows a point where the price is not most-like to easily touch if it reversed
  • Success Rate - This shows the trade success rate and reliability of such trade signal.
  • Trade Action - This tells you to take action when the signal is right either to "Buy Now" or "Sell Now" with graphic arrow representation to convey the information clearly in pictorial form

Warning: Please DON'T open any order no matter how promising an intending big move shows on your screen chart IF this indicator did not give signal to buy or sell either by visual aid on the screen, prints in the journal and experts areas, sound and pop-up alerts, sometimes, the chart may not have updated due to poor internet connections, but if there is any definite signal to buy or sell, the Indicator is SURE to notify you through alerts. If these alerts did not occur, what it means is "No Trading!". That is the way to enjoy using this Indicator and to minimize taking risks that do not worth it. One good trade with result is better many trades with losses at the end of the day.

***Lastly, to assist the Traders who cannot combine the stress of opening the position, plotting both the profit and risk targets and also to stay in front of the computer to manage the opened trades at the same time, I made a complement Expert advisor to use in conjunction with this indicator, called "Indie MasterEA", both were released together although they are independent of each other, you can check the market and buy it to complement this in order to enjoy trading like never before. Note that you can still use "Indie MasterEA" with any other Manual Trading Systems apart from "Femade Indie Indicator".

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Version 1.2 2017.08.24
Change made to the new version:

*Multiple alerts removed.

This was done due to complaint from a buyer.
Version 1.1 2017.01.20
The changes that took place are:

1. Some minor bugs debarring the accurate notification of trade signals removed.

2. The time for the Indicator to start functioning and to stop functioning according to the desire of the user were added.

3. For proper identification among other Indicator if there are many functioning within a Meta Trader 4 in the Pop-up alerts and Prints.

4. It only gives sound alerts to the Excellent Signal, Strong and Weak signals were let off the alerts.