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Forex Daily Percentage Calculator

Forex Daily Percentage Calculator

Forex Daily Percentage Calculator indicator is created for the Trader who cherishes the discipline of choosing only a percentage of their Trading account balance as profit per trade, per time or day.

All you need to do is enter your desired percentage of your account balance, enable the notification popup alert to know when it has been attained so as to get out of the market till another day or trade.

This helps the traders who are using it to determine a certain percentage of their account balance as profit and once it has been attained, they leave the market till another day or time depends on individual’s preference.

Take for instance, if you want just 5% of your account balance as your profit for that trade or per day, enter 5 into the parameter setting where it is written "Put your desired percentage value" and click "OK", this Calculator will automatically calculates the 5% of your account balance and displays it on the chart. When it has been reached, if enabled, the Popup alerts will go off to notifies the trader, the trader can either close all the trades since the daily percentage has been attained or executes partial close on his account to reduce lot size and at the same time, lock in certain part of profits made permanently, although it requires a lot of discipline especially when you still see that the market is richly going your way like magic, it takes some high level of discipline to leave the market for that day. This calculator may help you.

Making 5% of your account balance daily consecutively for 20 trading days gives you the double of your initial account balance, you can calculate it and see what you can make for just a year starting diligently and with discipline too, it is amazing. 5% is neither too small nor big to make in a day but it is highly rewarding if you can employ this method to safe yourself from any forms of stress and pressures. Try it and let me have feedback from you.

Enjoy this simple piece of indicator to your satisfaction and world of discipline.


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