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Multi Expert System TRADING WAY


  • The Expert Advisor's conditions for entering and exiting the market are based on the MultiSignals_PCH indicator, which can be downloaded for free from Code Base.
  • The Expert Advisor can be used for trading in the manual, semi-automatic or automatic mode.
  • Multi-currency trading. This version supports 3 symbols.
  • Multi-system trading. In this version, you can set up 4 strategies for each symbol. The Expert Advisor sets a unique magic number for each strategy.
  • Multi-timeframe trading. You can set up trading on any timeframe.
  • You can trade with a fixed lot or turn on the system of money management "Fixed Ratio Money Management" introduced by Ryan Jones.
  • The Expert Advisor includes interactive multi-functional informational an trading panes.

Parameters of the Expert Advisor

  • Symbol - symbol name. The name should be specified in the same way as in the Market Watch window of the trading terminal.
    • Start hour - an hour to start trading from.
    • End hour - an hour, till which is should trade.
    • Close position in the end day - enables (true)/Disables (false) the mode, in which a position is closed at the end of day.
    • Close position in the end week - enables (true)/Disables (false) the mode, in which a position is closed at the end of week.
    • Period PCH (total) - if a value greater than 0 is set, then it will be used as a common parameter for the indicator in all trade strategies of this symbol.
    • Timeframe (total) - if the Period PCH (total) value is greater than 0, then the value of this timeframe will be used for the indicator.
    • TS 01: Type entry - indicates which group of signals should be used on this trade section.
      • Timeframe - timeframe for this trading block.
      • Period PCH - if the Period PCH (total) value is equal to zero, then this value will be used for the indicator for this trade strategy.
      • Take profit - indicates a distance in points for the level of fixing a profit (Take Profit) in this trade strategy.
      • Stop loss - indicates a distance in points for the level of protection (Stop Loss) in this trade strategy.
  • ...
  • Delta - a value indicated as a amount of assets an account has increased/decreased by to increase/decrease the volume used for trading.
  • Start lot - starting volume that will be increased/decreased.
  • Step lot - step of volume change. An amount by which the volume used for trading will be increased/decreased.

Additional Information

Not all the features are described here. Detailed information about using this Expert Advisor is given in the Limitless Opportunities with MetaTrader 5 and MQL5.

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Streledz 2012.07.12 11:49   

Это модернизированная система "Черепах". Очень много возможностей для творчества. Оптимизация и тесты позволяют создать свою уникальную систему. Ещё больше возможностей, если не пускать експерт на самотёк, а торговать вместе с ним. Автор учёл и такие возможности. Удобная информационная панель позволяет увидеть работу на всех задействованных ТаймФреймах. Анатолий (продавец) очень внимательно относится к каждому моему вопросу. Выдерживает все мои нападки ;) Молодец!

Version 2.1 2018.08.28
Bug fixes
Version 2.0 2018.08.28
1. Completely rewritten program code.
2. New graphical interface.
3. Optimized list of external parameters.
4. Improved performance.
5. The expert only works on hedge accounts.
6. Extended functionality for manual and semi-automatic trading.