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Colored trend Indicator

Colored trend indicator advanced is a trend indicator that is based on Fast Moving Average and Slow Moving Average and also uses RSI and Momentum to give a trend strength in percent. It is aimed to find more healthy trends with this indicator. This indicator can be used alone as a trend indicator.


  1. (Default) Green = Uptrend
  2. (Default) Red = Downtrend
  3. No color = No trend, no good trend

Indicator Parameters

  • WarnPosTrendchange: Warns you when the trend may change.
  • FullColor: See screenshot.
  • Signal Period: the number of bars used for the indicator calculations.
  • Slow MA period: Period for the slow moving average.
  • Fast MA period: Period for the fast moving average.
  • MA method: Default is EMA (Exponential moving average).
  • ColorUpTrend: Color for bullish trend.
  • ColorDownTrend: Color for bearish trend.
  • RsiPeriod: Period for the RSI indicator.
  • RsiPriceAPLL: Price type used for RSI indicator.
  • MomentumPeriod: Period for the Momentum indicator.
  • MomentumPriceAPLL: Price type used for Momentum indicator.
  • StrongnessPercent: 100 is good for low timeframes. When using higher timeframes, use a smaller number. It is possible to enter more than 100% but I do not recommend it.
  • StrengthRounding: Round trend strengths at 5 percent (18% becomes 15%, 3% becomes 0%, 78% becomes 75%, etc.).
  • ShowSpread: Show Spread label on chart.
  • ShowServertime: Show Server time label on chart.
  • renewTimeMilliSec: Refresh time for spread and server time in milliseconds.
  • LabelColor: Color for spread and server time label.
  • Works on all timeframes.
  • Works on all currencies.

Default parameters are optimized for low timeframes (EURUSD M5). To use the indicator on a higher timeframe, you have to adjust the parameters.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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Version 1.1 2018.03.01
# Strength of the trend is reflected in percentage through RSI, Moving averages and ATR
# Possible to display server time and spread
# Warning when trend may change
# More possibilities to adjust optical colors and shapes
# ...