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IchiTrend ind

This indicator is based on Ichimoku kynko Hyo but personalized with We-Trading rules.

Ichimoku  Trend Arrows

As you can see, the indicator shows two types of arrows (signals):

  1. Big arrows to follow the big trends
  2. Minor arrows to re-enter on trend adding more trades

With Ichi-Trend indi, you can follow the trend of the market. You can use it on Forex and on all CFDs and with all the fimeframe you like.


Main parameters help trader to setup Ichimoku value as:

  • tenkan_sen - default value 9
  • kijun_sen - default value 26
  • senkou_span - default value 52

You can use the default Ichimoku value or modify it.

Filter Settings

This indicator shows two types of filter:

  1. TimeFrame - default is daily (1440) - this filter refers to the major timeframe to use to filter signals
  2. FilterPeriod - default is 119 and its the value of candles in trend to study
  3. SpreadBegin - default is 100 and its the value of candles where print arrows

Enable/disable alert parameters

The trade can use alert on pop-up or with push notifications. This option is very useful to receive alerts on mobile smartphones or smart watches.

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Small stocks do not hit the chart