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Fano Factor

Fano Factor is a measure of the dispersion of the probability distribution of Fano noise, named after Ugo Fano, an Italian-American Physicist. Fans has applications in Particle Detection and Neuroscience for describing variability in complex multivariate data. In trading, we have discovered Fano can be used as a 'signal to noise' ratio, and can indicate the strength of price movements (i.e., price movement is greater than predicted by purely statistical measures). Like standard deviation, Fano Factor values are relative, not oscillatory or absolute.

Trading strategy (please see screenshots below):

  • Enter in the direction of a price movement, and make note of the entry Fano Factor value
  • Increasing Fano Factor indicates increased robustness of price movement
  • Decreasing Fano Factor value indicates the price movement may be losing strength
  • Exit trade when Fano Factor is at or above the entry FF value
  • Risk-adverse traders may exit when FF first decreases from a peak. Risk-prone traders may remain in the trade until FF is at or above the entry FF value, in order to capture more of the price movement

Fano Factor works best when supplementing with another indicator/price action trigger to enter a trade (ex., works well with All-In-One SRES Channel; RSI Mirrors and Reflections; or Modified TTM Squeeze from Synapse)

Indicator values

  • Signal length (Default=14): number of bars for calculation
Losajoca Lorenzo
Losajoca Lorenzo 2018.02.12 12:12   

Bought it but I have a question, for better interpretation could it have a color option on slope change (green/up - red/down...)? Thanks.

Version 1.2 2017.03.22
- Users can now customize indicator colors
- Updated indicator icon
Version 1.1 2016.09.28
V1.1 includes custom property icon