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Nova is an automatic and smart Expert Advisor, which uses safe and unique strategy allowing it to trade in all market conditions.

This EA with smart and powerful money management system could trade more than 1 000 times each day.

You can use Nova on all pairs, but recommendation is to use this EA on pairs with low spread and low stop level (stoplevel > 2).

This EA is designed for EURUSD pair and you can trade on GBPUSD, AUDUSD, and USDJPY.

The best timeframe is M15 but you can also test it with default settings in all timeframes and find the best one.

Nova has a smart strategy, and there is no martingale, grid, arbitrage, and hedge.

All trades have stop loss and take profit limitation. The money management system designed for this EA will protect your money.

Nova EA works with all brokers, but for the ideal results it is strongly recommended to work with zero spread, fixed spread and true ECN accounts.

This EA works more efficiently with brokers which have fast execution, so it is recommended to use VPS. For start, you can use account with $100 deposit and 1:300 leverage.


  1. Fast execution broker with low spread (EURUSD below 12 points)
  2. Good VPS with ping less than 30 msec, a powerful CPU is required
  3. Minimum deposit is $100
  4. Leverage 1:300 and higher

For customers

If you have any further questions about what are the best settings, brokers and account for each pair, please do not hesitate to contact me and send them in a private message.


  • MagicNumber: Magic number
  • ECN: If set to true for ECN brokers, the orders are sent without a stop loss
  • TradeComment: Trade comment
  • MaxSpread: Highest spreads in trading
  • StopLoss: Pending order stop
  • UseHiddenTakeProfit: Using take profits for traders
  • TakeProfit_Hidden: Amount of profit for traders
  • TakeProfitFixed: Use fixed take profit
  • TakeProfitVariable: Use variable take profit
  • MinLots: Minimum Lot
  • MaxLots: Maximum lot
  • Risk: Percentage of equity to trade. If you use Risk = 0, it trades a fixed lot
  • Accuracy: Used for accuracy trades
  • FixedLots: Fixed lot size
  • UseMoneyManagement: Enable money management. If true, a non-fixed lot is used.
  • CommissionECN: Amount of trading commission
  • Extent: Limit Buy or Sell Stop between current price
  • Interval: Interval between the current price and a trailing stop
  • MAPeriod: MA period
  • MATT: MA period
  • MADSE: MA period
  • MAMethod: MA method
  • StartHour: Hour of MT4 terminal where the EA will start entering the market
  • StartMinute: Minute of MT4 terminal where the EA will start entering the market
  • EndHour: Hour of MT4 terminal where the EA will stop entering the market
  • EndMinute: Minute of MT4 terminal where the EA will stop entering the market
  • OrderOpenAlarm: if true, a pop-up window and a sound alert inform that an order is opened
  • EmailAlarm: if true, an email informs that an order is opened
2016.02.04 18:22 

this one seems to be a huge waste of time + money. Big difference between backtest and live. Way overpriced. Vendor is always busy with something else. Can't recommend.