Trading with expert adviser Thor Professional

Trading with expert adviser Thor Professional

12 November 2019, 17:39
Kenneth Parling

Expert adviser Thor Professional - Fully automatic robust long-term investment Forex robot with news filter system. It's frequency of trades depending on market and signals generated - between 5-7 trades/month and 50-90 trades/year/symbol roughly estimated. Open trades can be chosen to be closed with either regular take profit, stop loss and trailing stop (recommended) or using reversed signal order close. Entry signals received from a special developed indicator - Thor Alpha 5.

This is a long-term Forex robot and suitable for long term investors and capitals larger then 100 bucks, in fact a start capital of $10.000 preferable for best performance, if you have this 'Greed mentality' with that 'big dream' thinking you can get stone rich in a few days trading which may never happen in this business.....simply stop reading right here! 

Thor Professional works on symbols   EurUSd,UsdCad,UsdJpy,AudUsd,NzdUsd,no optimizations and each symbol work with it's own specific settings and no future updates needed. Attach adviser on chart(any time frame from M1 to H4), and settings will load automatically for the actual symbol. To trade all five pairs - five charts for each pair need to be opened and adviser attached to them. Best results achieved on higher time frames and H4 recommended. Trade all five pairs for best performance, preferable low spread.

3-day negative swap protection - At Wednesday night swap fees are charged at triple rate the usual rate. To avoid getting charged negative swap fees on open order (if order swap is negative and if there are an open order) it can be closed automatically Wednesday evening. Choose what type of order profit to close - Only profitable(Plus with negative order swap) or both (Plus and minus with negative order swap). This option let's you only gain and not loose on 3 day swap fee and always (if engaged) only allow open order with positive swap to continue trading during rollover. Default close hours works for gmt offset +2 brokers, change them if your broker have other gmt offset. Default order close hours tested to deliver best rollover performance.

News filter   - Monitor news activities 24/7 and protect against medium and high impact news including NFP's (adjustable) and if no open orders exist during a news range no new orders will be opened if there is an entry signal. Optional to use the function to close an order if a specific news coming up such as NFP or any other high impact or medium - by using this function an open order gets terminated as soon as it enter the news range (adjustable) . Filter can be completely turned off.

Trading with Thor Professional

Adviser works on five currency pairs and it's recommended to trade all five pairs at once for best performance, either as multi behavior or single which practically means - Multi and the adviser trade all five pairs without queue,multiple trades at the same time or Single were the adviser always queue waiting for the current trade chart to finish it's order before processing others.

Thor adviser settings explained in detail

It's easy to start with this expert adviser, almost all settings are fully automated, adjusting itself to the chart it's attached to. Only settings to pay attention to is news filter, 3 day swap closing hours, if comments should be visible on chart and if adviser should print event messages to terminal journal - all the rest is automated. I'll explain each one of the available settings in detail for better understanding of it's purpose.

Journal / Comment setup

Journal messages - Adviser print events to your terminal journal/experts with information about orders

Chart comments - Should adviser show information (panel) on chart or not.

Panel color - Set the desired panel background color

Money management

MM type - Fixed or dynamic. Fixed means the adviser always trade with a defined fixed lots size which never change. Dynamic means the adviser calculate lots size automatically by a defined percentage.

Trading hours setup

Start and stop hour - Default 00:00 - 20:00 (server time) should not be tampered with unless necessary

Order setup

Adviser behavior type - Multi or single (see above explanation 'Trading with Thor Professional'

Order close method - Regualr TP/SL or reversed. Using regular TP/SL adviser works by these levels and closes the order if one of them gets hit. Using reversed the adviser closes an order upon a reversed signal.

Auto magic - Magic number will be automatically assigned to each currency pair and will always be the same even if you remove or restart terminal. Additionally you can define your own desired magic to each pair.

Slippage - Order slippage 

Order comments - Define your own string comment for buy/sell orders

Trailing stop setup

T-Stop - Use trailing stop to secure profits or not. If adviser behavior set to reversed this function will automatically be turned off

3 days swaps setup

Avoid 3 day negative swaps (Thursday night) - Turn this function on or off, recommended to be turned on.

Order profit types to close - See above explanation ' 3-day negative swap protection'

Each currency pairs order close time (server time)- Defaults should not be tampered with, only if necessary change these inputs

News filter

This filter can be setup as desired, what type of news to process, time range where the adviser will not trade and if an order should be closed when a time range of a news will be entered - See above explanation 'News filter'

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