9 February 2019, 12:58
Evgenii Aksenov



is a multifunctional informative indicator displaying and generating real time reporting with daily PUSH and email notification functions in html format.

Statistics is an informative panel displaying all information necessary for each trader. 

Statistics is a bar-graph spread indicator working at all timeframes and Мeta Trader symbols.

The main purpose of this informative indicator is to collect statistics:

- real display of the spread of all symbols necessary for the trader, the average spread of each 24 hours, the average spread for the entire history of observations;

- slippage of opening and closing orders in pips;

- floating drawdown during the day and average floating drawdown over time;

- preparation of a report on transactions for each symbol or comment of the expert Advisor

Statistics indicator is located at the bottom of the chart and does not interfere with the work of other indicators or experts.

It is very convenient and intelligible for a trader of any level of training.


First, you will notice the bar-graph indicator, which shows the bursts of spread and an average symbol spread. All data is stored and processed so that you can obtain information not only about the current tick spread but also about the average spread of each hour, this information is useful for scalpers and creators of night arbitrage systems. The average spread of the symbol will give an honest estimate to your broker along with displaying tick UPS of the spread at the time when your trade should close.


Relative Drawdown displays the current drawdown of the account fixing the time of the maximum indicator (comes in the daily report).

You can set the daily Relative Drawdown level (%) at which the STATISTICS will send a push to the phone.


Additional information about daylight saving time and broker time relative to GMT is always at hand.

For statistics collection of the spread for several symbols, you should add INFINITY STATISTICS to the chart of any period (minute period is recommended). The chart can be minimized at the terminal. For continuous statistics, the terminal should always be switched on, this is why we recommend you to use VPS-server.

When added to the first chart, the indicator becomes Master (primary), others become secondary. This can be determined by the Master label colour (Master is multicoloured and the envelope is light blue if Push settings and e-mail notifications are active). When pushing the envelope you can switch on/off Push notification for your smartphone.

When clicking Master Label area, you activate the panel with additional information on the account:  


The history of trades by symbol and comment (for Expert Advisors), the total number of Buy and Sell orders and the result by them are grouped from the account log.

For sending a daily report to email, you should set this function in MetaTrader and activate it in the indicator settings:




The report in HTML format will come after 00: 00 GMT for the previous day. The report contains statistics about the account for the day: the average spread of the symbol on which the indicator is installed, closed orders and slippage, open orders and slippage, Relative Drawdown-the maximum drawdown for the day and time, the average drawdown on the account, balance.



Attention! The indicator does not work in the tester.

Free version available here



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