TOP-3: Rating of the Best Forex Robots for September-2018:

TOP-3: Rating of the Best Forex Robots for September-2018:

29 September 2018, 20:10
Stanislau Siatsko

TOP-3: Rating of the Best Forex Robots for September-2018:

based on real trading results for all Projects/Styles from the Setslav_S1 EAs

Following the results of the real trade of all projects / styles, the best results for September-2018 were shown by the EA: Setslav_Scalper_S1_(EUR-USD-GBP)

 First place:_____+32.55% ---> Setslav_Scalper_S1_(EUR-USD-GBP) with setting Project-4.set: |

2. Second place:___+29.81% ---> Setslav_Scalper_S1_(CAD-JPY-CHF)  with setting Project-2.set: |

3. Third place:____+12.55% ---> Setslav_Scalper_S1_(CAD-JPY-CHF)  with setting Project-5.set: |

 Only the LIVE results from the real account - NO tests! =NO= any results from DEMO accounts!
 We have nothing to hide - only Honestly, working drawdown - NO hidden periods! NO any floating drawdowns!
 Without any problems, superb work with ANY broker and on ANY account type! 

 These are time-tested systems that really earn in live trading, not just in a tester!

Diversify your risks! - Do not use all means in trading on one strategy.

Setslav_Scalper_S1 - this is one EA ---> a variety of different trading styles. You can choose the appropriate trading style from the ones I proposed, or create your own, with Setslav_Scalper_S1 it's easy.

Also, anyone can join the pilot projects, without the use of huge risks, with a maximum drawdown of no more than 30%, for this you need:

EVERYTHING, then just watch the results of trading! I assure you, the EAs of Setslav_Scalper_S1 series are absolutely safe and tested in real trading using the settings of any Project.

Sincerely, Stanislau.

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